i feel like keith and lance would be that couple that was really touchy before they actually get together 

  • keith was never a touchy person, but he’s so touchy with lance 
  • and lance is, so he doesn’t really notice the difference until shiro is like “hey my brother is hanging all over you what’d you do to him?” (he Knows he’s just trying to see if lance does) 
  • lance is like ??? dude i thought that was normal 
  • but they’re on the couch and lance has his legs thrown over keith’s lap and is basically on top of him 
    • until he gets up to go to the bathroom or something and keith starts complaining that he’s taking away the heat source that is himself 
    • so lance thinks it’s funny to just flop down on top of keith with his entire body so he can’t even move 
    • “this better?” he asks, all smug 
    • keith, grumbling but wrapping his arms around lance’s back “yeah…” 
  • lance rests his feet on keith’s lap ALL THE TIME and everyone is appalled the first time he doesn’t shove him off right away
  • they’re mid debrief or something and keith is explaining how some alien attacked him in the most crazy, absurd story but no one can hear it because they’re all staring AT WHERE KEITH HAS HIS HANDS ON LANCE’S ANKLES 
  • keith tugs at lance’s sleeve whenever he wants his attention 
  • lance has a hand on the small of keith’s back for no reason very often
  • lance emerges from an explosion Dramatically and keith runs to him and starts running his hands all over his chest checking to see if he’s fine
  • and lance grabs his hands and holds them tightly and tells him “i’m okay, keith” over and over again until keith finally stops shaking
  • they like to hook their ankles over each other when they’re sitting beside each other 
    • lance thinks it’s funny to try and get keith’s shoe to fall off 
    • footsie that turns into a very aggressive competition 
  • honestly these kids probably start holding hands and are still completely oblivious to the fact they look like a bickering couple who’ve been together for years 
  • they’ll figure it out 

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can... we have more touchy klance hcs,,,

you’re so cute,, yes of course

  • whenever they’re out exploring a planet and keith sees something interesting he’ll grab hold of lance’s hand to get his attention
    • he’s telling lance to look and lance is like “yeah, mhm, i see,” but he definitely does not because he can’t look away from where keith hasn’t let go of his hand yet 
    • keith does not let go of his hand for the duration of the trip
  • one day shiro calls keith to his room to talk to him but when keith comes in his hair is french-braided really beautifully and he’s like !!! O.O
    • and he says “who did your hair? it’s really nice,” and keith kind of self-consciously touches it but he’s smiling a little and his cheeks are pink and he just says really quietly “it is isn’t it? lance did” 
    • shiro wiggles his eyebrows a little but doesn’t tease too much but ITS CUTE OKAY 
  • probably they’re sitting at a dinner with an alien species allura is trying to make an alliance with and start bumping knees with each other for no reason 
    • lance almost falls over at one point. allura is glaring. pidge is trying not to laugh
    • but also, lance can get nervous sometimes, depending on the day or who they’re talking to. he doesn’t show it and covers it up with his usual suaveness, but keith can be pretty perceptive, especially when it comes to lance
    • so his knee is bumping up and down rapidly during a dinner and he’s fidgeting with his hands 
    • keith just puts his hand on top of lance’s knee and then kind of reaches out to hold lance’s hand 
    • it helps a lot, for both of them really 
  • i kid you not keith probably has his fingers hooked around lance’s pant loops and they still think their rship is platonic
  • lance very casually tucking keith’s hair behind his ears and mumbling something about how he “can’t see your eyes, keith” 
  • or poking his face to get his attention and smiling really widely when keith turns to him and squishes his face so his lips are puckered up like a fish and says with exasperation but fondness “what do you waaanntt, lance?”
    • “you,” he says in a muffled voice (they’re not even together yet what kind of,,,,) 
    • (how do you smile when your face is squished like that i do not know but lance’s love for keith defies all facial expression limitations) 
  • catch lance trying to teach keith how to dance at 3 in the morning, hands on his hips, laughing quietly at how hard keith is concentrating
  • sitting on the sofa, lance playing with keith’s fingers, keith with his head resting on his shoulder
  • i’m getting carried away,,,