K: It’s been a while since I slept that well. I feel really good.

D: Well that’s awesome and we should celebrate, you know how we should celebrate then? Deeks’ Frittatas, Deeks’ famous Frittatas and then we should go paddle-boarding down the Marina. You know the guy renting out all the boards…

Los signos y sus pesadillas

Aries: Perder.

Tauro: Falta de dinero.

Géminis: Marginación social.

Cáncer: Perder a su familia.

Leo: Ser ignoradx.

Virgo: Masas de gente.

Libra: Perderse.

Escorpio: Perder el control.

Sagitario: Rutina.

Capricornio: Fracasar.

Acuario: Quedarse solx.

Piscis: La realidad.