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American Museum of Natural History, Part 10: The Birds are Dinosaurs Exhibit, part 7: 

M A X I M U M   O V E R P O O F

To be completely honest, even though the Tianyulong had pronated hands, that was 100% made up for by the fact that this is the most fluffy thing I’ve ever seen

Like. They didn’t have to fluff it up that much. You can get away with less poof on Tianyulong, based on the fossil. But they went all out. They did not pull any punches. That thing is the Overfloofin. 

I’m kind of disappointed they didn’t mention Kulindadromeus (even though they had time to add in a bit on Yi qi, which was named after Kulinda was), since Kulindadromeus had clearer evidence that these were more likely to be protofeathers rather than just some non-homologous quill thing than Tianyulong had, but, still. 



A great alternative to running is jumping rope for a total cardio workout or a warmup. Jumping rope is fun; it challenges your coordination and requires a lot of energy. The average 150 pound person will burn about 120 calories in 10 minutes versus 150 calories while running. #tbt
Прыжки на скакалке развивают координацию, требуют внимания и слаженной работы всего тела. Они, конечно, не такие эффективные как бег в деле сжигания жира , но зато не так сильно нагружают суставы. Также очень важно менять тип нагрузки - поэтому скакалка прекрасная альтернатива бегу - как разогрев так и кардио. (at New York, New York)

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  • first god to bring someone back from the underworld (rescued his mother, semele) by bypassing thanatos and then turning his mother into a constellation. a man named prosymnus lead him in exchange for dionysos to be his lover, but he died before they could make love, and dionysos honored his memory by literally making the first dildo and placing it on his grave
  • when the ruler of thebes, penthenus, doubted dionysos’ godship, dionysos lured him to one of his groups of devotees, where he then used his control to turn everyone crazy, causing said devotees to rip penthenus apart with their bare hands
  • when king lycurgus of thrace found out that dionysos was in town, he locked up all of his nymph followers as punishment. what did dion do? he made lycurgus go mad, and chop his own son to bits and pieces with an axe. then, he even cursed the whole kingdom of thrace with drought, until lycurgus died, which made his people capture and murder him

SO BASICALLY: yeah dionysos is a chill guy who marks graves with dildos, but if u anger him he’ll rly fuck u up