“I do wish you were here with us. It’s been such an adventure, but nothing like our times in Narnia. America is very exciting, except we never see Father. He works so very hard. I was invited to the British Consul’s tea party this week by a naval officer, who happens to be very handsome. I think he fancies me. It seems the Germans have made the crossing difficult right now. Times are hard. Mother hopes you both won’t mind another few months in Cambridge.”


Philosophy and Jurisprudence by Gustav Klimt. 

These paintings are two of several that Klimt was commissioned to paint for the ceiling of the University of Vienna. However not one was displayed as the university considered them inappropriate and Klimt came under attack for their supposed ‘perverse’ nature. They were destroyed by retreating SS forces in May 1945.


M56 Scorpion was developed to provide American paratroopers mobile, self-propelled anti-tank weapons. M56 “Scorpion” was transported by air tracked self-propelled anti-tank system installed with a 90-millimeter cannon. The machine has been specially designed to give U.S. Marines a viable artillery component to their rather light armament.