Three goats, three skeles, coincidence? i think NOT

I dunno. I really love the Dreemurr family, and I really love skelefam, including Gaster, so I decided to make best friend teams. (or shippy teams I guess when it comes to soriel and kingdings lol)

Please don’t tag as kin or an au, and please don’t tag as shippy stuff for Papyrus and Asriel. Asriel’s a wee one in this. an innocent babum. go hog wild for soriel and kingdings tho, have at it.

What your Neverwinter Nights romance option says about you:

Valen Shadowbreath: You probably had an emo phase at one point. Recalling his romance you’ll listen to “Monster” by Skillet, or “Animal I Have Become” by Three Days Grace. You also can’t stop making ‘horny’ jokes. Valen Shadowbreath was the one who spurred you into your 3edgy5me “demons are misunderstood” phase.

Nathyrra: You’re probably hardcore into BDSM and would thank her for stepping on your neck with golf cleats. You were probably scratching your head and wondering why she was the straight romance option. Seriously, did none of the creators read their own subtext?

Aarin Gend: You’re the only one who remembers he exists. You scream in agony forever. Literally he and Aribeth are the only things that make the Original Campaign of NWN1 worthy of playing. And nobody fucking remembers him.

Aribeth de Tylmerande: You got into this at first for the Boob Window. Now there’s a goddamn war and she’s lost her mind. Shit, she’s dead now. You’re romancing a corpse. Where does it get worse from here. You don’t know but somehow necrophilia doesn’t seem so bad…

Casavir: You were probably attracted to Goose God or Freaky Fred at one point. How do we go back from this. Tell me how we can take this back and forget it all.

Gann: You’re probably a big fan of musicals. You’re also probably a big fan of Howl’s moving castle. You’re cultured and witty and intelligent and have good taste. But hush, enough about you. It’s all about Gann now. For ever. And Ever

Safiya: You probably have a teacher/student kink. If you didn’t already, you’ve probably thought about it since. Don’t tell me you haven’t, you grody napkin.

Elanee: What this romance option says about you is that you’re a lying liar. You’ve never intentionally romanced her, ever, and enjoyed it. Literally, who thought this was a good idea?!

Bishop: He’s part of the reason why you hate men, but yet you find yourself going back to him time and again anyways. We understand. We’re in hell too. We’re here for you.

Neeshka: You’re convinced she’s your manic pixie dream girl. You would let her steal everything you own - your shirt, your pants, your will to live– and then you find out she’s unromanceable. And you’re out about 50,000 gold pieces. She’s already on her way to Waterdeep by now. Fuck.

Sand: There is no Sand romance option. You are in denial anyhow, and with each playthrough you’re at it again, kissing his ass and kidding yourself. Today will be the day I choose Bishop or Casav– Bitch, please, it’s all over once he comes in with that “Ah, it seems I have arrived just in time to deflect the usual barrage of slander from the local innkeeper” line.

Ari’s aesthetics:

  • Lilacs and irises
  • giant “fuck off” purple fireballs
  • silver engraved daggers and swords
  • mists and fog and moonlight
    silver grey, lavender, blue and violet colors
  • flowing silks and smoky veils
  • asymmetrical haircuts
  • art nouveau styled Isaac’s greater missle storm
  • smoke from the burning flowers pierced by pale light of sunrise over the morning field
  • old dusty books and leather-bound spellsbooks

Okay but imagine M’gann calling up Amy asking her for cooking advice, because she seriously needs help and Amy’s like…dude, all my parents are great cooks you pick up some things

Needless to say, M’gann finds herself making a few simple treats with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn and doesn’t quite know how to handle it

@ridingrootless replied to your post: @neranishin Btw, you wrote “because he is…

This is good point! But to be fair, I also know a number of people in RL whose faith/spiritual practice looks a lot more like… a partnership with Various Powers, with ritualistic elements. Gann is perfectly fine /believing/ in the spirits and their power (and probably expects to be incorporated in that version of an afterlife? idk), which isn’t /worship/ but I think he sees himself as part of that cyclical structure, much as Kaelyn (or Arizan) sees a hierarchical one

Listen, I have nothing against these people and their practices, but this is completely different context. Gann does not ~believe~ in spirits, he KNOWS they exist, just like everyone else in Rasheman does. You cannot NOT believe in spirits there when a giant ass rainbow bear is storming your city. Also, Gann doesn’t interact with spirits as a part of any, sorry for pun, spiritual practice. He gets to summon meteorite showers and insta-resurrect and so on, which is really incomparable to the any benefits people can get irl. Gann is making deals for tangible powers and spells, it’s closer to contracts with the devils basically - which is why Gann instantly realizes how to get a discount from the devils in Academy and gets a job offer from them on a spot. Again, that’s what he is - a negotiator.

About seeing himself as part of a cycle - no, I don’t believe so? Mostly because he never says so and he has A LOT of opportunities to do so. You talk with him about religion a lot, and especially in a period when he denies existence of the gods - it would be a perfect time for him to give his counter-theory, right? But instead of going “no, when I die I’ll go back into cycle of life”, he’s just “your wall is bullshit and fuck your gods.” Then he comes in terms with existence of gods and the Wall, but still doesn’t change his core worldview, so I really don’t think he really ever cared about afterlife. I can see how he’d always assume he’ll become one of the spirits too, because it’s kinda logical for his job, but I don’t think he put a lot of investment or thought into that to like, really matter.

Honestly, I don’t believe that in, say, modern AU, Gann would engage in any of these spiritual practices. As I’ve said, he’s a loyalist and very quid-pro-quo survivalist - he’s gonna support whoever helped him. if spirits are not giving him ability to summon storms and earthquakes, I don’t think he’ll bother.