Living With Blue, a brand-new slice-of-life webseries about a single mother, her eccentric pre-teen daughter and gigantic childhood friend, sharing laughs and tears during their adventures in their odd lives!

this post is a complete joke, but I did have tons of fun with it. Pose originally from Yotsuba!

I gave in and jumped on the fatesona/OC ask blog trend lmao…

On this blog you can ask and RP with any of sonas made by @ronyascribbles , plus some extra, so far un-supportable OCs! More specific character info-sheets/-posts to come, but for now; Here’s a list of the characters you can interact with on this blog!

  • Vivi Dahl
  • Ennelyn Dahl
  • Kallem Dahl
  • Miyu Silverback / Takamura
  • Alfons Silverback
  • Vera Silverback
  • Mikhail Silverback


  • Blue the Faceless / Gorman “Blue” Jay [AKA Human!Blue]
  • Ronald / Viktor Dahl [Vivi’s AU twin brother]
  • Any AU version of the listed characters [Modern/Battle Royale/etc]

Happy new year!!

I’m very sorry I’ve been quite busy lately, but I had to take the time to say thank you. This quick doodle does not do any of you justice. Every single one of you, your tags, your comments, your asks, everything, have been a massive support pillar in my life thus far. 

This year has been full of ups and downs, many many stressful pitholes, all of which I have recovered from thanks to all of you. And many others, but all of you definitely played a major role in my life this year and I really, really wanted to just thank all of you.

For everything.

and now, to a brand new start.