The leader of the Deadly Six has been added to complete the set. When I first played the game I thought he was the most boring of the bunch, but now I feel I better appreciate how badass he actually is. His lack of comedic moments definitely makes him a little less memorable than the other Zeti, but just look at him. He looks like Satan mixed with a dinosaur, or better yet, a suit of demon samurai armor that came to life. You take one look at this dude and know you don’t F with him. Zavok’s probably the most intimidating-looking Sonic villain.


XD i don’t know what did i bother on adding color to this….

hehe so i was talking with my bro about how Master Zik could have been when he was younger,  and i imagined him having long wild hair..  but then i imagined him just being with the same size than he is now …XD hhehe so this came up ^_^U

Sonic headcanon: After their defeat by the hands of Sonic, the Deadly Six would discover that their robot controlling abilities don’t work anymore. In light of this, they’d go on their separate ways:

-Zazz, still hungering for destruction, would join Eggman’s army and become a new regular enemy for Sonic to face (though his incompetency would be somewhere between Eggman and Orbot & Cubot.) He’d also become a frequent enemy the Chaotix would face.

-Zomom would give up his destructive ways for being a cook for a take out (that makes chilli dogs.) He’d be the first to meet Sonic after the D6 breakup and explain what happened. He’d also still care for his brothers despite what happened.

-Master Zik would retire to a hidden Chao garden and attempt to regain his inner peace. He’s still quite bitter about Sonic and his world, but he won’t actively try to destroy it now, instead focusing on improving his mind and spirit.

-Zeena would decide to go on a quest to discover the lost origins of the Zeti. She wants to know what her heritage is and how they ended up in the Lost World to begin with. While on her travels, she’d gain companions to aid her search, though she won’t admit they’re friends as she’s still rather snooty.

-Zor would be recruited into G.U.N, not to his liking but goes along with it anyways. He gets paired up with Team Dark on occasion, much to everyone’s displeasure. He’d also start a secret poetry jam with Shadow.

-Zavok will go to seek out Sonic by himself, while giving himself the title “The Deadly One” after his old team name. Still with the power boost he had from the end of Lost World, he’d terrorize a city or capture a friend of Sonic to call him out, and even when he loses, he’d get back up and make a better plan to crush him, like right after Sonic fought a really tough battle and is weakened.


1) I liked how he came out but can’t help but feel like a messed up??
2)lukas sweet TORTUROUS bab.love his hair btw
3)absolutely hate this I’m sorry ;^;
4)ashley is so freaking great.
5)I felt like #3 was horrid so I made this .it’s actually a cut out but it’s hard to tell since I put it with a white background.
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