m*: dw

This is gonna sound so weird feel free to ignore this I’m just having deep thoughts and I’m feeling complicated bc realizations. And I’m not gonna be very specific about this at all bc I’m probably being stupid and it’ll sound so far fetched and this is the first time I’ve ever said a word about this situation. And I’m probably overthinking and this is gonna sound fuckin weird so it might be best to ignore this. I just need to write this down. I’m probably just tired and need sleep. I’m fine dw

So time is fuckibf scary it really is it can just slip away from your grasp so quickly and you can’t catch it or get it back. Do long days, weeks, whatever even feel long? They don’t. Nothing seems to feel long. Time is fast. In the blink of an eye, years go by. Ive been thinking about past, present and future a lot lately.

I suddenly remembered an interesting belief from childhood. It was ridiculous. It still is ridiculous. I hope so. But I get this feeling that what if i am right. What if it isn’t nonsense. What if.

I hope I’m wrong. Yet I’m getting this feeling that maybe I am right. I need to take more precautions. I need to keep planning ahead, not looking at the future far enough might be dangerous. I need to keep planning so that way it won’t happen. It can’t happen I refuse to let it happen. Not yet. Hopefully it all is nonsense after all.

It just can’t happen. I don’t want it to.


Matteusz x Charlie + Hands - requested by @anon