Your Love Is So Cold

Instead of Sonny bullshitting about Will not being ready for marriage because he hasn’t traveled the world, Sonny tells Will he wants a separation because he wants to try things with Paul. Inspired by and title from “Where Is Your Heart?” by Kelly Clarkson.

I’m sorry I gave you everything I had without making sure you wanted it.”

Will paces back and forth in front of the couch after Marlena leaves him alone in the apartment. His mind races, his thoughts full of all his insecurities and all his fuck ups and all the ways the imminent conversation with Sonny can go. 

He runs his fingers through his hair, his body wired and buzzing with anxiety. He knows he’s screwed up royally but Sonny isn’t making it easier on him. Sometimes when he looks at Sonny he sees the man he fell in love with, the man he married, all twinkling eyes and a soft smile and a gentle touch. Other times though - most times in the last six months - Will looks at Sonny and he seems cold and closed off and unreadable, his eyes hard and mouth drawn into a taut, thin line and he flinches away from Will’s touch. 

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