I see so much possessive Shiro going around but like… Shiro is some hot shit, alright? I bet people flirt with him CONSTANTLY, and Lance probably gets hella jealous because like “exCUSE ME THATS MINE GET YOUR GRABBY HANDS OFF MY SHIRO”

And Shiro LOVES IT because no one has ever been so possessive over him before. Sure, people he’s dated have been jealous and insecure at times, but they never FOUGHT for him like Lance does. They just kind of… accepted the fact he might find someone better, which his mind translates to they don’t want me enough. He just loves how Lance is so unwilling to let him go. He knows he won’t leave, not without a fight.

I love how Allura’s hair in the Space Mall episode was supposed to be ridiculous but instead everyone just fell even more in love with this absolutely beautiful space angel that we’ve been so graciously blessed with.