Who Broke It?- Kingdom Hearts [Animatic]_Organization XII

I dunno it really fits…. ahaha!

Rehab, Day 12, Feb. 15, 2017


[Reprint] White Day Gacha 2015 & 2016
Duration: 2/28 (Tue) 22:00 ~ 3/17 (Fri) 15:59

Chance to get previously released 5☆ and 4☆ White Day characters (not all are pictured here!) Also, getting one of these characters unlocks a home screen background.
[2015 characters] [2016 characters]


If you listen closely, you can hear George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” playing in the distance.

I did this earlier but I forgot to post it. It started off as a facial expression practice then turned into a comic *shrugs*

I wanted to focus on making each facial expression depict a specific feeling.