When it comes to defending astrology to skeptics, it can be a waste of time. It is a repetitive and tiresome argument. While the skeptic should have respect, and go their separate way instead of expressing their distastes for astrology, or refrain from imposing their unwanted criticism on a subject they likely have little knowledge on, the astrology student should also have respect and not angrily shove what they hold to be true down another’s throat. To each their own. I think the one true reason why astrology cannot be proven with intellectual definitions or “scientific facts,” or at least… why there are many faults to existing evidence on the authenticity of astrology, is because the only solid evidence available is studying the practice for oneself and applying it to oneself with complete honesty and tolerance. Some people start off as skeptics to their own charts, “I’m not like that at all!” and this is good, it helps a great deal to learn when you have criticizing questions and discover the answers to these questions through studying further. What doesn’t help is being skeptical and asking these scathing questions, but doing nothing to answer them. This then leaves the person with subjective and dogmatic opinions, a scenario such as “well, astrology is ultimately not real because my questions are left unanswered, and I am relying on people to give me evidence through agitating arguments instead of seeking it out myself.” If the average skeptic will not waste their time with what they deem as nonsense, then why should the astrology student waste theirs in helping the skeptic understand? Let us all…stay in our lanes

Mil inviernos han pasado, y aún añoro un día de sol a tu lado. Pues podrán pasar mil vidas más entre mis manos, pero yo sólo necesito de tu vida junto a mí, para sentir que ésto, esto a lo que llamo existir, no sólo es un suspiro mortal, mas bien, es un sueño hecho verdad.
—  jorgema
Extraño todo de ti.

Extraño abrazarte.
Extraño el olor de tu perfume en mi ropa después de ese abrazo.

Extraño tus manos.
Extraño lo lindo que se sentía que tu piel tocara la mía.

Extraño tus ojos.
Extraño cuando me mirabas a los ojos y decías que me querías.

Extraño tu sonrisa.
Extraño esa sonrisa que sacabas después de un beso.

Extraño tus labios.
Extraño los besos, esos besos que solo tu sabes como dármelos.

Y podría estar así, todo el día contándote lo mucho que extraño tu cuerpo, lo mucho que te extraño a vos, abrazándome, acariciándome, mirándome, sonriéndome, besándome, queriéndome, pero decidiste hacerte a un lado y me muerdo los labios de rabia porque yo no puedo hacer nada para cambiar tu decisión.     

I promised myself I wouldn’t cry tonight. And I’ve already broken that promise five times.
—  Every IOI member during their last concert day
Não se aflijam com nada, em vez disso, orem a respeito de tudo, contem a Deus as necessidades de vocês, e não se esqueçam de agradecer-lhe. Se fizerem isto, vocês experimentação que a paz de Deus, que excede todo entendimento, conservará a mente e o coração de vocês em Cristo Jesus.
—  Filipenses 4.6-7