See this lady? Her name’s Maude Adams. You probably haven’t heard of her before, but here are some reasons to make you wish that you had:

  • She was the first American Peter Pan, and her performance of the role on Broadway is what sealed her success. You remember the Peter Pan collar? Well, we get that collar from her 1905 Pan costume, which she helped to co-design
  • Her performance as Peter Pan was so great that of it Mark Twain wrote her that “It is my belief that Peter Pan is a great and refining and uplifting benefaction to this sordid and money mad age; and that the next best play on the boards is a long way behind it as long as you play Peter.” She starred in over 1,500 performances of the role
  • J. M. Barrie appreciated her a lot. She starred in a good number of his plays besides Peter Pan. One of which, The Little Minister, Barrie had initially resisted adapting from his novel because he thought there was no actress who could play Lady Babbie. Until guess what? He saw a performance of Adams’s and loved it so much that he immediately cast her in the role, and in adaptation several of the scenes were changed to give her more stage-time because she was that cool
  • Her charming personality and great acting skills appealed to a large audience of people, so much so that she became the most successful and highest-paid performer of her day, at one point earning a yearly income of a million dollars
  • She was a lesbian. She had multiple romantic relationships with women, including poet and writer Mercedes de Acosta and actress Alla Nazimova. She and her secretary/“lifelong love” Louise Boynton are even buried beside each other
  • After she retired from theatre, she continued to do cool stuff. In the 1920s she worked with General Electric to develop improved and more powerful stage lighting and also with the Eastman Company to develop color photography. She wanted to star in a color film version of Peter Pan
  • She was very reclusive (probably due to the need to keep her sexuality hidden from the general public) but she was also incredibly kind. She would sometimes supplement the salaries of fellow performers out of her own pay, and one time while touring a theater owner doubled the price of tickets because he knew Adams’ reputation would give him a sold-out house. When she found out about this, Adams made the owner refund the difference before she appeared on the stage that night.
  • Long story short she was an amazingly talented and wonderful lady and we need to appreciate her more often

Severity of PTSD Could Be Predicted by Specific Gene

A gene linked in previous research, appears to predict more severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms as well as a thinner cortex in regions of the brain critical for regulating strong emotions and coping with stressful experiences. This study is believed to be the first to show that the spindle and kinetochore-associated complex subunit 2 (SKA2) gene may play a role in the development of PTSD.

The research is in Molecular Psychiatry. (full access paywall)

Research: “SKA2 methylation is associated with decreased prefrontal cortical thickness and greater PTSD severity among trauma-exposed veterans” by N Sadeh, J M Spielberg, M W Logue, E J Wolf, A K Smith, J Lusk, J P Hayes, E Sperbeck, W P Milberg, R E McGlinchey, D H Salat, W C Carter, A Stone, S A Schichman, D E Humphries and M W Miller in Molecular Psychiatry doi:10.1038/mp.2015.134

Image: According to the researchers the implications of this study are significant since it is difficult to predict who will develop PTSD following traumatic events. Image is for illustrative purposes only.



You either love or hate Woody Allen movies (or the man himself for that matter), but I personally can’t get enough of his genius filmmaking and musical taste. Being a musician himself, his movies are always scored in a way that really bring his characters and locations to life. Swing In The Films of Woody Allen is a compilation of some favourite jazz tunes featured in Midnight in Paris all the way back to Stardust Memories. If you can find it in vinyl, as I did in London this past year, it sounds even better.

Also pictured: Aquila shoes, M.J. Bale bow-tie.

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Fun fact: “A redeemer” is an anagram of Meera Reed.

Yes, and an anagram of Theon Greyjoy is “enjoy the orgy”.

also Daenerys Targaryen = “arrange a dysentery”


So, I feel like this issue has been glossed over and generally ignored by any sort of mainstream media so far. Not enough people are aware of the fact that in the upcoming adaption of the classic children’s fairytale Peter Pan, Pan, Tiger Lily, a Native American princess, is being portrayed by the white actress Rooney Mara, who is of French-Canadian, Italian, German and Irish ethnicity. 

Not only will this constitute for A TON of cultural appropriation throughout the film, but it’s also blatant white-washing. Hollywood is infamous for casting white actors and actresses as POC (e.g. Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra), but in the 2003 rendition Peter Pan, Tiger Lily was portrayed by Carsen Gray, a descendant of the Haida band government (an indigenous nation in America). Even in Disney’s 1953 version, Tiger Lily had dark skin.  J.M. Barrie wrote Tiger Lily to be Native American, and when you erase her ethnicity like this you erase one of the fundamental concepts of this story. This is so disgusting, and the cast and crew of Pan have tried to cover their tracks by creating a last-minute backstory for Tiger Lily, stating that “…Tiger Lily came to Neverland from England before Peter did, and was adopted by the Chief,”  (the Chief is portrayed by Australian Aboriginal actor Jack Charles) and honestly it is the biggest excuse to cast a (pretty much) all-white cast I have ever heard. They try to claim that their main objective when casting Mara was to create a “…a strong female role-model character at play in this story of Peter Pan.” Not to mention how it basically ignores how crucial representation is, which is especially damaging in a story universally loved by coloured and white kids alike. Warner Bros has put out a pretty bullshit statement that says, “The world being created is multi-racial/international – and a very different character than previously imagined.” Um… what?

If you want to take a stand against Hollywood’s consistent white-washing of POC roles, sign this petition, spread the word and DO NOT see/support the film, Pan. 

Genetic Mechanism Could Delay Alzheimer’s Onset by Ten Years

Medical research has yet to discover an Alzheimer’s treatment that effectively slows the disease’s progression, but neuroscientists at UC Santa Barbara may have uncovered a mechanism by which onset can be delayed by as much as 10 years.

The research is in Molecular Psychiatry. (full open access)

Research: “Whole-genome sequencing suggests a chemokine gene cluster that modifies age at onset in familial Alzheimer’s disease” by M A Lalli, B M Bettcher, M L Arcila, G Garcia, C Guzman, L Madrigal, L Ramirez, J Acosta-Uribe, A Baena, K J Wojta, G Coppola, R Fitch, M D de Both, M J Huentelman, E M Reiman, M E Brunkow, G Glusman, J C Roach, A W Kao, F Lopera and K S Kosik in Molecular Psychiatry doi:10.1038/mp.2015.131

Image: The results showed that people in the UCSF study with the same variant had eotaxin levels that did not rise with age. They also experienced a modest but definite delay in the onset of Alzheimer’s. Image is for illustrative purposes only.

[ j o n a h ] hold onto me

             Jack settled against Jonah’s doorframe, the dated wood pressing into his back as he stretched his legs out in front of him. The alpha had said he would wait and he meant it. Through rain or shine he wasn’t going anywhere. Eventually Jonah would have to give up being stubborn and let him in. It didn’t matter how long it took them to get there, his only priority was his mate, and he Jack had plenty of time. [ tvmmykisses ]

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Regrettez-vous ce que vous avez écrit ?
Si je vous disais oui, vous penseriez que c’est pour sauver ma peau et vous me mépriseriez. Je n’ai rien à regretter des intentions qui m’ont fait agir. J’ai pu me tromper, comme tout homme, sur les faits ou sur les personnes, mais je me dis qu’il y a, à l’heure qu’il est, des jeunes gens et des jeunes filles qui pensent avec amitié à ce que j’ai écrit, même s’ils ne sont pas d’accord avec moi sur la politique. Je pense qu’il y en a sur le front en Lorraine, qui ont été déjà sur le front tunisien ou italien, qui portent dans l’armée Leclerc l’uniforme français et qui savent que je n’ai jamais voulu leur apprendre autre chose que l’amour de la vie, le courage devant la vie, que j’ai voulu économiser leur sang, et cela me suffit pour ne rien regretter de ce qui a été moi-même.

Robert Brasillach, Les raisons d’un engagement, 1945.

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Tous les désirs sont contradictoires comme celui de la nourriture. Je voudrais que celui que j'aime m'aime. Mais s'il m'est totalement dévoué, il n'existe plus, et je cesse de l'aimer. Et tant qu'il ne m'est pas totalement dévoué, il ne m'aime pas assez. Faim et rassasiement.

Le désir est mauvais et mensonger, mais pourtant sans le désir on ne rechercherait pas le véritable absolu, le véritable illimité. Il faut être passé par là. Malheur des êtres à qui la fatigue ôte cette énergie supplémentaire qui est la source du désir. Malheur aussi de ceux que le désir aveugle. Il faut accrocher son désir à l'axe des pôles.

All our desires are contradictory, like the desire for food. I want the person I love to love me. If, however, he is totally devoted to me, he does not exist any longer, and I cease to love him. And as long as he is not totally devoted to me he does not love me enough. Hunger and repletion.

Desire is evil and illusory, yet without desire we should not seek for that which is truly absolute, truly boundless. We have to have experienced it. Misery of those beings from whom fatigue takes away that supplementary energy which is the source of desire.

Misery also of those who are blinded by desire.
We have to fix our desire to the axis of the poles.

Weil | La Pensanteur et la Grace


Everything in my life has been falling apart the last few weeks. It’s a total shitstorm and I honestly don’t know how I’m going to get through it. But the month before that? That was the happiest I’ve ever been. Happiest, most confident, most alive. So thank you for that. Thank you so much for the best time of my life, and thank you for still being here for me while everything is falling apart. You’re helping me more than you could ever know.