Exo reaction when  their kid gets hurt

Sehun: *look at the kid scratches* I did it this time, big time.

Kai:*hears a high pitched scream in the background* Crap! what did he do this time?

Tao:*after he checks his girl for any wounds for the 10000000 time* You gave me the scared of my life! My heart was jumping from my chest when I heard you scream.

Kyungsoo: I told you so many time that you aren’t allowed to do that. It’s only Byun’s kid fault that he is turning you into a monkey. 

Chanyeol:*after he patched his kid’s knee* How I am gonna tell your mom that you fell? she will kill me for not taking good care of you……..does it still hurts you?

Chen: Watch the kid she said, it will be easy she said. Now who’s the one who will get his ass kicked for this?

Baekhyun:*gets scolded by his wife, doesn’t get to say anything to defend himself*

Lay: *after he take care of his kid* Now that you learn on your own what silly acts brings you I hope you won’t do it again. 

Suho: Y/N:All you had to do is to watch her, I didn’t ask you to go to the moon and back. What if she hurt herself? you are lucky she only have a couple of bruises. 

Kris: Thank god you didn’t hurt yourself princess, don’t ever do that cause daddy will be sad if something happens to you

Luhan:*looks out  the window*  Fuck why is climbing that tree? is he trying to kill me?

Xiumin:*sees the kid fall from the tree* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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