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What guns do you own?

AR: Currently have 13 completed AR builds. Ranging from various clones, to HD carbines, “thumper” builds (.458 SOCOM & the like), and competition stuff. Plus a DDM4, SR-15 & a LMT MWS.

AK: Arsenal SLR-104, AES-10B, WASR-10, M92 pistol, Draco

MilSurp stuff: ChiCom SKS, Mosin Nagant 91/30

CZ: P-07, P-09, CZC P-01 SDP, Urban Grey SP-01, Tactical Sport, Shadow SAO

Tanfoglio: Witness Stock III, Elite Limited

HK: USP 9 & 45T, VP9, P30L, HK45c

SIG Sauer: P226 Dark Elite, P227c, P320

Glock: Gen 4 19, Gen 3 20, Gen 2 21

Smith & Wesson: M&P 9, M&P 40, M&P 45, 686p, 629, 4506, 500 Performance center, 3566 Performance Center

1911/2011: Armscor 52000, Springfield Mil-Spec & Range Officer

Shotguns: Mossberg 930, 3 Remington 870s, Benelli M2

Magnum Research: Desert Eagle XIX (.50AE + .44 Magnum barrel), BFR 460

Others: Arex Rex Zero 1, Marlin Guide Gun, Beretta 92G-SD, Walther PPQ 45, FN FNX 45, H&R Pardner Pump, Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter

Probably forgetting a few.

3:00 a.m // 솝 (sope)

9 p.m

“Hoseok! Will you close up shop?” The manager of the diner Hoseok worked in shouted from the door.

“Sure, I’m just going to finish cleaning up and head out.” He nodded and left Hoseok to his work. Hoseok was unusually tired today, a contrast to his usual bubbly and energetic personality. He eyelids felt heavy as he sat down on one of the chairs to rest his eyes. He lay the mop down on the floor carefully and rested his head on the red table that he just cleaned. Before Hoseok knew it, he fell asleep.


3:00 a.m

Yoongi walked by the diner to see the lights closed as usual. He checked his watch, 3:00 a.m. He walked towards the alley beside the diner and climbed up the closed dumpster. He hoisted himself up by his arms onto the roof of the diner where he would usually go to every night.

He sat down and his legs dangled over the edge of the roof. He looked around him and breathed in the cool night air. He could see faint signs of the sky starting to light up since it was the middle of summer. The stars became fainter until they were merely a light speck. He looked down and observed the quiet road. It was always like this. Sometimes, when he really didn’t want to go back home, he would stay here until the streets became busier.

Right now, all the lights in the building were out except for that one apartment across the street that never turned off their lights. That’s their apartment. His dad would stay up drinking all night, sometimes bringing his buddies along. Their chatter would always wake him up in the middle of the night. Sometimes his dad would bring a guest over and it seems like his dad would completely forget his son was in the next room.

Maybe this was why he had insomnia. Yoongi’s dad did this every night after his mother’s death. Yoongi was seven. Even as a child, he knew what his dad was doing with other girls… and the occasional boy and it made him furious. As a child, he grew up hating his dad. Not just because he would beat Yoongi whenever he lost another job or didn’t have enough money to buy beer, but also because his dad promised his mom that he would love her even to the grave and that he would take care of his son. Because of this, Yoongi learned to be independent at a young age. He knew better than most kids.

He sighed as he looked down. He saw the first person walking to the taxi bay down the street to avoid traffic. Suddenly, the lights of the diner opened. That’s weird. He thought to himself. The diner doesn’t open until 6. The door opened and revealed a messy haired employee.


3:45 a.m

Hoseok rubbed his eyes as he woke up. The last thing he remembered was laying his head down for a quick nap. He stood up and continued cleaning when he saw the clock. 3:45. Did that clock stop during the day? Hoseok wondered. He only took a nap, he couldn'tve dozed off that long.

From the corner of his eye, he saw faint rays of sunshine. No. He rushed out and looked at the sky, it was indeed turning into day which mean he spent the whole night at the diner. He quickly looked at his wrist watch and it did indeed say 3:45 a.m. He groaned and looked up when he saw a mint haired person look down to him from the roof.

“Hey! What are you doing there?” He shouted. The person stayed quiet.

“You aren’t allowed up there! I need you to come down. How the fuck did you get up there anyway?” Silence. Hoseok decided to take action and find a way up. He walked towards the alleyway beside the diner where he saw a dumpster that he could step on. He made his way to the roof and approached the mint-haired stranger.

“Excuse me, you aren’t allowed on the roof” he tapped the guy’s shoulder and he turned his head.

“Sir, I need you to get down.” The stranger took his phone out.

“Are you going to ignore me?” Hoseok placed a hand on his hip.

The stranger stretched his arm out and the notepad app was open.

I’m mute. The note said.

“Oh, sorry, I thought you were ignoring me. Will you get off the roof?” Hoseok asked politely.

No. It relaxes me.

“The thing is, I really can’t let you be up here. Can’t you… I don’t know, go home?”

House, I have no home.

“What do you mean?”

I hang out on the roof to escape my dad. Yoongi pointed to the apartment which stood out since it was illuminated by the light coming from inside.

“How bout your mom?” Yoongi stayed quiet and Hoseok seemed to get the idea.

“I’m sorry” he hung his head down and Yoongi started typing something on his phone.

I don’t need your pity.


Stop apologizing. It’s getting annoying.

Hoseok sat down down beside Yoongi and let his legs hang over the edge.

“I get why you like staying here. Do you come here every night?”

Pretty much, my dad gets too drunk to notice me leave anyway.

“Well, it doesn’t seem like you make any trouble on the roof. Just don’t let my manager catch you up here, he’ll explode. I’ll get going now, my sister would kill me if I’m gone the whole night.” Hoseok stood up and was about to leave but he felt someone hold onto his wrist.

Wait. I’ll go down as well.

“Okay, where did you say you live again? I’ll bring you, my apartment is near too.”

I live nearby.

“Great! I’ll just walk you, come on” Hoseok climbed down the roof and Yoongi followed.

“Just lead me to your building.” Yoongi walked ahead of Hoseok and stopped at the building right across the street.

“No way” Yoongi gave Hoseok a confused look.

“I live here too!“Hoseok pulled Yoongi inside the building and they got into the elevator.

"What floor?” Yoongi pushed the button for the 17th floor and Hoseok pushed the buttons for the 18th.

“How have we never run into each?” He shrugged.

“Anyway, should I walk you to your apartment or can you go alone?” Yoongi brought out his phone and started typing.

I’m not a fucking kid. I can walk to my apartment.

“Fine…” Hoseok trailed off and an awkward silence filled the elevator. It stopped at the 17th floor and Yoongi was about to step out when Hoseok stopped him.

“Hey, wait. C-could I get your n-number?” Yoongi motioned Hoseok to get closer.

“Tomorrow, 3 a.m. On the rooftop.” Yoongi whispered into Hoseok’s ear and pulled away to look at his shocked face.

“Y-you can talk?!” Hoseok was still wide-eyed when the elevator closed and moved onto the next floor.

“Yeah, I just DON’T talk… Somehow, you made me want to though, maybe cause you talk too much.” Yoongi leaned back as the door opened to reveal a furious looking girl on the other side.



I’ve been obsessed with two fictional bands. Mush&co and Crudeplay…. I need help. Hope you enjoy this oneshot guys ❤. Don’t forget to follow me if you haven’t already, it really infires me to make more stuff.

‘Dark Matter’

The Syfy channel seems to have hijacked Friday nights with an assortment of unique sci-fi offerings. This series - now in its third season - revolves around the crew of a derelict spaceship who awake from stasis with no idea of who they are or how they got there. The cast features Melissa O’Neil, Anthony Lemke, Roger Cross and Jodelle Ferland. Season premiere, 8 p.m. Friday, June 9, on Syfy. 


So, story time. This is the first time that Heather is going to work since she found out she was pregnant with Orchid. With the way her schedule was and the fact that she got pregnant again on like the last day of her maternity leave, she hasn’t been to work in quite a while. Which now poses a problem, since she works from 5 p.m.to 9 p.m. and Al works from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. and they have four children…

EDC Update!

- S&W M&P Shield 9 w/ Apex Carry Trigger Kit

- Haley Strategic Partners INCOG IWB Holster

- S&W M&P Shield 9 8rd Magazine

- Car and house keys

- Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer

- Leathermen Juice S2, Storm Gray

- 2 x CR123 Batteries

- Olight T20 Tactical 380 Lumen Flashlight

- HTC One

- Alpine Swiss Mens Slim Leather Wallet

- Spyderco Sage 2 Titanium

- Marlboro #27

- Bic Lighter

- 5.11 1.5" Casual Leather Belt w/ Concealed Handcuff Key w/ Paracord Pull Tab

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What guns do you have?

11 complete AR builds. Ranging from Recce builds, Clones, my competition gun, and a few “thumper” builds.(.458 SOCOM, .50 Beowulf, etc) Also a DDM4 & SR-15.

AKs & other “slav” guns, an Arsenal SLR-104, AES-10B, WASR-10, M92 pistol, Chicom SKS & a 91/30 

HKs: HK45C, USP 9 & 45, and have a P30L on the way.

Glocks: Gen 2 21 & Gen 3 20

CZs: P07 & P09

Sigs: P226 & P227 carry

Springfield: MilSpec & Range Officer 1911s

Remington: Remington 700P “standard”, R1 & 3 870s.

Smith & Wesson: S&W 500PC, S&W 686p, M&P 9, M&P 40 & M&P 45

Magnum Research: Mark XIX Desert Eagle .50AE & Magnum Research BFR .460 S&W

Others: Marlin Guide Gun .45-70, H&R Pardner Pump, FN FNX45 & Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter.

That’s off the top of my head, I’m sure that I’m missing a few.