Exo Reactions To Their Pregnant Wife Knocking Them Off Their Feet With Her Baby Bump

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Baekhyun: *he turns the corner & collides with your belly, he falls back, thumping onto the ground & landing on his butt, he looks up at you then starts laughing like a kid* 

Chanyeol: *he was helping you carry things into the kitchen when he playfully smacked your ass, you turn & knock him over, he rolls around laughing for an hour*

Chen: *he was annoying you so you gave him a little shove with your belly, he tumbles back, trying to stabilize himself but he falls & gives you a sassy look before smirking*

D.O.: *he accidentally runs into you trying to maneuver his way around the kitchen & loses his footing, he hits the ground but looks up at you with a shy smile, embarrassed*

Kai: *he was minding his own business when you walked up & popped your belly out to playfully knock him over, he falls, giving you puzzled look as you smile at him*

Kris: *gif*

Lay: *he’d gone to give you a kiss but you’d forgotten how big your bump had gotten so when you leaned in, he went flying back onto the bed, looking confused*

Luhan: *he poked you in the stomach to get on your nerves & when he went to do it again, you pushed him over with it, he raised a brow, looking awed & unamused*

Sehun: *he was teasing you about your bump so you decided to just give him a nudge, sending him halfway across the room, he sits down, pouts & doesn’t speak*

Suho: *he startled you, trying to kiss you while you had your earbuds in & you accidentally knocked him over, he asks if you’re okay even though he was the one that fell* 

Tao: *he’d been sitting on the couch when you came over & tried to squeeze next to him, pushing him off the couch completely, he just sits in the floor, confused*

Xiumin: *he stepped in the way of your belly so you’d knock into him on purpose & he pouts, luring you to help him up & then he gently pulls you down to cuddle you*