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Canon AU - older brother!knights 

The knights have unanimously adopted Merlin as their little brother. And thus, Merlin spends his days being smothered by their love and breaking off their silly fights for his attention.  

can we all just agree that Eoin is basically the Merlin fandom's version of Misha?

I mean


what even is this man


what the hell?

there are no words to describe how much I love this man

let’s not forget how smokin hot he is too

like hot damn son

this post has killed me ladies and gentlemen and variations thereupon


Gladiator Merlin AU

Arthur Pendragon, the son of Emperor Uther, is the greatest fighter in Rome. This being the case, his competition soon begin coming up with cheating schemes to get rid of him. Luckily for Arthur, he has his sparring partners Gwaine and Lancelot on his side as well as the young slave he saved from death in the ring, Merlin. Little does he know that Merlin could easily best any gladiator without needing a weapon.