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is the les mis au something you plan on developing? I just found it and i am in LOVE

I just like focusing on fantine!alex because that’s just…. ah so good for me my crops are thriving my grades are improving do you hear the people sing ya know? ?

Ce qui me dégoute le plus c’est que je me souviens du CHOC que le passage de Jean-Marie Le Pen au second tour avait provoqué en 2002. Je n’avais que onze ans, mais je me souviens que personne ne l’avait vu venir, car le ressentiment nationaliste était encore tabou, c’était encore mal vu. Maintenant, les électeurs de Marine Le Pen assument leur racisme et leur intolérance. Elle avait été donnée favorite dans les sondages et ça s’est réalisé.

Je me souviens des gens qui étaient descendus dans la rue, je me souviens de l’intégralité de la classe politique qui avait complètement été ébranlée par le résultat, je me souviens de la promesse de tout le monde de soutenir Chirac. Maintenant on a des élus LR qui tournent autour du pot et refusent de donner des consignes de vote anti-Front National. 

Je me souviens aussi du score écrasant de Chirac au second tour. 82%. Du jamais vu dans une élection présidentielle. Le FN était encore vu comme le cancer de la vie politique, et 82% des gens ont décidé qu’il vallait mieux se taper la chimio désagréable que de crever sous Le Pen. Maintenant, Macron peut espérer 60% des voix au second tour selon les sondages. Y a 40% de la population française qui se dit que le cancer, c’est pas si mal que ça.

Que cette connasse ait réussi à rendre son parti plus attrayant ou que les Français soient juste devenus plus racistes avec le temps, les faits sont là. Ya 22% des électeurs du premier tour et 40% des électeurs du second pour qui voter pour un parti fondé par des collabos, c’est pas grave. En quinze ans on est passés de la honte nationale de Jean-Marie à l’acceptance normale de Marine.

Et le pire c’est que si Macron ne nous délivre pas un quinquennat irréprochable, elle sera élue en 2022.

States of undress in the Les Mis 25th Anniversary Concert

In the group watch of this concert yesterday, the important topics of Enjolras’ indecent costume and the eventual stripping of the rest of Les Amis to copy him were extensively discussed.

However, not being too familiar with either the musical adaptions or 19th century Parisian fashion, I found it hard to keep track of who was taking off their clothes when. So of course, I went through taking screenshots of each character, first at the café, then at the barricade.

Why would I feel the need to document this? Well, that’s for me to know and you to find out.

First, Enjolras. He is inexplicably and indecently dressed right from the beginning. No coat, waistcoat open, cravat tied at the bottom, kinky leather wristbands, “what are shirt buttons for?” Either he is very passionate about the coming revolution, as @spacestationtrustfund suggested, or, as @elliotenjolras offered as an explanation, he was making out with someone pretty intensely just beforehand, and they failed to help him re-dress.

This Combeferre has the fashion sense of a stressed professor anyway, but he imitates (or perhaps is helped by) Enjolras in losing one vest and opening the second, loosening his (adorable) bow-tied cravat and rolling up his (questionable) sleeves for the barricade.

Jean Prouvaire is all-too-happy to shed some clothing for the cause, and looks suitably Romantic doing so.

Feuilly naturally strips to stand in solidarity with Enjolras and his unfortunate inability to wear clothes.

This Courfeyrac is so passionate that he probably tears at his clothes until they look like this. “Revolution is of greater importance, even, than my newest silk cravat, as fashionable as it undeniably is.”

Bossuet just managed to trip several times on the way to the barricade, and that’s why he looks dishevelled.

Joly removes his cravat completely, to go one better than his compatriots. Not at all because he has secretly always suspected that wearing one probably impedes the natural flow of blood to one’s head.

Grantaire is an absolute mess at the café and remains so at the barricade, matching Enjolras throughout.

Marius tries very hard to fit in by taking off his coat and cravat, but his frilly shirt and gold waistcoat makes him look more like a posh bee than a busy revolutionary.

Bonus: As @shellcollector pointed out, Javert easily infiltrates the group by dressing up as one of them. It’s not particularly difficult to do.

So there you go. Thanks to his loyal friends, Enjolras is not the only one who dies looking as though he only had 30 seconds to get dressed that morning.


French feminists protesting against the prospect of France getting it’s first female president in history, on the basis that she is ‘Islamophobic’.

Apparently, for feminists, a female president is only okay if she supports the mass importation of the single most misogynistic belief system in the world.

Jehan has a closet where they keep countless pairs of crocs, one pair per ami, so that they all have comfortable shoes to wear when they hang out at their place.

When Jehan presents Montparnasse with a pair of black crocs one day, Montparnasse is all like “uh uh there’s no way on earth I’m going to wear that.” Except… Except he eventually does. They’re comfortable. He just has to avoid looking down, really.

One night, Claquesous barges into his apartment after a robbery gone slightly south, in need of stitchings. But he can’t quite focus on his injuries right now. Something’s off about Parnasse, what is-

“Wait, are you wearing CROCS?”