“I’ve had horrible luck finding a husband.  Most marriages in this country are traditional, and I have a middleman who arranges interviews with potential suitors.  He probably thinks I’m a snob.  Because I either turn the men down or scare them off.  But you should hear the questions they ask me.  Nothing about personality.  Nothing about character.  Everything is about money: ‘What is your salary?’,  ‘Do you have a car?,  ‘Is this your only apartment?’  I used to answer these questions, but I’m much harsher now.  I’ll dismiss them right away.  I’ve had men ask me to stop working.  I had a professor ask me to stop studying because I have more degrees than him.  Another man ended the interview when he learned that my ‘doctorate’ did not mean I was a medical doctor.  It’s ridiculous.  Some friends and family want me to settle for the sake of having children.  But I have a viewpoint, and I’m not going to sacrifice that viewpoint just because I’m getting older.  I believe in marriage.  And I’d like children.  But if it means I have to accept anything, maybe it’s best to not get married at all.”
(Alexandria, Egypt)

Sure we’ve got haunted houses and haunted dolls but why don’t ghosts get a bit more creative? Where are my haunted tree’s? Where are my haunted anime figurines? Where are my haunted te̷xt͢ posts?

Spider-Man and Peter Parker used to date, and the breakup was pretty messy. That’s why you never see them together in the same place; they’re actively avoiding each other.