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a byproduct of werewolf shifting is that their whole body is very sensitive to haptic and temperature-based stimuli for a very forgiving ten-minute window. while for some this leads to temporary touch-hypersensitivity and difficulty regulating temperature, youve come to learn that your partner LOVES some nipple play right after a shift (with four pairs to choose from, you can play them like a piano and they love it)

Withering Blossoms; fragment IV

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Notes: Finally, a new chapter! Also this chapter introduces new character~ some more colors into the pile! How long will this story be, nobody knows xD

I need to remind you that this is a collab between me and @eulyin-senpai! Have you checked the previous chapters’ cover art? If no, please do visit her page!

Summary: The moon knows no hunter and no prey.

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(Super villain / super hero pacifica concept drawings under the cut! The basic idea of the au is that pacifica’s a super villain from a line of feared and revered villains that is dating her arch nemesis while completely unaware that Mabel is also the superhero she fights every night.

I only got to Pacifica’s outfit but I’m gonna try and work on Mabel & Dipper next hopefully? They’re gonna be a duo and I want their powers to go along w/ eachother somehow(i reeeeally want Mabel to have flight or fire powers)

anywho here’s the drawings- they’re mostly doodles so there’s gonna be a lotta mistakes? I x’d out some of them so just ignore that. sorry if you have trouble reading my handwriting!)

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lit ladies blue sargent; “she was decidedly uncomfortable with the switchblade. although she very much liked the idea of it—blue sargent, desperado; blue sargent, superhero; blue sargent, badass—she suspected that the only thing she would cut the first time she opened it was herself.
[…] blue had indeed cut herself.
after adam had gone into the reading room, she’d experimentally opened the switchblade and it had obligingly attacked her. it was just a scratch, really. it barely warranted a band-aid, but she put one on anyway.”