today i was so tired between classes that i went to take a nap in a study room in the library but you have to reserve them ahead of time which a lot of people don’t know and they just try to walk in and use one they didn’t reserve so I went ahead and reserved one and then went in and sprawled out on the floor for a quick snooze cruise and multiple times people walked in thinking it was unoccupied and I sat up and they were super startled and then they would be like “you’re supposed to use these for work” and I’d be like “yeah but you’re supposed to reserve the room, which I did”

and it was truly just


here’s a thoroughly detailed post on what happened recently with tank (jack) and what an evil piece of shit noodlesandbeef is and basically why he deserves to be thrown in jail for, mmmmm, the rest of his life!

To say the job advert was strange would be an understatement, but it paid well and you were desperate. Now you work in a tiny office at the bottom of a tower. The only job requirement is that once an hour, you count all the doors in the tower and check that the locked ones are still locked, and you close any others behind you, including the one to your office. The problem is that the hot summer is making your the temperature in your office stifling, so you decide to prop open the office door.

the girl in your class who’s obsessed with musicals and pugs and has stickers of cat butts on her current gen macbook is standing outside your window, you live on the 10th floor


(4/4)  “The journey to the border took nearly four hours.  Our pace was very slow because there were so many kids in the group, and everyone was weak from hunger.  We had to avoid the main roads.  Thankfully I’d mapped out the route so I could find our path in the dark.  All of us were frightened.  Even if we heard an animal, everyone would jump.  When we arrived at the border, I pointed the group toward Burundi and headed back to camp.  I was confident that I’d avoided detection.  Several days passed without incident.  I even managed to run one more mission with a mother and child.  But somehow news leaked out.  And one night when I was returning from patrol, a Tutsi solider met me at the door of the barracks.  He was out of breath.  ‘You are already dead,’ he said. ‘They will torture you.’  I thought he was just being paranoid, but then I heard my name being called out on the radio.  Orders were given to shoot me on sight.  I left everything behind and began to run.  I hopped over the fence.  I didn’t stop running until I arrived at the border.  The next time anyone saw me, I was on television bearing witness to the crimes I had seen.”
(Kigali, Rwanda)

hate to do this girls but um! i need money for a new tablet.

im poor as fuck and i lost my tablet pen! literally got a 24 hour eviction notice today so me and my family had to scramble to pack all of our shit and get out, and somewhere in the process my tablet pen went missing so :) if any of you ladies would ever be so kind to donate to my paypal so I can get back to working on commissions and not being broke :) even if you can’t donate i still appreciate reblogs ty 🤧💜💖