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RM ‘forever rain’ MV

okay but this song is literally going to be a wakeup call to 90% of armys who don’t stan joon or care abt his feelings.

he’s talking abt how lonely and sad he feels, how everything he does has to be a certain way for the fans to accept him, how he wishes he could cry but can’t.

he’s our namjoon, he’s a beautiful whole being and a poet and a dreamer and he’s not just someone who can rap a verse. he’s so special and perfect and works so hard and he’s begging for us to love him!!!

stream mono. stream forever rain. make him feel like his music is worthwhile.

[ENG LYRICS] tokyo by RM


Wake up in Tokyo,
Feel like a torso
But know it’s time to go
I see Pinocchio,
Wearing a poncho
This me some time ago
Do I miss myself
Do I miss your face
I don’t know
I don’t know

Life is a word,
That sometimes you cannot say
And ash is a thing,
That someday we all should be
When tomorrow comes,
How different it’s gonna be
Why do love and hate,
Sound just the same to me

I can’t sleep, homesick
Babe, I just wanna
Stop right next to you
If I could choose
My dream
I just wanna
Stop right next to you

Transcription cr; Laura @ bts-trans