every time i talk about eugenics abortion being bad, people assume i want to legally ban or restrict abortion of disabled fetuses, instead of noticing that sex-selective abortion is a similar issue with similar solutions that have nothing to do with legal anything.

disability activists generally want the following things, in order to reduce eugenics abortion:

- no more pressuring pregnant people to abort disabled fetuses or shaming them for choosing to carry the pregnancy to term (in case you’re wondering, doctors absolutely do this)
- no more pressuring disabled and/or mentally ill pregnant people to have abortions or shaming them for choosing to stay pregnant (doctors do this too)
- no more devaluing disabled people’s lives in pro choice rhetoric, such as by bringing up disabled fetuses as an argument or “gotcha” when arguing with people who think all abortion should be illegal
- active valorization of disabled people and involving us in the leadership of pro-choice organizations
- pro-choice organizations addressing the prevalence of doctors and society pressuring people into eugenics abortions
- pro-choice organizations actively challenging and critiquing ableism in their movements, historically and currently
- establishment of better support systems for disabled parents and parents with disabled children
- better health care and better access to it

disabled people who criticize the eugenics abortion are not your enemies. we don’t want to force or pressure anyone to stay pregnant or to terminate. please acknowledge that it’s frankly terrifying for us when a fellow pro choice person directly defends the ethics of eugenics abortion to us.


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