SOD: Will/Sonny/Paul Spoilers - Week of March 2nd


The week starts with Sonny been pressed by Paul regarding his marriage to Will but Freddie Smith (Sonny) notes that Sonny discussing with Paul his marriage to Will and thinks even if he could Sonny wouldn’t have an answer for Paul because he doesn’t know where things stand with Will. However Paul makes his feelings clear because Christopher Sean (Paul) states that Paul is still in love with Sonny and even though he doesn’t want to push Sonny it does seem to Paul that things aren’t good between Sonny and Will.

However since he’s still recovering from his stabbing Sonny doesn’t welcome the added pressure of having to resolve his marital issues with Will and thus makes a decision about what he’s going to do in the immediate future..Smith previews that Sonny is going to visit his brothers to recover from his trauma of being stabbed and to blow off some steam and he thinks the distance will offer Sonny the chance to think about his marriage. 

Smith feels like it makes perfect sense for Sonny wanting to put some distance between him and the situation because he explains the the stabbing really put things into perspective for Sonny and when a tragedy like that happens you can see what is significant in your life and what isn’t significant. Smith remarks that since Sonny has gone though this life-threatening experience he wants to give serious thought to his marriage because he understands how easily he or anyone for that matter may not be there for tomorrow.

Sonny then breaks the news to Will and Guy Wilson (Will) remarks that it shakes Will to his foundation because Will is still wracked with guilt about Sonny’s injury and that he wasn’t there for Sonny when he was in the hospital. Wilson notes that Will feels like has completely failed in every sense of the word as a result of Sonny wanting to leave town.

With Sonny leaving town Will is left behind to take care of Arianna Grace and Guy Wilson states that Will loves Ari but he wants his family together and he also doesn’t like it that things are once again unstable for his daughter. Guy points out that Ari’s mother Gabi went to prison last year and then Will took her to Los Angeles for a couple of months and now Sonny will be absent from her life and so it’s not a great situation.

However with Sonny out of Salem it will give Will and Paul the opportunity to sort through their differences and figure out where things between them.

Also in SOD it was reported that Freddie Smith’s absence will be brief.