México, te han golpeado los huracanes más fuertes de la historia, te han golpeado terremotos terribles en los últimos días, te han gobernado incompetentes que solo se han dedicado a saquearte, y a pesar de todo, siempre encuentras la manera de seguir de pie... fuerza México, una más no te va a detener!

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The Brigada de Rescate Topos Tlatelolco (known as ‘Los Topos’) are by FAR the most reliable organization to donate to. They’re an experienced non-profit volunteer group born out of the 1985 earthquake, saving hundreds of lives back then and right now! Their website is probably slow due to traffic, so PayPal is a direct lifeline to them. I can assure you this is an elite team that’s gonna get 100% of the money you sent to them and put it to good use.

Si eres o vives en México, también puedes donar a su cuenta bancaria:
Santander 92000709294 CLABE 014180920007092942 

September 19th 1985

In that morning (around 7:10 am) a 8.1 richter earthquake shook the country, and practically wrecked Mexico City, killing around 3 692 (a non-official number). After this plenty of security mesures were implanted in the country, from a different way to build the base of big buildings to a way to evacute them.

September 2017

The 7th of this month in Oaxaca there was an earthquake placed as 8.2 in richter’s scale, the strongest earthquake ever known in my countries history, plenty of people died and lost their homes.

And only after this we’ve had around 7 000 earthquakes of which only 3 were strong, two of them happened today, one in Puebla (center, 7.1 richter) and the other in the south

(6.4 richter) that hapoened simultaniously. The body count is up to 42 people at the moment.

All I’m asking is for you to keep México in your hearts, we need it.

Edit(09/20): People commented me that:

  • In 1985 the body count was over 10 000. (@just-my-closet)
  • The places that were affected in the last few earthquakes were Chiapas and Oaxaca. (@iridiscent-me)
  • That yesterday’s body count keeps rising and right now is up to 248. (@shogoki17)

If I’m missing something please tell me, thanks.


“La patria no son las banderas ni los himnos, ni los discursos apodícticos sobre los héroes emblemáticos, sino un puñado de lugares y personas que pueblan nuestros recuerdos y los tiñen de melancolía, la sensación cálida de que, no importa donde estemos, existe un lugar al que podamos volver.”

- Mario Vargas Llosa (Discurso en la recepción del Premio Nobel, 2010)

Mexico needs you 🚨🚨🚨

As you know yesterday, an earthquake of magnitude 7.1 near Mexico City took down buildings and houses. Puebla, Morelos and Tlaxcala are other states that have also been affected. At least 250 people have died, 22 children were killed when their school collapsed and there are numerous injured. Today more than ever Mexico needs you, so it doesn’t matter how far you are, you can still help 🇲🇽 by donating here ⬇⬇⬇ (Info in english & spanish)

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32 years ago today, Mexico suffered its greatest tragedy in its modern history, an earthquake of 8.0 that leveled the entire city.

And today on its anniversary, two weeks after an 8.1 quake, it was struck with an earthquake of 7.1 that so far 27 buildings have fallen victim to, among them apartment buildings, offices and schools.

Please send your prayers and well wishes to the family’s and citizens of Mexico City, Puebla and every other state affected by this.

To all my fellow Mexicans in the affected areas please stay safe. My thoughts are with you and your family’s.

A todos mis queridos Mexicanos en las áreas afectadas, porfavor manténganse a salvo, mis pensamientos están con ustedes y sus familias.