[BANGTAN BOMB] ‘말하자면’ Special stage @MBC 가요대제전 2016

You were a sheep in wolf’s clothing
all bark but no bite
all blade but no edge
all show but no follow through.

so how are you with her?
is it flowers or
missed calls? is it
going well or
not so much? is it
okay to ask or
would I not like the answer?

there’s no worst part to this.
i go to message you but I shouldn’t so I don’t.
there’s no poetic way to say I miss sending you inappropriate things during inappropriate times like
family dinners or
church. there’s no poetic way to say how much it hurts to always come out of the tunnel with empty hands and
you holding hers.

—  taken out of context I could love you– lily rain

EXO K AU Aesthetic ~ Zombie Apocalypse | Oh Sehun

Suho | D.O | Sehun | Kai | Baekhyun | Chanyeol

  • Both you and Sehun had knew each other since you were in school so when you both found about the outbreak, you had went to find each other straight away.
  • The apocalypse had changed his attitude towards you and the world around him completely, though you couldn’t blame him since both of y’all lost your families.
  • He turned into what you would say, a complete asshole. Sometimes he’d ask why the fuck you were following him.
  • One day you actually ditched him when he snapped at you, which scared the dude half to death when he was alone for too long.
  • Sehun actually searched everywhere for you, even if that meant getting in severe danger himself. He couldn’t just let you go when you’ve been by his side metaphorically and literally half of his life.
  • When he found you, you had found a group who you seemed to be happy and content with (in his perspective too); but all he wanted to do was kidnap you from that group and run away with you.
  • Sehun clearly didn’t like the way the leader (Kris) of this group you ended up finding was always looking at you like you were his last meal.
  • Or his last fuck, maybe both.
  • When you both tried to escape you had gotten injured so Sehun baby sat you in a convenience store, making sure you had the right amount of sleep and rest; making his duty to protect you with his life.

(170122) Monsta X at 2017 ISAC: Seollal Special cut @ SectionTV