• me:fight? Okay you want to fight Harry? Let's fucking go
  • Harry:
  • Harry:
  • Harry:you're hugging me
  • me:no I'm squeezing you to death wtf

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I'm surprised you didn't referenced DeviantArt in your "Super Duper Sumos", seeing how that show probably birth the fetishes of dA.

You know that footage I used of the girl getting Tied Up in that review?

I found it on this Youtube Channel that uploads nothing but cartoon girls getting tied up. Found it looking for anything SDSumos related.

Probably should have mentioned that

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Today I managed to get over my depression! I just feel like I must do it and I will! I needed to tell this to somebody and since no one actually noticed somethingns wrong with me here I am messaging you! Omg wish me luck *\(^o^)/*


I’m very proud of you, sweet heart, for being able to overcome such a hardship and stand up after everything you went through. You’re indeed someone very strong and should serve as an inspiration for anyone that is currently facing a similar problem as the one you experienced.

May you keep safe and be as happy as possible! Also, even if no one noticed, what matters is that you did feel that change and are now seeking for a brighter future :)

I love you ♥

I’m still so so bitter about the 100 writers killing of Gena only to give Bellamy more pain to deal with :/ Gena deserved better seriously we know nothing about her and why they became friends and stuff. I would have love to see more about their relationship. The only thing we got was Bellamy and Gena kissing all the time like the writers wanted to rub their relationship in our face, like look Bellamy has a girlfriend now duh. I really really liked Gena, she was good for Bellamy. I’m so sad she had to leave like this. I hope they will talk about Genas death in the next Epis I swear if Bellamy is not allowed to grief and be sad about his “gf” then I’ll freak out. It can’t just be like oh she’s gone my bad DA FUCK :/ so I really hope we get to see Bellamy grieving for Gena maybe with Raven and they hold onto each other to calm them selfs down. We haven’t seen Bellamy dealing with mount weather yet so I sure as hell wanna see that now. Don’t add more pain to Bellamys storyline but don’t let him be hurting about it uugghhhhh!!! Opppss that wasn’t supposed to be so long lol

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Nommi, I'm feeling suicidal. My therapist knows it, my parents don't and my friends don't know about it too. Every week, the day I am with my therapist is the only good one. I feel so lonely and sad.

Hello there, darling!

I’m truly sorry for your situation.. but, I think that telling your friends and, most inportantly, parents about your situation would be very beneficial for you. Not only because they would be able to help and support you going through this difficult period of your life, but also because it would take some heavy weight off your shoulders!

It might seem like it is something very difficult to do, however, I’m very sure that they would be more than glad to give you their strenght and you could feel more supported and loved as well.

Now, regarding your issue, I just want you to know that ending your life is not the solution! It might seem like the ony way to end the pain, but the truth is, the pain won’t last forever, even if you keep alive.

You will be able to overcome any difficulties you might be facing and you’ll be able to find an happier path and life, but, this will only be possible, if you also keep on giving your best and fighting to live another day.

I’m very sure that you have so many people around you who love and care about your well being! So, you should care about yourself as well.

Lasly, even if you are already in a therapist, seek for all the help you can find, because feeling suicidal is something very dangerous that can end having very deep consequences, so, take all the measures you can, in order to avoid any possible problems!

Know that I love you and am here if you ever need someone to talk to. Keep fighting and don’t you give up!!~

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I'm celebrating 3 birthdays tomorrow... at least I will be doing something fun, lol, who am I kidding, I'm so gonna eat some cake then lock myself into the bathroom and check tumblr on my phone.

You take second watch from the locked bathroom.


Fighting Gaster seriously is a fucking stupid idea

Like Sans he does not bother will going ‘easy’ and increasing the difficulty. He will hit with everything he has on the first turn.

His literal first attack will be using all 30 of his blasters, which will surround the player’s soul, and fire them all at once. There is no way to dodge it, and he will likely kill the player until the player does something that will save them (of which I’m not sure but it’ll likely be something haha)

And even then he won’t let up. Imagine Sans’ fight but the blaster part. Only faster and there is no warning to when he attacks, because he has no physical indication of his magic.

The only way to actually beat him is to outlast him until he starts getting tired.

His magic will also lock the [fight] option like how fucking unfair is that

He will exhaust everything in his power to eradicate you.

Here’s a good rundown of how his fight will likely go.

And even when you win he’ll probably try one more shot as he starts melting and turning to dust.

Because he knows exactly what he’s going to loose should he let you continue.

// so, I’m Bi. I told my friends and got the best reaction. They all hugged me and accepted me. My friends are both boys and girls. They didn’t judge me, the live me for who I am. And I love them.