m text post

  • me going to the circle tower: i hate this part.
  • me dealing with connor: i hate this part.
  • me going to orzammar: i hate this part.
  • me going to the werewolf woods: i hate this part.
  • me doing the landsmeet: i hate this part.
  • some rando: why play the game if you hate literally all of it?
  • me: how dare you?? this game is a classic??? a piece of art???? how could-
exo as passive aggressive texts

yixing: … 

minseok: um hi? 

zitao: it’s cool whatever 

yifan: yeah what 

luhan: idk i think i have plans?? sorry 

jongdae: lmao 

baekhyun: gtg 

chanyeol: oh lol 

junmyeon: yes. 

kyungsoo: idgaf lmao 

jongin: sorry i just saw this 

sehun: k

  • Rick Sanchez: *is a gross, abusive 80 year old alcoholic with a unibrow, bald spot, yellow teeth, and is constantly belching and drooling and is an asshole to everyone*
  • Me: Wow what a great character. You know I just can’t get enough of this swell guy. I think I’ll dedicate my life to him. So beautiful