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“7/2/15 Well. After today’s Days, I think “infuriated beyond all words”…”

I’m beyond enraged I don’t know what to do with myself. I actually got terrible headache from the disgusting horror unfolding on dayscafe twitter. I don’t think I can even read ahkarat’s recap. Is just not fair. Poor Sonny.I never seen such nonsense.

I’m right there with you. I thought I was upset before on Friday with the new cheating revelation, but this is so much worse. In one episode, in two scenes, the writers have shredded everyone’s characters, undermined Wilson’s entire love story, thrown out Paulson’s beautiful burgeoning love story, and completely alienated me as a viewer. I didn’t know they had it in them! I could almost applaud. This is a goddamn shame.

And where do we even go from here? Sonny still has two months left on this show! Clearly, Will, Kate, and Derrick are still going to be scheming to keep Sonny and Paul apart but… why? Paul just shot everything to shit all by himself. It’s done. It’s all done. I expected to hear this horrible crap about Will being too young/inexperienced and Paul using his pursuit of Sonny to keep from focusing on other things later. I figured they would use that to move them on once Sonny had left because that’s how soaps roll. (And I expected to be long gone by the time they did.) But Sonny is still here. Why did it only take two seconds with Derrick saying things that Paul should have thought about months ago to completely flip him? Paul knew all this. Paul is not Will. He just came out publicly, but he isn’t a blushing babe in the woods. He’s known who he is for years. He had at least one serious, year-long relationship with Sonny. He’s been confident and sexually active for years. He’s had years to assess his feelings for Sonny and what he wants there. The things he couldn’t do when he was in the closet? Involved being honest about what he was doing. Getting to hold Sonny’s hand in public. Getting to be honest about who Sonny is to him. Until today, it had nothing to do with sowing his wild oats. He’s done that. 

This is bullshit, and I am not okay lol.  

Days 7/2/15

Justin returns home after serving Adrienne with divorce papers. And she’s right behind him. And she’s PISSED. She’s angry that he didn’t talk to her and see where they are. J: “I see exactly where you are! You’re having an affair with Lucas Horton! And you expect me to stand and watch! Well, wrong guy. Come on, Adrienne, you can’t possibly be surprised that I want a divorce.” Oh, you don’t really want a divorce, you silly man. Haha. A: “So that’s it? No discussion. No considering anything.” J: “Like what? You made your choice.” A: “Because you made your choice. You do not get to put this all on me, Justin. Let’s not forget how we got here.” J: “You can’t compare what I did with Elsa to what you are currently doing with Lucas…I was 5000 miles away from here. Away from family and friends. I was discreet and most importantly, I never meant for it to be more than an affair. Unlike you.” He has a teeny, tiny point. Lucas is fucking in love with Adrienne. I didn’t get the impression that Elsa meant anything to Justin. They’re both in the wrong here though. Come on, guys, just kiss and make up. Lol. J: “…I never intended to leave you over Elsa. And I never meant to humiliate you.” Maybe that’s true, but still we all knew. Now they’re fighting about how after Sonny left for Arizona, Justin left again. And now we’re back to Lucas. J: “Adrienne, I’m home for good. (Yay!) And look where you are. You did everything, but take out an ad in the newspaper! You wanted to punish me! Well, you did it! You wanted to humiliate me! You got it. But you only get to do that for so long.” He leaves the room. I kinda hate that I’m taking Justin’s side, but oh well. He had an affair, but she’s carrying on a romantic, public affair in their hometown. That’s just wrong. Payback, sure, but does Adrienne really want Lucas forever and ever? Or does she want to save her marriage?

Lucas meets Kate in the park off of the HTS. She has a proposition for him. It’s both business and about Will. Ugh. L: “What?” K: “It’s not ‘what.’ It’s who. Paul Narita.” Okay, she can’t just give him Paul. That’s creepy. She tells Lucas about the enforcement deal. Apparently, CW is coming out with their own men’s line and Kate thinks Paul would be a better fit there. She’s such an asshole. This is so dumb. Why would Paul sign with Lucas/the DiMeras/CW??? It makes no sense. Oh, I’m really annoyed by this whole thing. Paul doesn’t want to leave Salem, you morons. For reasons that have nothing to do with Sonny or Will. Why would Paul take a deal for a job in San Diego, far away from his new family that he’s so excited to get to know???? God, these writer are really fucking horrible. L: “No dice.” Color me surprised and happy. Fuck her, right, Lucas? Oh, yeah, you don’t want to start thinking like her, Lucas. That’s not a pretty headspace, I’m sure. K: “We’ll be helping Will.” L: “We will be interfering in his life.” K: “For his own good.” L: “Oh, there’s my mom that I know and love! There you are!” Yeah, that was the step too far, Kate. Did she already forget the conversation they had in Victor’s study? The one where he told her he was done with her? Lucas knows better than anyone else that Kate’s interference is rarely a good thing. She can’t run Lucas’s life or Will’s life. L: “But Will is a grown man now. And he needs to work on his marriage all by himself without anyone butting in.” There’s the Lucas I know and love! Kate, stop whining about Justin and Paul. Hiring Paul is smart business, so get over yourself and close the deal like your boss told you to do. Oh, insulting Adrienne was the last straw with Lucas today, Kate. L: “…Good luck with your schemes. You know what? I hope your boss doesn’t find out about what you’re doing.” Bye, Lucas. Fuck you, Kate. I love her! Why must she be so stupid????

Ugh, another Marlena/Will scene where she tries to make him see sense and he blames everyone, but himself. They’ve turned him into such a loser. Will, do you really care about Uncle Eric? Lol. Why would Sonny send her to see you, Will? That makes zero sense. She hasn’t seen Sonny. M: “What’s wrong?” W: “Grandma, I screwed up. I may have lost my husband for good.” Oh, boohoo. It’s your own fucking fault. No, Marlena, this isn’t more of the same. Will doesn’t tell her he cheat in LA, but that Sonny found out about the Dr. Myers article. Such an idiot. M: “Did Myers asks for that? Did he coerce you into saying that would happen in exchange for anything else?” Oh, Marlena, honey…get a clue. It wasn’t a manipulation by Dr. Myers; it’s was Will’s brilliant idea. W: “I offered.” M: “Why would you do that?” Take a wild fucking guess, Doc. W: “Because Sonny and I, we need to focus on the future. We need to figure out a way to stay married.” *rolls eyes* It doesn’t really seem like Will wants to be married. People who fuck people other than their spouse don’t usually want to be married. Sonny may have said he wanted to stay married a hundred times, but that was before he found out about your very first infidelity, my dear. That’s changed everything. Spit it out, Will!!! He tells her that while they were arguing Sonny figured out he made another “mistake” in LA. I can’t even get into him calling it a “mistake.” I just can’t do it. Apparently, you need to spell it out, Will. For everyone. W: “It was one guy. One time. One stupid time. The studios assigned him to help me with the rewrite. We worked long hours, late nights. One night we were at his house and he’s making fun of me because I’m already married with a kid. And I let it slip that Sonny’s the only guy that I’ve ever been with. That was it. He was on a mission. He just kept after me. He wouldn’t leave it alone.” I am screaming on the inside. No, he didn’t force himself on Will, Marlena. W: “…obviously, he was working me and I fell for it.” I am so not here for this shit. Partly because it’s so stupid and partly because I believe literally nothing Will says. Will, it did happen again. M: “…You came back to Salem and you slept with Paul.” It is nowhere near as difficult to remain faithful as this foolish show makes it out to be. Ugh, your grandmother isn’t calling you a slut, Will. And neither are we because that’s just a horrible word. W: “…I can’t stay faithful to my husband. That’s what you’re saying isn’t it?” Well, you’ve proved that you can’t. Marlena isn’t judging; she’s stating fact. She tells him that he needs to talk to someone about this pattern of infidelity that he’s developed. That’s probably a good idea, which means he won’t do it. Will gets a text from Kate, telling him that Sonny’s on his way home and he’s not happy. Kate, mind your own business. Marlena tells Will to stay calm when Sonny gets home and to listen to what he has to say before he reacts. What’s the over/under that, that doesn’t happen. Bye, Marlena.

Sonny’s at TBD with Rafe talking about having another pick up basketball game. Hello, Paul. I saw you enter and then leave just as quickly. Don’t go far, lovey. Sonny tells Rafe the good news of Abby moving in with Ben. Ugh. It’s not gonna last, honey. Rafe says goodbye and he leaves. Outside, Paul sees Rafe coming (yes, because he’s a John Blacking nerd. Lol.) Paul quickly pulls out his phone and sits at the table outside, with his back to the door. Rafe walks right by Paul. Paul goes back inside the club. He needs to speak to Sonny about something important. What now? Paul tells Sonny that he ran into Derrick and that he said something that really hit him. Ugh. That guy is a jerk, Paul. Nothing he says is sincere or profound. Noooo why are you outside??? Go into Sonny’s office and make out on his couch. I am done with all of the talking. It’s about Will, so Paul’s gonna get back on the “don’t blame Will because you’re the only guy he’d ever been with, Sonny” bandwagon. Newsflash, Narita! You weren’t Will’s second guy. You were his third. P: “Derrick and I were talking and he asked me how coming out was for me. (No, he didn’t? But okay. Jfc these writers are terrible.) And he asked me how it was going and then he said that he was surprised that you and Will had already settled down together. He said that he could never do that right after coming out and I realized he was right. I couldn’t either. And I was so surprised because I love you, Sonny, and I want to be with you, but I realized even if you were free, I couldn’t get married. I mean, not yet. (Oh my, one look at Sonny’s face and I’m crying. My poor baby.) And I started thinking about how focused I’ve been on you and getting you back and I asked myself why? And it’s because it was easier that dealing with coming out and everything that’s about.” S: “So you think this is true for Will too? What like he skipped a step?” Oh, my heart is breaking for Sonny all over again. I can’t even look at him. So the men who love Sonny don’t fully want him because they need to go sow their oats or some crap? That’s on Paul and Will, not on Sonny. Will chose to marry Sonny instead of sleeping around. It was Will’s decision. NOT SONNY’S. No, they probably shouldn’t have gotten married so young, but that’s water under the fucking bridge now. And why does marriage have to always be the next step? No couple on this show is ever just together. (Except maybe John and Marlena right now.) There always has to be a freaking wedding. If he were to “choose” Paul, I seriously doubt Sonny would want to get married again so soon. Why can’t they or any other couple just be together and be fulfilled?

Hope walks through the Square and she gets a phone call. And I think she now knows that Clyde went to the DiMera mansion. Uh oh. Ugh, Rafe. Yes, tell him where Clyde is right now, Hope. Nope, Clyde isn’t working for Stefano, Rafe. Hope and Rafe debate why Clyde went to the house. Hope isn’t worried about what Clyde and Stefano do to each other. She’s worried about the collateral damage; Chad, Abigail, Ben. Rafe tells Hope that Abby’s moving in with Ben. Yeah, keep eyes on Abigail. Yes! Let’s tell Victor about Clyde’s trip to the DiMera manse. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if Stefano alerted Victor to Clyde’s visit himself. Or Hope can be totes casual and tell Victor about it herself. Lol.

Clyde enters the DiMera study. St: “What the hell do you want?” It’s just as funny as yesterday. Lol. Clyde wanted to come and introduce himself. *rolls eyes* Get to the point, Clyde. Clyde thinks they need to come to an understanding about their mutual business. St: “I assure you, Mr. Weston, that we have nothing in common.” Oh, please tell me Stefano and Victor are gonna team up to deal with Clyde! Like in the same room, breathing the same air team! Nothing would make me happier! Clyde wants the three of them (him, Stefano, & Victor) to come to arrangement, “so nobody’s toes get stepped on.” Screw you, Clyde. You’ve done a whole hell of a lot more than step on some toes! You murdered EJ. You stabbed Sonny. You threatened the entire Kiriakis family, including innocent little Ciara. You threatened Ari and Gabi. Even Stefano would never go after the children. Fuck, Clyde just put a bug on the chess table while he was babbling on about business. Hello, creepy thug. Please escort Clyde out. Thanks! Bye, Clyde. Find that bug, Stefano! Nothing good can come from it being in this room!

Theo rushes to hug Abigail. And he invites her to come to the lake with him and Uncle Chad. And he gets very upset when she doesn’t accept. Yikes. Poor buddy. Abigail promises to go to the lake and Theo calms down. Theo’s therapist arrives and she takes him for his session, leaving Chabby alone. C: “You shouldn’t have lied to him.” Abigail, stop. Are you seriously that much of an ass that you think inviting Ben along is a good idea? Why don’t you just stab Chad in the heart? It might be more messy, but it would be over quicker. A: “How do you do that?…You’re so sweet with him and you’re compassionate and kind and then you’re this, cruel.” Oh, shut up, Abby. He didn’t “use” you; there was never a plan. He loves you, you stupid girl. Chad tells her to go play house with Ben while he moves on with other women. Ew, stupid saying crude things; even I don’t think Zoe deserves that crap. And you so didn’t sleep with her. Abigail leaves the office.

Damn it, Kate’s at TBD and she watches PaulSon through the window. UGH!!!!!!! As if she hasn’t annoyed me enough today. P: “I know Will loves you. I don’t doubt that for a minute.” S: “Neither do I.” (Seriously? Maybe he loves you, but he doesn’t respect you, Sonny. Not an ounce.) P: “It’s just maybe…when I’d just met Will, he talked about marrying the first guy he’d ever been with and that sounded great, but maybe, I don’t know. Um…after today, really realizing how it is for me, um, I guess I kinda get Will. Not the crummy things that he’s done to try to keep us apart, but what happened between him and me. (TELL HIM THE TRUTH, SONNY.) And I’m not trying to-” S: “You don’t have to explain. I get it.” P: “Do you?” S: “I gotta get back to work.” Well, you fucking blew that, didn’t you, Paul? I kinda hate you a little bit right now. Sonny goes back inside the club. He tells the barista that he’ll be a home if there’s an emergency. “Is everything okay?” S: “Not really.”

Hope’s in the Kiriakis study with Justin, telling him about Clyde’s visit to the DiMera mansion. She asks Justin to pass the info on to Victor. She starts to leave, but then she asks him how he and Justin are. J: “So it looks like Adrienne and I are headed down the same road as you and Bo.” H: “Adrienne wants a divorce.” Um, not quite. Lol. J: “I’m the one who drew up the divorce papers, but Adrienne would’ve gone to a lawyer if I hadn’t.” I’m not so sure of that, love. Hope apologizes. H: “I always looked at you and Adrienne and thought you two could work your way through anything.” J: “Nobody’s talking.” H: “Justin, you probably don’t need my advice, but, for whatever it’s worth, don’t do anything out of anger. It never helps.” J: “Too late for that.” My heart!!!!

Adrienne shows up at Lucas’ door. She’s very upset. L: “What is is?” A: “Justin.” Oh, honey. She starts going off about how the divorce papers came out of nowhere. She so doesn’t want a divorce. Poor Lucas. He’s surprised by her reaction. We all knew this would happen eventually. Lucas always ends up with the broken heart. Adrienne apologizes and starts to leave, but Lucas stops her. A: “I don’t know what I want.” Oh, honey. I think you do though.

Back at TBD with Kate. She gets a call from Will. She tells him that she overheard Sonny tell the barista that things weren’t okay. Ugh. W: “Why?” K: “I don’t know. I couldn’t hear what he and Paul were talking about.” W: “Paul?!” K: “…They were just talking outside of TBD and then he came in and he told his staff that he was going home.” W: “So maybe he was mad at Paul?” K: “I don’t think so. I mean, they were very intense, but, look, I have to go. Call me later.” She quickly hangs up. Hi, Paul. P: “Just the person I wanted to see.” K: “Really? I thought maybe you were looking for my grandson’s husband.” Please tell me that he’s accepting her offer. *fingers crossed* He’s been calling and texting her? Okay. P: “I’m taking the job.” Good for you, honey. Oooh, I like businessman Paul. He knows she has not control, so he’s taking it. Love it! I almost forgive him for making me and Sonny cry earlier. Lol. He wants them to treat each other with respect. Sounds fair. Kate, you don’t get to make personal demands here. This is business. Accept his terms or deal with the fallout of not landing him as your spokesman. He tells her he’ll be waiting for the contract and he leaves.

In the HTS, Clyde calls out to Abigail. Ugh. Yes, let’s talk about her moving in with Ben. He bought them a gift certificate to a furniture store. Well, that’s very sweet and thoughtful. Go back to being creepy Clyde because this is just unnatural. He walks away. Cl: “Just stay away from Chad DiMera, little girl, and everything’ll be fine.”

Marlena’s at the hospital and she sees Chad. She wants to talk to him. She thanks him for basically saving her life. Apparently, she didn’t tell Abe or Roman that Stefano tried to kill her because he’s “out of reach,” so it’s over. Chad tells her that Stefano is back in town for good. M: “How does that feel to you?” C: “Well, he hasn’t threatened to kill me lately, so I guess I’m ahead.” Haha. M: “Chad, if you ever just want to talk…I mean confidentially.” C: “You could never tell anyone what I said about them?About anything?” M: “That’s the way it works. I’ve got a pretty busy schedule, but for you, I’ll make some time.”

Sonny returns home. Ari still isn’t home. S: “We have to discuss-” W: “Paul?” S: “What?” W: “You were with Paul and now you’ve come home, so I assume-” S: “Wait, how do you know I was with Paul? Are you having me followed?” W: “No, Sonny, no, a friend of mine told me that they saw you with Paul having an intimate conversation.” “A friend?” Really, Will? And she said, “intense,” not “intimate.” S: “It wasn’t an intimate conversation. Look, this isn’t about Paul. This is about us, so can we please not get sidetracked?” W: “Of course. Sonny, of course. You want to talk about what happened in LA and Sonny, I want to listen to you. I really just want to listen to you. But first, Sonny, can I please just tell you how much I love you. Even if the things that I’ve been doing make it seem like I don’t. Sonny, I love you.” S: “I believe you. I know that you love me.” W: “But you said-” S: “It was a mistake. It was the first thing that popped out of my mouth. And I was thinking, I mean, you were willing to go to prison for me when you thought I killed Nick. I know that you love me.” W: “I’ve made mistakes.” S: “You have and there’s a whole lot of things you could’ve done better. You could’ve handled it better.” W: “I know. I know and-I’m sorry. Go ahead.” S: “You’re not the only one. Because the truth is there’s a lot of things that I could’ve handled better too.” What the actual fuck is happening???? Yes, Sonny’s made mistakes, but he didn’t fuck two other guys. W: “Sonny, you’ve done nothing wrong. (Omg it is so difficult to keep up with him. One minute it’s all Sonny’s fault. And now he’s blameless.) You’re perfect.” (True. Lol.) Sonny tells Will that Paul said something that stuck with him. S: “…I’ve known about it for awhile, but I didn’t want to admit it. The truth is the things that have gone wrong with us a lot of it’s my fault. Not yours.” OH, FUCK THAT. I am so angry, I could cry.

Oh, crap. Clyde’s bug in the DiMera study is up and running. Not good.

I’m pretty much annoyed with everyone today. Lol.

So everything’s Sonny’s fault because Will chose to marry him so young? Yep, that makes perfect sense. FUCK NO. You can marry young and not fuck another person ever again. The writers should be ashamed of what they’ve done to WilSon. It’s bad enough that they’ve both cheated (Will, physically. Sonny, emotionally.), but having them both lose their dignity is unforgivable. I love Sonny for wanting to take his share of the blame because he should, but “most” of it? Fuck, no. If they have some bullshit reunion tomorrow, I will lose my mind. This shit makes me wish Freddie’s exit were sooner.

I’m sick of the “handsome men hit on Will & he can’t possibly be expected to refuse them” crap. Will that be his defense if he sleeps with life-ruiner Derrick too?

Fuck, Paul. That was such a bullshit scene outside TBD. Fuck him for making Sonny (and me) cry. This was a conversation that should’ve taken place MONTHS ago. And duh, Paul doesn’t want to get married now. I never thought he did. He just wanted to be with Sonny. Why would Sonny want to get married immediately after his first marriage imploded? I know they’re both romantic saps, but they aren’t that stupid. This crap made me appreciate the fact that Abigail and Ben are only moving in together and not rushing down the aisle.

Now Clyde has ears in he only DiMera room we see. Lol. That’s very bad for Stefano and Chad. And Victor is Stefano reaches out to him regarding Clyde.

I am so sick of Hope/Rafe scenes. Is anyone actually enjoying them?

I’m so happy that Lucas didn’t throw in with Kate! Oh my goodness, I’m so glad! Lucas may be fighting a losing battle in his own life, but he isn’t about to fight one for his adult son.

Justin and Adrienne’s marriage is so far from over. Sorry, Lucas. I can’t wait for more of this storyline. Hope’s line (I always looked at you and Adrienne and thought you two could work your way through anything.) gave me a whole lot of, well, hope. Haha. This is only the beginning.

I kinda hate Abigail for not seeing through Chad’s bull. That guy with Theo? That’s the real Chad and she knows it!

I always enjoy Chad/Marlena scenes. I hope he takes her up on her offer to talk. He needs someone he can talk to openly and honestly.

Paul redeemed himself in the scene with Kate. Taking control and recognizing she has little power in their business relationship. Loved it! See? Smart Paul is a fantastic Paul. Haha.

I am dreading the WilSon scene tomorrow. I don’t want to even think about how it’s going to go. But if Sonny honestly thinks he pushed Will into getting married too young, what other resolution is there, but to end it? Will can’t be expected to mature overnight and I can’t imagine Sonny would ever suggest, let alone be okay with, an open relationship. Nor do I think Days would go there. So what? Either they go to therapy and Sonny still leaves in 2 month or Sonny leaves him now? Why delay the inevitable? Why torture them both (and all of us) unnecessarily?

Thanks for reading!

'til tomorrow 💗 A

Classic SOD Cover Date: January 2, 1996

(right) Peter Reckell (Bo, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
(left top) Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS)
(left bottom) Kamar  de los Reyes (Antonio, ONE LIFE TO LIVE)
(middle) Larry Bryggman & Eileen Fulton (John & Lisa, AS THE WORLD TURNS)
(bottom) Darnell Williams & Debbi Morgan (Jacob & Angie, THE CITY)