Switzerland-Argentina, USA-Belgium, and something about the Goalkeepers

Here’s something interesting about the last 4 games of the World Cup. They’ve all featured goal keepers in their best possible form. I mean, the best by far. Tim Howard set a record for saves in a World Cup Final, and Benaglio wasn’t too far from that either. It was both of their heroics that allowed their respective teams to hold on and stay in the game, despite their teams being huge under dogs. M'Bolhi, the brick wall, was similar in effectiveness, stopping shot after shot and keeping his Algerian side alive longer than many thought possible. Vincent Enyeama, arguably the keeper of the tournament until Nigeria lost to France, was quite impenetrable in goal, and made some of the best saves of the tournament. In two days, we’ve seen the most remarkable goal keeping in history. Despite the Spiderman-like goal keeping, all of these teams lost. However, these men should all be considered heroes for their respective countries, because they defied the odds, and kept their teams in it long enough to let them play in the big leagues, against World Cup favourites, and provide some of the most entertaining football this tournament.

Now the sad ending to this story is that all those teams lost, and no upsets occurred. I still think these keepers will be remembered for their amazing performances, and this will continue to inspire smaller teams, as Costa Rica is still doing.