M'rin: C'jime is bound for the junction. All you need to do is dive through…and you will be back where you came from.

This cameo crystal is bonded to me. With it, you’ll know if I am well or ill - as I will of you - and should you ever wish to return, it will lead you to the junction. ‘Til then, a place will ever  be set for you at my table…and in my heart.

Good fortune, Daughter.

Ororo: Farewell…Mother.

Classic X-Men 22

Ororo: I am not your child, M'rin.

M'rin: Not flesh of my flesh. The creature with that “honour” - Goddess rot me for bearing her - leads those pirates me fought.

Offspring do not always follow the path their parents set for them. But occasionally, should Father Fortune smile, there comes along someone who’s everything you wish for in a child. Yours in spirit…if not in blood.

All I possess, Ororo…is yours for the taking.

Ororo: I want to, M'rin…with all my heart.

But I cannot. My place is not here. You have responsibilities, obligations which bind you. So do I. If there is a way back home - to my world - and my friends - I must take it.

Classic X-Men 22

M'rin: I am M'rin.

Ororo: I am called Storm…but my name is Ororo.

M'rin: What does that name mean?

Ororo: “Beauty”.

M'rin: An apt choice, on both counts. The healers despaired of your recovery…but I knew better. In your state, I would not yield to the shadow, and from the moment I beheld you in the lake…I sensed, in that way and others, we were alike.

Ororo: It was you I saved, then?

M'rin: Yes.

Classic X-Men 22