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Just realized….. The reason I HATE the lights on when blinds are open is bc the apartment building I grew up in was U shaped and there was no privacy at all if the blinds or windows were open. The windows were so close together you could be watching tv, relaxing, then look over to the window and make accidental eye contact with a random neighbor :/

24 hour Writing - A- Thon

Hey guys! Today, I will be working on my fanfiction drafts for twenty-four hours without stopping. Starting at 7pm. EST on Oct 20 until 7pm EST Oct 21, I will be immersed in a world of fiction. I have gathered my beta readers and hopefully, I will be publishing all the stories next week.

I will keep you posted with update details on the chapters and stories. Feel free to request a fic, participate in writing for 24 hours, or send me messages of encouragement.