there’s a guy across the aisle from me on the train and he’s on the phone and he’s gushing about his boyfriend and how he wants whoever he’s talking to to meet him and how they all want to go to universal and disney together and I’m?? never before have I seen such pure happiness on public transport? blessed.

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Hm, for a prompt, how about Lardo coming out as some kind of queer to the team?

They’re joking.

Lardo thinks they’re joking. She hopes they are, because if Ransom and Holster are being serious right now, Lardo’s gonna have to address the fact that her best friends are morons. Sure, Lardo’s never explicitly stated her sexuality; she’s not really sure what it is herself, other than not straight. She thought that much was obvious.  And now Camilla’s looking at her like she’s not sure what’s going on, and Lardo had been so cool earlier and managed to bring her hot date back to her place and these guys are going to ruin it for her.

“See?” Holster is saying, waving his hand dramatically at the girls. “Chicks cuddle on the couch all the time bro, and they’ve got the closest friendships.”

Lardo winces a little at the word ‘friendship’ and Camilla just shakes her head, hiding a smile. Thank God she already knows the guys through Jack, or she might start to think Lardo has bad taste in friends.

“What more do you want from me, man?” Ransom asks, hands thrown up in desperation. “We’ve already started taking communal naps.”

Throughout this, Lardo and Camilla sit stock still on the couch, hoping if they don’t move, neither of the guys will notice Lardo’s unbuttoned shirt, Camilla’s hiked-up skirt. The haus was supposed to be empty, damnit.

“I’m just saying, if we wanna win the championship this year, we gotta up our d-man chemistry. Lardo and Cams are already hella tight. What’s your secret, Lards?”

Lardo looks at Camilla, asking a silent question. Camilla shrugs and nods.

“We’re dating,” Lardo answers simply. It feels good to say.

Holster’s face does a complicated series of expressions and Ransom looks like he’s trying not to react but failing pretty hard at it.

“Oh no. Oh man, are we totally cockblocking you right now?” Holster asks, moving towards his bag in small backwards steps.

“Box-blocking, dude,” Ransom corrects, tossing his own backpack over his shoulder. “We’ll be in the library for an hour… studying and stuff.”

“Make it two,” Lardo shouts to their hastily retreating backs.


As I type this from the floor, as I have just passed out…thank you to my incredible, powerful, radiant First Lady. I hope to make you very proud🙏🏽😊