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Imagine a powerful wizard conjuring an illusion of Robin's past spouse who died so she could escape Plegia, and although she can't remember him clearly she's very shook in the midst of battle so Frederick saves and consoles her ♡

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You knew mages were powerful; more so than you in countless ways. You knew they could be dangerous to the body and mind, but you never fathomed how much.

Not until the battle. All you were thinking about was how you were going to neutralize the opponent.

Your eyes locked with the mage’s. You saw into each other. Adrenaline flowed through your veins. Magic crackled between your fingers. Your arm raised.

You didn’t remember closing your eyes. But when they opened, you weren’t on the battlefield anymore. And you weren’t fighting; you were running.

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thatonepinkdress900 replied to your photo :I really hate how Steven Universe uses terms like…

what the hell will amethyst say then

Well, she SHOULD say

but I guess we are still on THAT OTHER TOPIC so here ya go

  1. The feminine alternative to “guys” is “gals”.
  2. More commonly used as an alternative is “girls” but it has weird undertones due to the age implications.
  3. My alternative here was “gays”.
  4. Homeworld could/should/would use “gems”.
  5. Peridot uses “clods”.

TurbuLENCES people, this isn’t even my first lingo. Why I gotta do this FOR you? Acting like you don’t got a choice but truth is you’re just lackluster.

i want to finish my werewolf fic for haikyuu but i KNO that someone out there is gonna call it omegaverse and im gonna fuckin die let me tell u that if i ever end up finishing it and yall bring up self lubricating assholes im deleting my account immediately