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☭ but given that we've only done crack together, what would annie's ☭ be for either of her parents lmao


BATTLE INTRO: Do as you must. Take it as my apology. 
VICTORY: I said don’t touch me!
HALF HP: It hurts.
LOW HP: I love you. 
DEFEAT: I’m sorry, I promise I’ll behave!
DEATH: This is fitting, isn’t it? I’ll say hi to dad.
ASSIST: Like mother like daughter! 
TAUNT: Do you know how many shirtless men I’ve seen last week?
REACTING TO TAUNT: Okay, let’s not fight dirty. 
FLEE: Hasta la vista!
REACTING TO FLEE: Oh how the turns have tabled.
TIE: Thank you for your mercy.
PERFECT VICTORY: You said you wanted me to be just like you. Here’s a taste of it. 
LOW HP VICTORY: I’m going home.
FINISHING MOVE: Mega tears and an apology. 

Dating Peter Parker would include...

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Dating ‘The Amazing Spiderman’? It would include:

  • Starting off extremely shy in the beginning.
  • Him being the nerd, you being rather introverted.
  • Small flirting here and there.
  • Often making you blush.
  • More often making him blush.
  • Eventually you go to base number 2
  • Going at each other’s houses, yeah!
  • Getting to know every part of each other.
  • Liking turning into falling in love.
  • Having to be the man and ask him out.
  • Really, he appreciated it very much.
  • Cuddle nights!
  • Movie nights!
  • Did anyone say gaming nights!?
  • You beating him in 90% of games.
  • “I didn’t know you-”
  • “I’m very passionate about victory.”
  • Him praising you.
  • Him being grateful for you.
  • Him experimenting with nicknames, often calling you ‘baby girl’.
  • You laugh and tell him how out of character he sounds.
  • Keeping your relationship low from others.
  • You figuring out he’s Spiderman without him telling you.
  • “Babe, I’m-”
  • “I know.”
  • O h.
  • Worrying whenever he goes fighting crime.
  • However, he makes up for it by appearing at the window.
  • Always upside down - giving you a surprised kiss.
  • Him accidentally dropping the ‘L’ word.
  • Him being completely hesitant about it and apologizing.
  • You cutting him off by kissing him and telling him that you love him too.
  • Aunt May approving of your relationship to the maximum!
  • “Oh, I just wondered when he’d ask you out!”
  • “Actually, I-”
  • “Yeah, of- of course I asked her out!”
  • Though it often ends in her ruining moments.
  • Most of them.
  • Like
  • A lot of them.
  • “Hey, Pete, I- Oh gosh I’m so sorry and you two were so cute!
  • When Stark picks Peter out for his team he’s more than excited.
  • And you’re more than supportive.
  • When he returns from ‘Civil War’ you’re absolutely shocked with his bruises.
  • “Oh my God, Peter. What did they do to you?! Throw a truck at you?!”
  • “Well, actually-”
  • Don’t!
  • You taking care of him.
  • Scolding him for not being careful.
  • Him teasing you, but often ends the sentence with an “Ow!” from moving too much(and your punch of course)
  • All in all; it’s a very sappy teenage love.
  • With little to no arguments at all.
  • But when they happen.
  • Oh boy do they go down.
  • Usually ending in you being very stubborn 
  • Him being the same.
  • Because he’s not a push over and wants to prove a point.
  • In the end you both forget what you were fighting over.
  • Ends up in both of you apologizing and solving the previously forgotten problem.
  • Alsomakeupcuddles.
  • Dating Peter Parker would involve him being the biggest sweetheart ever
  • And you falling head over heels for Spider-boy.

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so i jus read the ask were you said "I really feel like the outside of Lydia is 1989 and the true core of her is Red, the album." AND I JUST DIED? You literally put into words what Lydia feels like to me I'm in awe


I just love how Red lyrically just feels like the core of Lydia. It destroys the shit out of me. 

  • So you were never a saint and I loved in shades of wrong. We learned to live with the pain, mosaic broken hearts. 
  • No apologies. He’ll never see you cry. Pretends he doesn’t know that he’s the reason why. You’re drowning.
  • Red is just a Jackson song.
  • I can’t decide if it’s a choice, getting swept away, I hear the sound of my own voice asking you to stay, all we are is skin and bones, trained to get along, forever going with the flow, but you’re friction.
  • Call me up again just to break me like a promise. So casually cruel in the name of being honest. I’m a crumpled of piece of paper lying here cuz I remember it all.
  • I bet you think I either moved on or hate you, cuz each time you reach out there’s no reply. I bet it never ever occurred to you that I can’t say hello to you and risk another goodbye. 
  • We made quite a mess, baby. Probably better off this way. And I confess baby, in my dreams you’re touching my face, asking me if I wanna try again with you, and I almost do. 
  • Before you I only dated self-indulgent takers who took all of their problems out on me. But you carry my groceries and now I’m always laughing and you have given me no choice but to stay.
  • I imagine you are home, in your room, all alone. You open your eyes into mine, and everything feels better. 
  • This is the last time you tell me I’ve got it wrong. This is the last time I say it’s been you all along. This is the last time I let you in my door. This is the last time, I won’t hurt you anymore. 
  • We blocked the noise with the sound of “I need you,” and for the first time I had something to lose. And I guess we fell apart in the usual way, and our stories got dust on every page, and sometimes I wonder how you think about it now when I see your face in every crowd. 
  • Words, how little they mean, when you’re a little too late.
  • Time is taking its sweet time erasing you. And you’ve got your demons, and darling they all look like me.
  • Hang up, give up, for the life of us we can’t get back. 
  • All my walls stood tall painted blue, and I’ll take them down and open up the door for you. All I feel in my stomach is butterflies, the beautiful kind, making up for lost time.

I just feel like Red captures Lydia’s melancholy spirit but 1989 is her playful self, the one that’s more surface and less intrinsic. 

Drunk Fic Challenge

@feynites and several others and myself decided that…drunk fic writing was a thing that needed to happen. And since I’m bad at writing Victory I decided to see if drinking copious amounts of alcohol would help that venture. 

I have a lot harder time writing Victory than I do Aelynthi. He’s just a difficult character to write for me, because it is so easy to write him off as this two-dimensional beef cake with giant smiles who is super competitive but he’s just so much more than that and it’s hard sometimes to show that? I don’t know how to describe it; I just have a hard time with it. I’ve scrapped so many things from his POV because I didn’t like them for Janiculum as well. Also warning, this is NSFW, and Aelynthi is a power-bottom. But we all figured that, right?

So now get ready for…

Except it’s more like…80% smut with some not-smut on the ends to hold it together. Like a delicious smut sandwich. Also it’s not edited really, I just typed up everything I wrote so let’s hope this is alright.

Everything in the world is a matter of winning or losing.

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What in CARNATION?! Well, I PLANT believe this is happening! Why can't you LEAF my feelings alone?! Now I'm gonna fear for the skeletons for FLOWERS! Welp, I'm ROOTing for their victory.

BUD, seriously XD you’re unbelievable and i love it XD

I’m rootin for them too! I hope nothing will THORN them apart! <ok that was lame>

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I'm trying really hard not to be mean about the Ichihime victory - I'm not good at confrontation online but will kick your teeth in IRL - and it's so hard when you see 99.9% of their responses. Honestly makes me a bit sad for them (ironically).

Fuck em. Focus on celebrating instead. It’ll piss em off more.

Before starting this rant, I’m going to remind you all that I really do want Ash Ketchum to get his first ever league victory next week. That boy sure has deserved it after 19 long years of training. However, I’ve been thinking about all the clues we have gotten about the future winner of the Kalos League, and the more I think about it, the more it starts to feel that Ash and Alain are going to share the victory. I’m probably gonna repeat some things people have already said in their metas, but hopefully will be able to add something of my own too. 

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I'm Jade West from Victorious and hate how the only people left in the fandom only care about me when I'm being shipped with someone (usually Beck or Tori)! First off, I'm a lesbian and have very strong memories of Beck being my beard. Second, Tori is fucking annoying and I wouldn't date her if she was the last woman on earth. Third, Even if I was in love with either them, I'm my own damn person! I shouldn't have to be in a relationship in order for you to care about me!

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You will one day! You might not see it now but you will. I'm the same with the being small and having not so small thighs. But hey you can hold more kittens on your thighs so who's the real winner 😉

Indeed, maybe with a new tattoo and a new kitten I could start to like them ! haha
Well, seriously, I know I overreact and that my weight and my pants size show me how ridiculous it is. But fighting against my own mind is like hitting in the winds, I’m so far from victory.

Mo Farah celebrates with family after winning gold in Rio Olympic Games

Mo Farah made Team GB proud once again this week after winning two golds in the men’s 5,000m & 10,000m in the Rio Olympic Games. The champion athlete, who has become the second person to ever win gold in both races, looked visibly emotional after crossing the finishing line in the the 5,000m race, and greeted his family in the crowd in a sweet moment.

The star seemed to cry with joy after crossing the finishing line in first place on day 15 of the Games, and was all smiles as he donned the Team GB flag and made his trademark ’M’ sign in victory.



Mo gave his daughter Rihanna a kiss in celebration

He was also spotted hugging fellow Great Britain athlete Andrew Butchart, who came in fifth place in the 5000m.

The champion then went into the stands to greet his delighted family, and was spotted giving his daughter Rihanna, who was cheering on her dad, a kiss in celebration.


The star made his trademark ’M’ sign after winning

Speaking about his incredible success, Mo said: “It shows I didn’t just fluke it in London. To do it again is incredible. I can’t believe it.” He continued to tell BBC Sport: “It has been a long journey but if you dream of something, have ambitions and are willing to work hard then you can get your dreams.”

Following his success in the 10,000m a day later, Mo opened up to reporters about how he was ready to spend some quality time with his four children; Armani, Aisha, Rihanna and Hussain, following Rio, saying: “It’s every athlete’s dream, but I can’t believe it. I just want to go home now and see my beautiful kids and hang my medals around their necks.”

Growing Forward

I’m ready to receive all that God has for me. These past few years have been full of ups and downs. Fasting led to me returning home to spend what I didn’t know at the time my last moments with my grandmother. My daughter was sexually assaulted and tried to commit suicide. My in laws still are the same after twenty years of marriage. I’ve cut off all ties with them. I don’t share because I never believed in focusing on the problem. I couldn’t talk about it because I perceived all of that as a problem. But my thought process has always been focusing on solutions and to praise the good. That’s why I’m sharing now. My outlook is its not a problem; they’re all situations. What am I going to do about it? I had to remind myself of who I am. I’m a victorious overcoming woman with a purpose and I’m just getting started.

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I was tagged by @arimendcza​ I like ur new theme

Rules: Answer 10 questions, then tag 10 blogs

last movie you saw: i watched the end of tangled the other day if that counts

last song you listened to: i put my old phone on shuffled and it went ballistic but the last thing it played before i turned it off was once around the block by badly drawn boy

last show you watched: i’m watching victorious rn which is the most unsurprising thing ever

last book you read: old school by tobias wolff

last thing you ate: a blueberry bagel

if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: dublin, ireland 😏😏😏

where would you time travel to: sooooo many places. this is so creepy but once when i was listening to the hamilton soundtrack i was wondering how different it was back then when rumors and scandals spread like i wanna go back to everyone finding out about hamilton’s affair omfg but anyways…i would go back to a lot of places just to take notes and do research for books i want to write tbh but for purely fun i would briefly go back to the 1920s & 40s & 50s & 60s. i would obviously also go back to when shakespeare was still writing plays and the globe was putting on the original productions i have so many questions.

first thing you would do with lottery money: pay off my student loans probably but at the same time i might not do that FIRST, i would probably do something more fun to celebrate my newfound wealth. but then i have to go back to school in a few days so yeah i can’t really go on any fun trips rn, paying off loans (and buying new books for school) would be fine.

what fictional character would you hang out with: naturally i first tried to think of literary characters but lbr i just wanna creep on ned the piemaker or matt murdock that’s all i want.

time right now: 5:31pm

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