EXO - 170726 Official EXO weibo update: “엑소엘과 함께한 첫 1위!!👉 감사합니다~!!👍 #EXO#엑소#쇼챔#1위#TheWarEXO#KoKoBop#코코밥#엑소엘#고마워요#1stwin”

Translation: “First win together with EXO-L!!👉 Thank you~!!👍 #EXO #EXO #Show Champ #1st Win #TheWarEXO #KoKoBop #KoKoBop #EXO-L #Thank you #1stwin”

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EXO - 170726 MBC Show Champion - Winning 1st place + Message

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EXO Reaction to them liking a boy

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*Will be like super protective of his boy* “No one touches my boy… you are not even allowed to shower with him now!”


“Why do you think I always look so nice? Even when I go to bed… because I want to impress you… I want to catch your eye… be everything you dream of” *I’m sorry but I’m a SuRis fan xD*


“I guess.. it’s time for me to finally tell Hyung how I feel… I’m sure he likes me… I think he told me once..” *Flies to China that day xD because you know… LU*


*He would ask for the boys’ advice on to how to get the boy he likes* “You guys know him, know what he likes… please help me in this.. please”


“Look how my Kyungy is… how pretty my boy… ahh I love him” *Seriously, he would just say it. Nothing to hide here*


*He would be pretty nervous at the beginning because you guys know how self conscious he is but that wouldn’t stop him. He would still go after the boy he likes. Even if he has to compete with Sehun for him xD* 


*Like he would go from the dorkiest person alive to the sweeties cutie pie in three seconds* “Yes Channie… everything you say. I’ll follow you to the end of the world”


*He would be so open about it. Like if he likes someone, he will make sure the whole knows about it*


“I’m in love, I’m in love… and he is my best friend~ and he likes me back~ lalalala~” *Honestly he would be the same dork but in love*


*If this boy is shy by nature, he would probably be even more. Like he would be so afraid of the boy he likes not liking him back or something* “Please accept my feelings, my heart is yours. Only yours” (ugh ily so much bby)


*No chill* “What? What’s wrong? We can show our love here, let’s show them how much we love each other” *Yeah but don’t be dirty boy, or maybe a little I don’t mind xD*


*Mama would have a serious talk with the boys introducing their father, whom they already knew btw* “SO yes boys… We are finally getting married. After five years, many fanfics, shippers, drama…. he’s officially your dad” *:3*

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anon said: Laura and Stiles were like bros, and Derek initially didn’t like Stiles but naturally that didn’t last. During the summer Stiles goes away for a while and comes back all bamf (I think he has tattoos??) and he has magic and he may or may not exhaust himself too quickly so they all find out.

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Shadows(series) by peacensafety 

(50,759 I Mature I Series WIP)  *sterek, derek and stiles are the same age

Laura and Derek are twins. They get along together wonderfully until puberty and Laura’s new best friend, a boy with the improbable name of Stiles Stilinski, gets in the way.

I remember once petting a baby cow and it started to eat my sleeve but i was just so enamored with how sweet and beautiful that the cow was that i was just happy it was enjoying my sleeve as i pet it


EXO - 170726 MBC Show Champion - Ko Ko Bop

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