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For Black History Month: black principals in “Phantom of the Opera”

  1. Phantom: Robert Guillaume, Los Angeles (1990-91)
  2. Phantom: Norm Lewis, Broadway (2014-15)
  3. Carlotta: Patricia Phillips, Toronto & Broadway (1993, 2003-04, 2006, 2008-09)
  4. Carlotta: Angela M. Caesar, Restaged UK Tour (2012-13)
  5. Carlotta: Danielle White, Las Vegas (principal 2008, 2006-12)
  6. Christine: Lana English, Johannesburg and Pretoria (2004)
  7. Raoul: Jordan Donica, Broadway (2016-17)
  8. Piangi: Thabiso Masemene, World Tour (2011-16)
  9. Piangi: John Whitney, US Tour (2001, 2004-10)
  10. Piangi: Marcus Desando, World Tour (2004-05)
  11. Phantom: Derrick Davis, Restaged US Tour (2016-17)
  12. Phantom: Nicholas Nkuna, Johannesburg and Cape Town (2011-12)

(some comments: for many South Africans the term “coloured” is preferred if there’s different heritage involved, and Lana English would be considered coloured. But in the US and UK that is considered slur and usually avoided online. Just be aware of the distinction. Read more about that here.

Also, there’s been so many wonderful understudies that I did not get to list here, especially for the role of Carlotta, but also for Piangi, Meg Giry and Madame Giry. Only understudy on the list is Nicholas Nkuna, as he played the Phantom. The others are not forgotten, only left out because of Tumblr’s photo limit)


Happy Valentine’s Day!!! 💖

Sometimes your true love turns out to be your best friend and not the boy who rescued your scarf from the sea or the weird guy who lives in the cellar and gives you singing lessons. 😉

I have an E/Whoever fluff idea in which Erik’s S/O tries to compliment Erik’s physical appearance in genuine (albeit rather specific) ways, but Erik has spent so long hating his appearance, he is able to rebuke every one so far. Here’s how it would normally go:

S/O: Erik?
Erik: Yes?
S/O: I think the way your eyes light up in the dark is marvelous. That particular shade of gold is mesmerizing.
Erik: Oh, do you think so, my dear? I’ve always thought of it as more of an overly-aggressive lemon, but if you like enraged citrus…

He simply cannot take a compliment about his physicality, so the S/O commits even harder to finding some comment he can’t immediately deny. Until at last, one day, maybe when he’s returned from some kind of outing, or maybe when they’re about to leave together for a walk in the park:

S/O: Erik?
Erik: Yes?
S/O: Your head is just the right shape for hats.
Erik: Sorry…what?
S/O: I’m saying you look good in hats. You wear your hats well.
Erik: Everyone can wear hats, darling.
S/O: Oh, no they can’t. You must have seen Carlotta’s latest monstrosity this week…
Erik: Cattiness doesn’t suit you, but I’m aware of the thing. It means nothing though. It simply isn’t her style.
S/O: Tell me, when was the last time she looked good in a hat?
Erik: …Come to think of it…
S/O: Exactly! And it’s down to the shape of her head! You have never had that issue.
Erik: Not…that I can recall…

After a moment or two in his own thoughts trying to think of a counterargument, Erik can’t help but smile and chuckle. They had done it. His S/O had managed to find something about his looks for which he had not already mentally eviscerated himself, much less considered. He has absolutely no other option now but to admit defeat and thank them for the compliment. He does so tentatively, but the S/O can tell he’s pleased.

The second chapter of You Alone is finally up and live!  The boys arrive at the Palais Garnier, but one has the tendency to stray like entering a wardrobe.


Shane whistles, breaking the spell over his friend. “Garnier really wanted this place to be lit with all the bronze ornate and over the top grand style.”

“Napoleon III was determined for his capital to have the largest and most splendid theater in the world,” Ryan explains, shaking off the remnants to bring himself back to reality. “It remains a monument when the emperor transformed Paris into the modern city of today.”

“I’m not saying that it isn’t beautiful or not giving kudos to the guy, but I’ve seen houses decorated with the gaudiest Christmas lights and ornaments that were in better taste.” Shane shrugs.

‘That’s one way to upset a Phantom by pissing all over his home.’


So do you end your days with me,
                    or do you send him to his 
g r a v e ?

                                        Why make her lie to you
s a v e   m e ?

(David Arnsperger, Lauri Brons, Nicky Wuchinger)


some Chibis :3 !

for some bootyful people ~
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1) for Ruby :
-PandaKuro from her GPF ff,
-dem soccer boooooys ~ Atsushi Kimishita and Kiichi Oshiba ( and again I had to re-google their names I’M SRYYY RUBY )

2) for Rhomi :
-Lawless ! He will show you his true form ! HIM, BEING A PHANTOMTHIEF
He’ll steal your heart before you even noticed.
nah jokes,
it’s the Phantom of the Opera style 8D !

- Tao aka the Gangster Lichtan
-and M21 from noblesse!

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some of the various and sundry Hidden Plot highlights worth bringing back
  • the insistence that Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber would insist on complete heraldic accuracy for Raoul’s family crest, and therefore the presence of a marital shield is not (a. accidental - perhaps the prop carriage came with that coat of arms, etc (b. an honest mistake or (c. some clueless set dresser going “I like that one!” but is instead a sign of Raoul’s illegitimate claim to the de Chagny title
  • comparing the theory that Erik is possessed by the evil Phantom spirit to The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  • endless examinations of the colors of Gerard Butler’s cloak’s lining in the Title Song
  • bad singing voice? nope, it’s a Secret Communication Of Symbolism
  • subtitle formatting is completely intentional and done with the oversight of the director
  • are there steps in Christine’s dressing room or aren’t there? this is very important you guys
  • they said it was a fantasy so we’re going to take them very literally
  • lighting errors and lens flare are Important Storytelling Devices
  • sources include “the symbolism book” and “I found this on a website once”
  • symbolism? symBOLISM?? S Y M B O L I S M