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Unexpected Dinner Guests

Ship: Tom Holland x Fem!Reader

Words: 2400+

Warnings: none I don’t think

Notes: thanks for the 30+ news followers from the weekend!


You were walking, well rushing down the dirty streets of New York. It was early Monday morning and you just needed to get to work to attend a business meeting you had. It was to do with your wages and stability in the job. Rumours had it that you would be promoted so you couldn’t be late. You worked as a receptionist in a high class hotel. Work by at least 70 hours a week. That was 10 hours a day. Minimum wage. You had moved from London to New York when you and Tom broke up. Since then, you haven’t spoken to him. You’d always wanted to work and live in New York. It was your dream and passion. One year university course in hotel management and cleaning and you were on your way.

Again, back to the meeting. You were rushing up the stairs of the building, about to enter the turning doors when you locked eyes with someone you knew.

“(Y-Y/N)? Is that you? God I haven’t seen you in so long.” The male spoke.

“Dom? Yeah it’s been years.” You awkwardly laugh as he hugs you which you return.

“At least three. How has every been? Do you work here?” You nod. “Good for you following your dreams and everything. I’m so proud of you.” He says and pinches your cheek.

“Yeah I’d love to stay and chat. But I have a meeting in like, two minutes which I can’t be late for. Do you think we could-”

“Come for dinner tonight. Nikki’s cooking a stew or something. It would be great to catch up. I’m sure the others would like to catch up. Mhmm. Except Tom. Oh well. Seeing you had no relatives in New York, and you didn’t have to cook last nights left overs or heat up a microwave meal, you took the offer and said,

“Sounds good. Text me your address and I’ll pop by.” You smile.

“You still got your your London number?” Don raised an eyebrow. You open your bag and pull out a business card. “After my meeting, I’m working for another five hours. Call me at any time.” You smile briefly and wave. “I really have to go Dom. But I’m looking forward to tonight. Thank you.”

“No worries dear.” He waves back and you rush up to your meeting which you just made it to.


After you meeting, you sat behind the desk waiting for Dom’s call.

“Hang on. So your ex-boyfriends Dad and family are in town, and they invited you over for dinner?” You friend and co-worker asked polishing her nails behind the desk.

“Yeah, I bumped into him this morning.” You say pealing off a sticky note as the phone rings.

“Good Morning, Crowns Towers Hotel, (Y/N) speaking, how can I help you?” You politely ask as you pick up the phone.

“Yeah hi. I would like to book a reservation for two.”

“Of course when would you like to book it?”

“Uhm, I was hoping tonight and tomorrow night.”

“Of course. We can fit you in.” You smile. “Queen or deluxe?”


“And what name would you like the reservation booked under?”

“Holland. Tom Holland.” You bite your tongue as he spoke his name.

“Of course Mr Holland. Your check in is at 5:00pm tonight, you are more than welcome to join us at our complementary buffet tomorrow morning.”

“WiIl you be there?” He said with a flirtatious tone.

“No Mr Holland. Staff are not allowed to join guests at breakfast.” You say looking at your friend as she slaps your arm. “I’m going to search up who he is.” She mouthed looking at the information on the screen.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you tonight then.”

“I guess you will.” You smile and he hangs up.

“Holy shit. Hang on. So the guy you bumped into this morning, is his dad, and he has no idea that his ex-girlfriend was just talking to him on the phone and is now going out for dinner with his family-” you went to but in “and a booking for two? That’s shallow. I wonder who it could be.”

“I don’t want to know.” You say. “Thankfully you’re working tonight, instead of me. So you can tell me which prune he walks in here with.” You gulp as the words leave your mouth.

“Ooo your jealous ex- girlfriend vibe is pulling through.”

“Just shut up and do your work.” You mutter rolling your eyes.


“So, who’s how guest tonight?” Sam asked putting extra cutlery on the table in the apartment complex they were rent as Tom did some work in New York.

“Yeah Dad. Tell us.” Harry asked pulling the chilled water from the fridge.

“Uhm, you may or may not remember her. Her names (Y/N) (L/N).”

“Wait, Tom’s ex from like, three years ago?”

“Yeah.” Dom said to the twins as the door bell rang.

You stood at the front and rang the door bell. You were holding a warm pumpkin pie freshly baked from a client they gave to you, in your hands and your bag.

“(Y/N). Come in. It’s great to see you again.” Dom smiled opening the door.

“Uhh thanks Dom.” You smile walking in. “I brought pie.”

“You didn’t have too.” He said as you follow him into the kitchen to meet up with Sam, Harry and Nikki.

“Oh dear. It’s so nice to see you again!” Nikki exclaimed way to excitedly that her sons ex-girlfriend was here. “It’s been so long. We must catch up.” You and Nikki bonded a lot over the years you dated Tom. She referred to you as the daughter she never had. Whilst completing university in London, she always made sure to catch up with you every now and again for coffe. Just to check up on you. You would send her the occasional card to let her know.

“(Y/N)!” Sam said excitedly hugging you.

“Goodness me. Haven’t you boys grown up?” You gleamed hugging the pubescent boy. “You’re no longer blonde.” Nikki had shown you a photo of his blonde hair from a year ago.

“Yeah. Changed it back.” Harry was next to greet you.

“How is everything? How’s work been? Dad told us you had a meeting.”

“Yeah, hence the pie. I got promoted.”

“That’s fantastic dear!” Nikki smiled clapping her hands. “We must toast.” She said leaving the room to get a bottle of wine. Paddy came strolling whilst playing with a game on his phone.

“Hey (Y/N). What’s up?” He asked and you guys did your hand shake you still remember. He always found it did when he was younger that you would hug everyone and he wanted to be different. So a handshake became your thing. It wasn’t every complicated. Nikki came back in with the popped wine bottle and poured a drink for herself, Don and you.

“Ahem. I want to toast too!”

“Yeah.” The twins complained.

“I thought you guys didn’t like white wine.” Nikki chuckled in her mother’s voice and they sat down at the table.

“Here let me help Nikki.”

“Oh no. Don’t worry.” She said. “It’s almost finished. I just have to toss the salad.” She said and placed her stew on the table along with the salad, bread rolls, mashed potato, and condiments. You sat down and noticed the empty chair across from you. Did the family do that intentionally?

“I’m home family. Sorry I’m late. Mhmm smells good. Is that pumpkin- (Y/N). Wow. Hi. What a surprise. What are you doing here?” Tom asked as he entered the room. He didn’t seem annoyed that you were there.

“Oh um. Dom invited me over.” You tell him as you stand up and fold your napkin.

“Don’t go.” Tom smiled.

“I uh, was going to uhm…” you trailed off. Hand shake, hug, maybe that’s in appropriate. You sat back down and Paddy passed you the salad and bread rolls and you took some.

“(Y/N) was just telling us that she got promoted.” Nikki smiled.

“Really? Congratulations!”

“Thanks. Yeah, it’s not that much of a big deal though. I just get to control a bit more of the hotel I work for.” Here we go. Drop the awkwardness. It’s coming. “I work for Crown Towers Hotel.”

“No way. I hear that’s a great place.” Tom choked on his food.

“Yeah. It’s a pretty good company to work for.” You tell him as you sip on his wine. “Benefits are amazing. I get a week off at Christmas, and some public holidays off. I also get to travel to the other hotels and improve on their staff and work etiquette.” Tom just nodded. Try and mention the phone call. Paddy spoke about his homework he had to do, and hated it because it was taking up his holiday time. Harry spent most the day exploring New York, the M&M factory, Dylan’s Candy Bar and a couple of historical monuments. Sam spent the day with Tom but came home early. Dom was trying to explain to me why he was in the hotel. He had a comedy show there coming up and wanted to check out the venue. I could barely hear over the noise of the twins. Tom though, barely spoke. Nikki began to gather up the empty plates.

“Here, let me help.” Tom said to his mother taking his and your plate. He barely looked at you all though dinner.

“Can I get you another wine?” Dom asked.

“Oh no. I have to drive home. I really shouldn’t.”

“I’ll drive you home. Don’t worry.” Tom butted into the conversation with a reassuring smile. God he was so confident. You didn’t really miss him too much though, you had blocked all feelings heading towards his direction. It took some time but you healed okay.

“A-are you sure? I don’t want to burden you.” You tell him.

“It’s fine. I’m heading into town anyways.” Ha! Go on. Mention the reservation. “I’ve got an early meeting.” He said eying you. You nod.

“That’s very kind of you Tom. Thank you.” You smile and Dom passing you another glass of wine. You sat back down at the table with Dom, Tom and Sam.

“So, how are your parents?”

“They’re good. They haven’t changed much. Still in the same jobs. I’m actually going to head back there during Christmas and then they’re coming here for a week.” You tell him as Nikki served the pumpkin pie. You use your fork to cut into it and take a mouthful. Sam was telling a story about what happened on the set today, and Tom wasn’t really listening. You could tell. Maybe h felt awkward with you being here. Had you overstayed your welcome? But Nikki just served dessert.

“Remind me again why you guys broke up.” Sam asked curiously sipping on his drink. That was question was unexpected.

“Oh uhm.” You say. You had suddenly lost your appetite and played with the slice of pie with your fork. “Differences.”

“Mhmm sure.” Sam rolled his eyes. Don’t get angry. You sigh. Tom opened it mouth to speak.

“We were both so busy with our own lives that we didn’t have enough time for each other. I was moving to film Spider-Man anyways. I couldn’t let (Y/N) be back in London alone.” You felt sick in the stomach. Well, even though you weren’t dating Tom, you could still feel butterflies and old wounds.

“So why didn’t you go with Tom?” Why has this become a therapy session.

“I just didn’t want to. I wanted to focus on my school work.” You gulp and finish off your wine. “If you don’t mind, it’s getting late and I should go. I have work early in the morning. Thank you again for dinner.” You say standing up to hug Nikki.

“Ouch! What was that for?” Sam asked Tom rubbing the back of his head. He must have hit him across the back of his head when I wasn’t looking. Tom grabbed his keys.

“A-are you sure?”

“Of course. It’s raining anyways.” Tom smiled and opened the door for you. You both left and made it to your car. The first five minutes of the ride were dead silent. You could cut the tension with a knife.

“Uhm, please thank your parents again for dinner. It was lovely seeing them again.” You say awkwardly.

“Yeah no worries.” Tom says and stops at the red light. “You uhm, you look beautiful by the way.” He compliments you.

“Thanks Tom.” You say looking at the traffic in front of you.

“I mean it (Y/N). You got your ear pierced. They suit you.” He smiles.

“I-I got them when I moved here.” You tell him. It was your sort of rebellious move, getting your ear pierced.

“They suit you. And I like your hair long like that. No that it really matters, but it’s nice.” He tells you and you turn to face him.

“Do you uhm, do you regret it?”


“Do you regret it. Dating me?”

“I regret breaking up with you that’s for sure.” Tom mumbled honestly. You nod. “Do you wanna get a drink some time? Or a bite to eat?”

“I’d like that.”

“What about now? I have a hotel room we can stay in. We can order room service and eat from the bar fridge. I hear it’s a pretty good hotel.”

“Ah, so you booked it thinking that you would get laid tonight.” You chucked tapping your tending with your index finger. “I’m not stupid Thomas.”

“Come on. No sex. That’s off the table. Let’s just keep talking.” Tom said. “Like old times. Remember the day I ended things, and we discuss where we’d think we would be in three years time. Well it’s been three years…” Tom trailed off. You sigh.

“It’s getting late.”

“Oh I uhm, I understand.”

“Sorry Tom. It was uhm, it was nice whilst it lasted.” You say as you stop outside your apartment complex. “Just drive my car to the hotel parking. I’ll pick it up tomorrow.” You say to him. He nods. His curls bounced on his head. You noticed his crooked nose. You still follow him on Instagram and get excited everything he posts something, everything he likes your photos. “I’ll still take you up for that drink on another night if you want.” He nods as you reach for the door.

“Hey (Y/N).” Tom whispers.

“Yeah?” You turn around smiling. He leans in and kisses you. You hand makes it way to his cheek as you kiss him back. You place one last peck on his lips and pull away smiling. “I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” You say and hop out of the car leaving him stunned.

Sugar High

Requested by @omegaliciousss

Feauturing:  Kenny Omega, Nick Jackson, and Matt Jackson

Category:  Fluff

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“Why are you naked?” and “Are you high?”

You stopped short as you entered your apartment, quite unsure if it was a hallucination or you were actually seeing Kenny Omega, Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson naked in your living room.  You weren’t quite ashamed to admit you took a nice long look at the men before drawing attention to yourself.  What could you say, you had three gorgeous naked men in your home, you deserved at least a look. 

“Excuse me boys?”  You said turning your back to give them some semblance of privacy.  “Why are you naked?” Of course they didn’t seem to want any privacy the three of them rushing to you and gathering you in a group hug, smack dab in the middle of all three of them.  

“Y/N!”  They cheered. “You’re home!”  You stood slack jawed trying to figure out how to get out from the three of them who seemed to have no intentions of freeing you anytime soon. You made sure not to move a muscle not wanting to inadvertently touch something.  You may be able to enjoy the views, but you had no interest in anything further than that with any of these guys.  

“Seriously guys, calm the fuck down and tell me what is going on in my home,” You said sharply.  “Are you high?”

“Noooooo,” Nick responded exaggerating his words.  “We’re good Christian boys, we don’t get high.”  He said as if that explained everything.

“Good Christian boys Y/N, don’t sully our reputations,” Matt said seriously staring into your eyes as he was right in front of you.  You had to break the look as he seemed intent on having a staring contest with you, which you were not the least bit comfortable doing with him standing nude in front of you.  At least it got you free from one of them as he broke from the hug and ran around your living room screaming in celebration.  You would be lucky if none of your neighbors called the cops.

“Okay, so if you are doing this completely sober I think I need to seriously reevaluate our friendship,” You joked stepping out of the embrace Nick and Kenny still had you in.  

“Aww, don’t do that Y/N,” Kenny said falling to his knees in front of you and burying his head in your stomach.  “You know we love you,” His voice was muffled against your shirt, but you understood the gist of it.  

“I promise, we’re not high,” Nick said throwing himself on your couch.  You made a mental note to get it cleaned. Hell, to have the whole apartment cleaned once they left.  “We were at the M&M Factory and there were free samples everywhere.”  He said seriously.  “And it was attached to the Coke factory.”  

“That explains a lot.”  You said with a sigh trying once again to detangle yourself from Kenny.   “And the nakedness?” You asked before deciding you really didn’t want to know. “Never mind.  I don’t even care.  I’m going in my room and you three are going to stay away from me.  Go back to whatever it was you were doing before I came home and leave me out of your schemes.”  

I’ve never played Rune Factory, but I like those kinds of games and would really like to play it. I just can’t get that into these Harvest Moon-likes anymore since I’m forced into being straight. Sooo, having never even TRIED rom editing before, I’m taking a crack at Rune Factory 4 and making a gay mod. The picture above is my first step, I changed out the character model for the male character with the female one.

Next come the portraits. And the voices. And the text, oh god, the mountains of text to pour over.

Speaking of, if anyone out there is intensely familiar with the script of RF4 and would like to help me pinpoint any terminology/conversations that needs to be changed, I would love you forever. Like I said, I’ve never even played the game (other than to get the screenshot above!).

Story time:

While in Vegas, I was getting M&M’s from the M&M Factory because my mom loves them. I paid with cash, was given change and went on my merry way. It wasn’t until now where I’m looking at my change again that I realized one of the dollar bills, somebody out there wrote along the edges of the bill “I sucked dick for this. Stay in school.” And now I can’t decide whether or to not try and spend this bill and pass it along like the Paddington Bear of dollar bills or keep it as proof that this bill exists.


The series is as follows :

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The next morning really should have been awkward. It should have been quiet and stunted and embarrassing and downright pathetic.

Instead, Scully kneed Mulder in the balls.

Totally on accident of course, but it happened.

In a half-dream, Scully was chasing some bad guy who looked an awful lot like Pat Sajak when Alex Trebek took her on from the side. Sajak got away but Scully had the wherewithal to grab Trebek by the shoulders once she scrambled up and place patella against testicle in a decidedly forceful manner.

Mulder curled immediately, having been woken from some pleasant dream about working in the M&M factory. “What the fuck?!?”

Scully was awake instantaneously, knowing Mulder’s swearing anywhere, “oh, my God … shit … oh, my God, I’m sorry!” Sitting back on her heels, hand over her mouth, she watched Mulder rock back and forth, hands cupping himself, agony etched on his face. Once he slowed his groaning, she tentatively reached forward, touching his arm, “do you want me to go see if we have any ice? Maybe I can get you one of the pudding cups? It’ll be cold at least.”

Opening one eye in her direction, “I am not putting a pudding cup on my balls.”

All she could give him was a tight-lipped smile, eyebrows scrunched in sympathy, “I didn’t mean the actual pudding. I meant just while it’s in the cup.”

He cut her off, “yes, I realize you didn’t mean spreading chocolate pudding all over my parts.” Opening the other eye finally, he stopped looking like he was dying, “why the hell did you knee me? What kind of dream were you having?”

For all she’d done to him, it was the idea of telling him her dream that had her going red, “um, well, I, uh, I probably shouldn’t have watched ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and ‘Jeopardy’ while waiting for lab results last night. In the dream, I was chasing Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek blindsided me but I took Trebek down by,” indicating Mulder’s groin, “well, you were on the receiving end of my solution to that one.”

With the pain subsiding, he removed his hands, pulling himself upright, cast now hanging off the edge of the bed, “no more game shows for you, young lady.”

Scully put her hand on his knee, squeezing it lightly then patting it, “you have no idea how sorry I am.”

Crooking his finger in her direction so she’d lean forward, he kissed her, “it’s fine. I wasn’t going to be using them in the next few days anyway.”

“Are they that bad?”

Mulder reached for his crutches, twisting then grimacing, “you did a number on ‘em. I’ll be walking funny for a little while so no making jokes at my expense.”

“I would never.” Watching him swing his way to the bathroom, “if I make breakfast, can we call it even?”

The look he shot her over his shoulder made her grin.


Another gorgeous day presented itself to them and taking advantage of it, Scully first dragged down two chairs, then Mulder, helping him as far as he could go before she told him to wait. Setting up the chairs at the edge of the waves, she held Mulder as she undid his boot, then carefully helped him lower his foot into the sand, cold waves lapping at his toes.

He dropping his head back against the chair, looking up at her, “this feels so good, you have no idea.”

“I thought it might.” Sitting down next to him, “figured you might want to be able to say you were in two oceans as well.”

“Three, Scully. Three oceans.”

“I’m not having that conversation again.” Wiggling her own toes in the water, “I wish it was warm enough and you could swim.”

Reaching over, he found her hand, wrapping it securely in his, “this is perfect. Thank you.”

They were quiet for a few minutes, roasting in the midday sun before, “I hate to bring it up but we should probably start thinking about when we want to head home.”

“How does never sound? We could just stay here. We’re only 5-6 hours away from Maggie and the guys and the rest of your family. I can make it up to my mother in a day if I push it. I say we plunk it down and buy some electric blankets for the winter.”

Mirthless chuckle abounding, “I’m serious, Mulder. We’ve been gone, what, almost … six weeks? We might be still employed if we beg Skinner.”

“Maybe we should quit. I can write books and be a P.I. and you can be one, too or you can be the resident genius body cutter-upper and cruise the coast in search of the sharpest scalpel and the weirdest death.” One look at her raised eyebrow made him smile, “yeah, I know. We’d need a house first.”

This time, her chuckle was real, “maybe we just keep renting this place. It’s a good size for us. Needs a few things but I think we could do it.”

Mulder eyed her, half-distracted by her tousled-hair, tanned, relaxed demeanor of one who should never have to do anything but sit on a beach all day and be naked all night, “You like this place that much?”

“Are you kidding? I love it. We’re hidden but still in town. It’s small but there’s enough room for you to get away from me when you’re annoying. What’s not to love?”

Contemplating for a moment or three, “how’s this? I’ll call up and book this place again for maybe … September? The water will be warm by then and my leg will be better and we can just surf the day away and swim and make love in the sand and christen the house like it should be.” Her mischievous expression and smirking cheeks made him laugh outright, his shoulders shaking, “too far away?”

Fake thinking for a few moments, “Much, much too far away. I was thinking a nice weekend in July.”

“I’ll call when we get back inside.”

“So, back to the original question. When should we head home?”

“Well, tomorrow’s Sunday and if we leave early enough maybe we can make it for Sunday dinner. Maggie would be happy.”

Dropping her head against the back of her chair, “I don’t want to leave, Mulder.”

As he reached across for her hand and squeezed it, “I don’t either.”


The rains moved in early evening, confining them to the house, which was fine for both. It gave them more time to lay in the shadowed bedroom, rain pounding on the windows, lightning flashing above while Mulder cuddled up behind her on the bed. Talking softly into her neck, “can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

“Are you nervous about us?”

“Nervous? You mean ‘cause we’re going to have wild, crazy sex in the near future and continue to have wild, crazy sex for as long as we both walk this Earth?”

Amused by her description, “well, yeah.”

She stopped to think while she figure-8’ed the knuckles of his hand on her belly, “no, actually, not really. Are you?”

Licking the scar on her spine, he then kissed it, sucking lightly, wondering if he could give her a small hickey without her killing him, “no and it’s a little unnerving. You’d think we’d be all worried about how we’ll work together after we get back and have finally seen each other sweaty and naked. I mean, by all rights and purposes, you should have freaked out at least once by now and I should have done something completely asinine to warrant an angry fight ending in slammed doors and a shiton of angst.”

“That was a really detailed answer, Mulder.”

Laughing into her skin, “maybe once we actually have the sex, we’ll have the meltdown but right now, I think that we’ll have the sex and it will be earth-movingly astonishing, then we’ll have some kind of breakfast and take showers and go to work and I’ll leer at you like always and you’ll sneak looks at my ass when I lean over the filing cabinet and then we’ll talk to Skinner and fill out paperwork then go back and have more of the sex.”

“I like how you call it ‘the sex’.”

Using his nose to push the strap of her tanktop over a little, he kissed her shoulder blade, “what do you think will happen?”

Lulled by his diatribe, she felt comfortable enough to yawn before answering, “well, I’m still going to argue with you, I’m still going to be my skeptical self, I’m still going to throw things at your head when you irritate me, I’m still going to demand to drive sometimes and I will most definitely be calling you names when necessary.”

As she said this, she snuggled back a little more, molded to him as he smiled, “how in the world have I kept my hands off you all these years?”

Slipping into a well-deserved nap, she shrugged, bumping his chin, “my accuracy with any type of firing weapon.”

“Yes. Now I remember.”