HERE’S A THOUGHT!: Right now Suzuya seems to be questioning his current job working for the CCG, having to go against his friend Haise, feeling used, and is possibly only doing it because he feels like it’s what Shinohara must have wanted.

Kaneki knows Touka wants to speak with him when he gets back a bunch of up think it has to do with the person she visited in the hospital possibly being Hide.

What if at the end of this arc Suzuya goes to the hospital to see Shinohara and sort out his feeling of owing him and following his legacy. AND Kaneki possibly rushes there to see Hide… And then the two happen to run into each other at the hospital.

And then depending on Suzuya’s decision one way or another… Either they fight… or Suzuya goes over to his side… or something else.


the cutest adorable side of Johnny Suh ♥♥♥