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I didn't think it was possible for you to get any more excitable, but clearly I was wrong. (Enjoy it while you can, I guess....) ~ask-eraserhead

Aizawa?! Are you looking?! You see how clean it is?! Its my handkerchief! You see it?? I haven’t coughed up any blood and its been at least twenty minutes! 


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What is Yuuei's staff reaction to your appearance now? Have they been bugging you even when teaching classes!

Hizashi was overly dramatic as usual (luckily I didn’t punch him by reflex because I am not fond of surprise physical contact), Nemuri was distastefully too smug, and Toshinori was…being himself. Ask for the rest of UA’s faculty reactions on their blogs if you’re so curious. I’ve only been 16 again for about an hour and I’m already exhausted…

@on-air-hizashi @blueandpurpleotaku1325 @fan-art-ic  And to others among anons who wanted to know Mic’s reaction specifically: @amethyst1995-20xx @e-d-g-y-e-g-g @meroko26us @theyellowtiewriter 

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so fresh,how you doin?

Fresh: Currently? Trying not to blow another f- uh, dang crater into my floor!

((Sure enough, there is a small still-smoking hole in the cave floor))

Fresh: I can probably hold it in so I don’t actually shoot anything next time, but I don’t feel like testing it out.

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I wonder what your students will react to you being a teenager (or some of them being taller then you)

It would be highly irresponsible of me to pass off this event as an excuse to stop teaching when I’m still capable to do so. I made my identity extremely clear to my class, and understandably, my students’ reactions have been…mixed…

And as for my colleagues….they’ve yet to see me this way because I’m avoiding specific ones like the plague

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