Exo reaction when your teenage kid walks in on you two doing it

Sehun:*tries to fool his kid* If I was you I would be worried cause you started to see things son

Kai: Well sweety I think we need to talk after that…..

Tao:*minding his own business when he sees his son coming through the door* Omg babe pull the duvet over quickly  

Kyungsoo: Why are you shocked? did you thought that we made you from flour?

Chanyeol: What do you mean I don’t need to explain what you just saw? how much of that do you know?

Baekhyun:I wasn’t expecting this when I started……

Chen: I though you said she was already sleeping? I guess now she won’t sleep for sure

Lay: Sweety, sweety this is not what you think it is, come back…I mean don’t…wait on the hallway until I get dressed for daddy to explain it to you

Suho:*the gif is enough*

Kris: We did it again.I guess this is becoming a tradition for our kids now to find out about sex like this

Luhan: Oh god I’m not ready to talk with him about it

Xiumin: wife: It could have been worst.

Are you kidding me now?

Exo Reactions To You Having Your Shirt Pulled Down

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Baekhyun: *blatantly smirks but doesn’t make eye contact when you look at him*

Chanyeol: *nods in approval to be an ass, smiling when you start blushing & getting flustered*

Chen: *laughing too hard because he’s almost crying at the face you made* “That was hideous!”

D.O.: *looks away, pretending he didn’t see but there’s a little smile on his face*

Kai: *didn’t notice anything whatsoever because food*

Kris: *he doesn’t speak but there’s a smug look on his face as he casually tries to look like he’s not checking you out*

Lay: *wasn’t paying attention because he was playing a game on his phone*

Luhan: *shakes his head with a smile* “Don’t worry. You have nothing to be embarrassed about… Trust me.”

Sehun: *smirks to himself, whispering* “Boobs.”

Suho: *covers his eyes immediately, peaking through his fingers* “I swear I didn’t see anything!”

Tao: *gif*

Xiumin: *you look up & catch him staring without a single bit of shame on his face, giving you a suggestive look*

[Request] EXO raction to you asking if they can teach you how to dance

Here ya go~

Baekhyun: “Jagi ofc I’ll teach you!
*whispers* What dance were you thinking about?” 

You: “Overdose” 
Baekhyun: “Oh she wants me, oh shes got me!” *spin* 
“Follow my lead!”

Chanyeol: “Um bae I’m not that great but I can try ^^”

You: “Can you show me the moves from history?”

Chanyeol: “Lets see… Yupp I rember it. Watch and learn”

D.O: “Dance…umm” 

You:”Can you?”

D.O: “I can ask if Kai can teach you”

Kai: “Really you want me to teach you how to dance?!” *super happy*

You: “Yeah, you are the main dancer. So can you teach me your solo deep breath?”

Kai: “Oh, instresting choise”

Sehun: “Me? You want me to teach you?” 

You: “Yes please. Can you teach me growl?

Sehun: “ Oh, Growl…” *thinking back*

Suho: “I’m so happy that you want me to teach you!” *happy Suho*

You: “Which dance was the most fun?”
Suho: “Umm”

Suho: “Mama was kinda fun”

Chen: “Princess, you know I love you but please ask Lay”

Lay: “Yey! I be honoured to teach you. What dance did you have in mind?”

You: “How about phoenix?”

Lay: “Ok, come I’ll teach you”

Xiumin: “Baby sure I’ll teach you!” *starts dancing random*

You: “Great! Can you teach me the moves from wolf?”
Xiumin: “Ok!” *shows you*

“Neomu areumda, areumda, areumda Whoo“

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