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whos blink?

a consequence of peridot’s outburst. a prototype

YD is shown to want to punish an entire gem caste for ones actions. Scaled down in severity, this could happen to peridots

after she realized the entire peridot caste could be capable of such disobedience with a conflict of logic, YD called back the era 1 peridot gemeticist that designed era 2 peridots (you’ll meet her too) to Fix The Problem and harvest+produce the old and new peridots in groups as they still need peridots around in the meantime for their jobs

now, Dr fuckhands mcmike (this is literally the only name we have for her rn im laughing) designs gems’ physical appearance and abilities of gems with great accuracy (that being her claim to fame with will be a Fun thing to talk abt later), but not their personality. so, she has to solve this with what is within her skill.

what does she come up with? she gives them a different, limited form of communication that can be observed at a distance by superiors and even monitored and recorded remotely with a muzzle device.

she got rid of their mouths, gems in their place. they blink

think fast, alien morse code, visualy like how the twins from 9 communicate

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Blink is the first prototype, and pretty much accurate to any more made. there might be a few others already? i haven’t decided, but shed be pretty lonely not having any blink buddies (other than being told others thru normal speech)

shes a bit oblivious to the severity of her Existence, until peridot’s reactions

cutting ahead (over a gap in her narrative that has helped been filled by quats’ involvement!) the cgs take her and peridot does what she can to modify her muzzle device to 1. stop recording or at least stop the transmission of recordings and 2. output speech

the muzzle’s software goes through a few iterations, as microsoft sam isnt quite ideal. shes pretty delighted in her new ability to make Sounds tho

one day connie visits and offers up some software she has on her laptop… for no reason in particular…

… Vocaloid. it uh, doesnt work out. (but is cute as fuck)

in the end peridot attempts to build a text to speech voice using her own voice clips. it kinda works? id kill to hear what that sounds like lmao

you can read more in depth about her and the much cuter bits with the cgs after they take her here!

heres a random doodle of her On The Go with her muzzle thing

theres more i can do with her design, mainly with color, ill draw her sometime

Živim u nekom svom svijetu.
Vjerujem u čuda, vjerujem da se dobro dobrom vraća, vjerujem da se ljudi mijenjaju, vjerujem da život može biti poput bajke, ali isto tako, vjerujem da sami sebi kreiramo svoj život.
Stoga, ne slušaj one koji razmišljaju manje od tebe, gledaj široko i živi široko.
—  Pricam ti o njemu

lucasfilm: the only “background” characters we care about are jango & boba fett, greedo, jabba the hutt, literally anyone who was at jabba’s party, kylo ren, anyone in the first order, literally any random bad guy, honestly 

me, an intellectual: i love padme amidala, her handmaidens, her ex-boyfriend pablo, queen jamillia, bail organa, mon mothma, cassian andor, bodhi rook, lando calrissian, the entirety of the rebellion, literally anyone with some semblance of good in them and has a character arc more than “i shoot people”

Siete falsi, tempeste senza tuoni, fate finta di essere pensatori, siete bestie senza cuori.

Lasciami qualcosa di te,
un segno addosso
che mi ricordi la tua pelle
che si sfrega contro la mia.
Graffiami fino a restarmi dentro
ed il mio corpo saprà di te,
cullami di baci
e le labbra calde
e il tuo sapore fresco
e la tua forza contro le mie debolezze
e stringimi,
finché dalla tua morsa
non mi sentirò oppressa.