Angie’s Tips and Tricks for Live2D Models

I’ve gotten some questions about editing these things so I’ll do my best to give some pointers on how to make these. First things first we will need:

  • A basic understanding of Photoshop and loading Live2D models. You will need to know how to do shading/highlights and how to use layers because I’m not going to go into that here.
  • The Live2D viewer as well as the Live2D Fates Assets. The original link I got them from appears to have died so I’m unsure of where to get them if you don’t already have them. I won’t reupload as they were taken down by the original poster.

Tips under the cut! I’m no expert at editing these, so there may be things I’m wrong about so I’m merely speaking from experience.

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Diabolik Lovers ~Haunted Dark Bridal~ Limited V Edition - [ M A S T E R P O S T ]

Diabolik Lovers ~Haunted Dark Bridal~ Limited V Edition is a PSV port of the original game and contains extras that weren’t featured in the original game, such as After Stories (taking place after Ending 01) and characters saying extra lines when you touch a CG.

You’ll find translations of all the extras by clicking the links below:

[ AYATO - After Story ] Translation: Blue

[ AYATO - Black Rose Extra Lines ] Translation: Blue

[ KANATO - After Story ] Translation: Scurumi

[ KANATO - Black Rose Extra Lines ] Translation: Blue

[ LAITO - After Story ] Translation: Blue

[ LAITO - Black Rose Extra Lines ] Translation: Blue

[ REIJI - After Story ] Translation: Blue

[ REIJI - Black Rose Extra Lines ] Translation: Blue

[ SHU - After Story ] Translation: Blue

[ SHU - Black Rose Extra Lines ] Translation: Blue

[ SUBARU - After Story ] Translation: Blue

[ SUBARU - Black Rose Extra Lines ] Translation: Blue


“I wanna lie, but I don’t care to try” 


Awkward // Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by essentyeol

Prompt: I just dropped my sketch book with a detailed portrait of you showing right in front of you wow this is awkward

Words: 1160

A/N: this is actually something that could probably happen to me but would end horribly. sorry if this sucks next time will be better.


The booth squeaked as you sat down in your usual place in the small cafe patiently waiting for your order to be ready. You carefully removed a sketch book and a small box filled with a assortment of different pencils and blending stumps. You looked around the cafe the quite aura making you feel calm. Suddenly a loud laugh caught your attention eyes immediately darting to the front door. You watched two boys enter the taller one laughing at the other.

“Do it one more time beakhyun, it’s so funny I don’t know why” the tall one continued laughing. You smiled the two boys were cute. The tall one had a head of silver hair and big ears that made you smile, and the shorter one, or baekhyun apparently, had a cute little nose and light pink hair. You looked at you own hair wondering if you could pull off that color.

“Fine fine. Chanyeol” baekhyun smiled clearing his throat a little “ANNYEONGHASEYO" he spoke in a loud high pitched girly voice.

Chanyeols whole face lit up letting out another loud laugh making the shorter boy smile brightly. You couldn’t help the small smile that made it’s way onto your face, the pair seemed so cheery it made you miss your own friend who was busy out of her mind this week.

While watching the pair chanyeols eyes met yours and immediately a blush covered your cheeks at being caught. You had expected a glare but instead the happy boy gave you a small warm smile, you quickly gave a shy smile before quickly looking away. You mentally scolded yourself for being weird and opened your pencil box beginning to choose which one you wanted to start with eventually settling for a lighter one, it was a sunny day. “Y/N your order is ready!” The cashier yelled. You quickly walked next to the pair of boys grabbing your tea and cookie and mumbling a short ‘thank you’

“No problem! What will you be drawing today hm?” she asked

“Oh… I don’t know I just go for it" you chuckled giving her a light smile and heading back to your seat.

Sat at the Booth eyes lingering on the passersby before returning your attention to your sketch book. You sipped at your drink squinting at you paper wondering what to draw.

“Baekhyun can I have a bite of you pastry” you heard a deep voice you lifted your eyes to see that the loud pair from before had decided to stay and we’re now only two tables away. You blushed when again chanyeol smiled at you.

Signing pencil touched paper and you we’re at work drawing what came to mind, it didn’t take long before you recognized the beautiful face of the boy, chanyeol staring out the window on your paper. Unfortunately, you weren’t fast enough to cover the paper when the cashier approached your side.

“Hey, need any- aww that’s so good you think he’s cute yeah?” She asked smiling lightly, you frowned annoyed at this girl always in your business she wouldn’t even tell you her name. I share one piece of information about my life, that I haven’t had a boyfriend, and she tries to set you up with every guy that steps in here.

“I-i what” you stuttered shocked at her sudden question.

“Ohhh looks like he agrees” she smirked, you looked up to see chanyeol looking at you and then pulled out the extra chair at the table giving you a crooked smile. She looked at me once more before snatching my cup and pencils and making a dash for their table and setting them there and going back to her counter. I looked back over to them and chanyeol shrugged scratching the back of his neck nervously. You stood up pick grabbing you sketch book in your shaking hands and started towards their table. You weren’t sure really how in the five feet away and only looking down trying to close your sketch you managed to fall to the floor but you did. A hand came down on your shoulder catching your attention, you quickly looked up at the silver haired boy kneeling next to you.

“are you alright?” he asked, you nodded he smiled before something else caught his attention. Your eyes immediately followed his to your, sadly for you, open sketch book where he could fully see your drawing of him. You tried to grab it but he beat you and grasped it in his hand before pulling you to your feet. Watching his expression worriedly looking for any sign to run as he examined the art before him a grin settled on his face.

“beakhyun, you’ve gotta see this its so cool” he grabbed your wrist leading you to the open chair at the table and handed baekhyun the book taking a seat himself. Nervously you watched the two while occasionally now taking sips of the drink now in front of you again.

“You just drew this right now?!” beakhyun asked amazed

“um, yea its not really finished. I just come in here and draw whatever I have dozens of unfinished ones in all of my sketch books” I said quickly waiting to explain how I wasn’t some creeper.

“do you always draw people?” chanyeol asked.

“Oh no this is the first time i’ve done that in here”

“oh” a small smile made its way onto his face not breaking eye contact with you, luckily before you got too shy baekhyun spoke up.

“Ah, chanyeol we’ve gotta go” He said quickly handing me my book and began picking up things.

A small frowned made its way onto my face as i’d probably never see the pair again “Hey why the long face?” chanyeol asked.

“huh, oh nothing just lost in thought” you quickly covered up.

The two bid their goodbyes leaving you sat alone at the table, as a matter of fact you were now alone in the whole cafe. You started to pick up your things suddenly feeling the aura of the cafe change to a lonesome one while sat at the table alone. Just as you were getting up to leave you heard the door open and chanyeol entered once again out of breath as he walked over to you. he held up his finger as you looked at him surprised signifying to hold on before he spoke between breaths “I forgot to give you my number” he huffed handing you a small piece of paper with his name and number.

You couldn’t help but grin at him making him smile in return “thanks i’ll text you later” you spoke calmly before leaving the cafe. In actuality in your head you were doing a happy dance while back at the cafe chanyeol was actually leaving while doing a happy dance and across the street beakhyun just laughed at the boy walking towards him in such a happy state.