m stamps

Derek M Nurse actually stamps and seals his letters with a wax seal that’s the Nurse family insignia

Dex didn’t find out until Nursey sent him a package with a letter inside that was sealed with wax

Dex actually had to ask the group chat why his boyfriend was so fucking extra and Nursey was just like “☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️”


Elaborately Engraved and Inlaid Four Barrel Swivel Breech Percussion Combination Gun by M. J. Whitmore of Potsdam, New York

from Rock Island Auctions

“M. J. Whitmore of Potsdam, New York, worked at the Wagon & Gun Shop and is believed to have been the man who trained Lewis L. Hepburn of Remington fame. He was one of the men listed on a breech loading patent in 1860 and also received a patent for a "clock, calendar.” Many of Whitmore’s surviving firearms utilize the swivel breech mechanism and have long metal actions like this example. Most, however, are over/under combination guns, but this unusual mid-19th century arm has four barrels. Three are .40 caliber and rifled and one is .410 caliber smoothbore. The paired rifle barrels share a blade front sight and adjustable notch rear sight, and the other rifled barrel and smoothbore barrel have individual sets of sights. All four barrels and the left side of the action at the wrist are stamped with “M. J. WHITMORE/POTSDAM N.Y.” The barrels have floral engraving patterns and the action has additional floral engraving as well as rural scenes and patriotic motifs. There is clever trap compartment in between the barrels that contains a wooden ramrod. The butt has numerous engraved German silver inlays, including a reposed stag, a cabin scene on the patch box door, a sun, and stars. The engraving and stock inlays are similar to known Whitmore rifles manufactured in Massachusetts by Nathaniel and Nathaniel Gilbert Whitmore and pictured in the included copy o the article “My Magnificent Whitmore” by David Wood, Jr. suggesting a family connection. N. G. Whitmore was the master armorer at Springfield Armory and also manufactured a very fine rifle for General Grant that was displayed at the Smithsonian.“

ID # 36976

Name: Gale
Age: 21
Country: Philippines

Greetings, other humans! I’m a barely functioning adult who would like to make new friends. I like talking to people about the most random things, from geekdom, books, movies, science, philosophy, current events, humanities, and everything in between. I’ve never known how to make friends, even when I was a kid, so I wanna try making friends on the internet. Seems like a good idea lol.

Fair warning, I can be quite mean and detached at times, but I try my best to not be too cold. As a stubborn Taurus, I tend to always want to be right, but I know that’s statistically improbable. Feel free to keep me grounded, that’s what i like anyway. Also, I get episodes of anxiety and depression. I will have moments where I need to talk to you and I need you to support me. In those moments, I would like nothing more than knowing I have someone to talk to. That being said, I’m a great listener, too, and this is basically an attempt to meet someone that will listen to me.

Preferences: Really I don’t mind the age. But I feel like 18-30 would be a safe bet because I can also get crass and I don’t really have a filter lol.

ID# 86662

Name: Rhema
Age: 18
Country: Indonesia

Hi! I’m Rhema, but a lot of people call me Emma (it’s easier :p). I’m a female ITSJ, living in Indonesia. This is how I sum up my life : I skipped my high school. So, after I finished my sophomore year, I attended a diploma university where I studied film * media production. But, I graduated already and here I am. Now, I’m doing freelance in Video & Photography and doing YouTube.

As you probably have predicted, I am kind of a movie enthusiast. I love different types of movies, although my favorite is thriller/action/mystery. Beside movie, I watched tons of TV/Netflix series and also video games play-throughs. Music? Mostly I listen to boybands, British singers, indie, pop rock, and EDM, just name it.

These are my favorites : Movie - Inception & La La Land ; Series - 13 Reasons Why, Sherlock ; Music - Harry Styles, Honne, Martin Garrix, Clean Bandit, Westlife, Backstreet Boys ; Video game - The Last Of Us & Beyond Two Souls ; Book - Note to Self ; Color - Grey ; Animal - Dogs ; Sports - Swimming, Archery, Wall Climbing, Shooting

Enough rambling. Why do I submit? I’m trying to find someone who can involve in deep conversations, or even talking about conspiracy theories, or politics, idk everything. Maybe we can collaborate, be friends or soulmates or in between, and support each other.

P.S. : Imagine if we finally meet up after talking for several years #internetbestfriendrules !

Preferences: 17-25
I am open to any genders, race, beliefs.
I do prefer talking to someone outside Indonesia or SEA, just to explore more cultures and people :) x

Attention: followers and Trespassers

It’s been brought to my attention again. People are asking me why I’m I putting my stamp on pictures on my blog that are not mine. 75% of the pictures are mine of my feet, and the others are pictures that I like and I post them on my blog I’m not copyrighting them in anyway, I’m just putting my stamp there so others will know were to go to see more amazing pictures. If you can’t except this you can simply take you eyes somewhere else. I’m posting these pictures for the fun of it and expressing what turns me on.


I’m not one to ship easily infact I get annoyed by ships most of the time
But Namjin….is definitely real just something about these two souls screams mother and father bond

The way they look into each other’s eyes with the trust of two souls that knew each other a long time and care for each other, one blows a kiss the other blows it back signalling equal love and division of the heart

I’m putting a stamp down on Namjin they might not be sexual but the love for each other is real like two halves of a soul that has been split apart but reunited once again

Images courtesy sugainfiresme21
I am me. I am a trans woman. I’m not all pretty and pink and flowers and shit. I’m tired of people wanting to put me in some gendered box. I’m tired of the expectation that I have to look more femme to be a woman. Just because my birth papers were stamped M doesn’t make me less of a woman. I want to be over gender stereotypes.
—  Tara
Please help

Well I never thought it’d come to this but my life is falling apart. I’m trying to move out with my girlfriend and I’m on an SSI wait list that’s been in progress for 2 years for my mental disorders. I had an under the table job but I lost it within a week due to a panic attack. I never wanted to ask for money but I can’t even afford copay on my 7 different medications and my parents can’t help me anymore. I’m “supposed” to have my SSI hearing in July but closing on the house is June 3rd. I’m not asking for much, I’m on food stamps so I’ll eat fine but there’s medications, appointment copays, and bills. If you can spare even 50¢ I’d really appreciate it. I don’t even expect most of my followers to even read this but please, I need help. My PayPal is paypal.me/brokehomiebrian. Thank you all so much for just reading this even if you can’t donate. I love you all.

  • Thrawn: Slavin, stand in the corner. You're in a timeout.
  • Slavin: Time out!? I'm a grown man!
  • Thrawn: Wrong on both accounts. You're 27 and with all due respect, you're an idiot. Stand in that corner and face the wall.
  • Slavin: Admiral!
  • Thrawn: Just do it, Captain.
  • Slavin: *squeals angrily and stands in the corner*
  • [Later that night]
  • Thrawn: *reenters the room after a meeting elsewhere* What the? Captain Slavin?
  • Slavin: Yeah?
  • Thrawn: What in the world are you doing there?
  • Slavin: *sassily* Well, you told me to stand in the corner, Admiral, so that's what I'm doing.
  • Thrawn: *facepalm* Please don't talk back to your commanding officer, Captain. Go to your room.
  • Slavin: But I'm an adult! *stamps foot*
  • Thrawn: *hisses*
  • Slavin: *flees the room with a scream*
  • Thrawn: *sighs and rubs temples* Oh, that silly boy.

Gets from the weekend of Anime Central 2017!! Grouped roughly by theme: Cats, monster anime & magical girls, ice skating boyfriends, art (which is also of…those sorts of things).

Very important to note that the Victuuri roller skate print has gold foil(!!) which is honestly the coolest thing ever. Thanks @kayshasiemens for this treasure! Also, the “Wow! Amazing!” rubber stamp is the best ever and I hear Victor’s voice every time I look at it and I’m gonna stamp it all over things! (Will link back when I figure out the artist!)

The Taichi kigurumi sticker is courtesy of @citrus-cactus, and technically we also split the YOI cloud set and it didn’t come from Anime Central but who cares; I had the BEST time together, A+ would always (and probably will always) go again!!