As of right now (1:45AM KST), there is no word on the state of the music video for 붙잠았어야 해. However, there has been a music video filmed as reports by various news outlets (Naver, Soompi, etc.). It is likely that, due to a change in chart ranking rules, the music video will be released today at noon KST. As there as updates, we will continue to post information.

Edit: The new ranking rules only count music videos uploaded(?) between noon and 6PM KST. This does not technically go into effect until February 27, but Fantagio may have chosen to take action upon it now.

Rehab, Day 11, Feb. 14, 2017

First time in physical therapy to stand on her own, without the use of a walker, following knee surgery

whatever you do don’t think about a prisoner swap between skikru and azgeda where bellamy is walking back to clarke across no man’s land and as he gets closer he sees tears in clarke’s eyes 

don’t think about clarke running those last few feet because she can’t wait any longer

don’t think about bellamy already having his arms open for her, enveloping her in a hug to rival 2x05

don’t think about clarke breaking down completely and bellamy pulling her back to check on her

don’t think about clarke forcing “i thought i lost you” through her tears

don’t do it

anonymous asked:

Hi, Mama Octopus! What's your name?

Hi~ My name is Juliette, is nice to meet you all… I’m aware that all you, ‘anon’ fishes right?, have been with my son, and I’m grateful for that.

And for Allistor, don’t mind him…it really isn’t a… nice view… but Arthur is with him right now

((See dead merpeople 8/10))