mème français

Please elaborate further, Mob.

Also this is the last preview I’ll post cause I’ll end up spoiling too much haha (´∀`;)

Either heatstroke or Kirishima were going to end him, but he had survived countless years with Kirishima. And now he was going to survive countless more because together, they shined as brightly as the sun.

Based on @redriot’s fanfic 


These BEAUTIFUL drawings were a suprise gift that Dani (aka lolakasa) gave me today and I fangirled so hard I just sdkhlakdfslasfkasdjfkaefj :’) 

It’s Eren and Armin from my SnK fic Lawless (she also did this other one for me some months ago sdakfahsd)

Enjoy Dani’s art!

Muchas gracias Dani!!!!!! Como te dije, me alegraste el día!!