Proof I actually do draw my own stuff once and a while.

Quick and messy sketch from a slightly shaky train ride. Relearning how to draw is fun. I’ve spent so much time doing the outlines and research for this story at home, and working on 3D stuff at work that I haven’t had made a whole lot of time just to scribble. Time to remedy that. 

But good news! Page one goes live on January first!

zannyblogging  asked:

12 ANY characters from your comic (hows that going btb?)

Have a M’ki sans her headdress! I left out the last color because it was a) too close to black and b) I gave up… 

Her profile is really hard to match in front facing views…

(It’s going good! I have the prologue all thumbnailed and the first two few chapters scripted as of last night. I’m hoping to submit it for an anthology project my friends are putting together. Once that’s published (if it makes it in) I’ll be posting it along with the first few pages online so keep an eye out!)