m so sorr

  • Me: (accidentally sneezes on a friend)
  • Friend: wow. thanks for that. asshole
  • Me: lmao
  • Me: (accidentally sneezes on my cat)
  • My cat: (looks surprised for a second but then isn't bothered at all)
Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff

Request: Imagine dating Cedric and Oliver getting completely jealous and aggravated that he purposely hits him during the Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff match

Word Count: 511

Pairing: Triangle -> Oliver x (Y/N) x Cedric

You wrap the scarf even tighter around your neck as you stumble your way out of the Hufflepuff changing tent, the obvious gryffindor colours sanding out against the yellow and black of the quidditch teams uniform. You stare down at the ground, trying to keep your face out of the way of the autumn breeze. Smack. Obviously you weren’t paying enough attention as you smacked hard into the broad chest of none other than your best friend, the captain of the Gryffindor team, Oliver Wood. “I’m so sorr- (Y/N)?” He began before looking up in astonishment. “What on earth are you doing here?” He looked at where you had just come from, sighing as he noticed the Hufflepuff team now walking out the back, towards the pitch. “Cedric.” You confirmed, nodding quickly. You had been dating for almost six months now and for you it had been incredible, for Oliver not so much. He hated the idea of his best friend with his ‘Quidditch enemy.’ “Well I hope that your game goes well.” You smile cheerfully, noticing how Oliver was avoiding your gaze. “Go Gryffindor?” You joked, raising your small flag with a laugh. “Yea.” He sighed, only adding to the awkward air of the conversation. “Time to go Oliver!” You heard Fred shout as the Gryffindor team emerged from the tent amidst excited cheering from the pitch. “See you later then Oliver.” You smiled, wrapping your arms around your best friend, feeling him tense underneath you as his arms remained frozen at his sides. Whats up with him?

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anonymous asked:

M!A grub again for a week

> Well frick. You probably should have seen this kind of thing coming a mile away. With all this talk of babies and grubs flyinh around,  It would be your luck this magic would hit you as well.

> You were just minding your own things, trying to ignore the whole baby business until studdenly, everything got super big, and youve been struck down with the grey magic itself…

> This is going to be a long week.

rifleshotsandflowerpots  asked:

Inventory Add: Special Dog whistle ;D

> A….Whistle…With a dog head at the other end of it? How strange! With everything else you’ve gotten this evening, at least some of the things were somewhat recognizable– like the Tinkerbull plushie seemed like a nice friend, and the sunglasses thing looked like a chill kinda due– but this whistle is nothing like you’ve every seen in your tiny grub life. 

> You can’t help but wonder what it was or what is can do? Quickly you find yourself gnawing on the shiny metal. This is fine.

ONE (1) “Special” Dog Whistle has been added to your INVENTORY! 


“Get out…” Barry whispered, pulling both Caitlin and Cisco away from the breach as he continued stepping back; never taking his eyes off of Zoom, who was standing right behind you.

“Barry…” You started, trying to hold back a sob that seemed to be climbing up your throat. “Please, Barry, I’m so sorr-”

“Get out.”  He said again, darker this time as his heated gaze settled on you. He shook his head… “Just go.”

Dipping your chin, you cradled your head in your hands and felt the hot gush of tears run down your face. You didn’t expect them to take the news well but you were so tired of hiding this - of covering your tracks… You had to come clean. You had told so many lies over the last few months and now that it had all blown up in your face, you weren’t really sure if any of it had been worth it. But it was over now… You had stabbed your closest friends in the back. You betrayed them and judging by their horrified expressions, you were just another monster…

(X) (~♫♪~) Part II

Request: Imagine having to tell the team that you are in a relationship with Zoom

likecottxncandy  asked:

fake snow. fucking. everywhere. winter isn’t impressed by the fact that marley decided to give minako eight bags of FAKE. FUCKING. SNOW. from the photoshoot from today. who the FUCK has a WINTER photoshoot in S P R I N G ? he heavily questions his father’s intentions and sighs at length.

…can you even build a snowman out of fake snow?”


Imagine #6: Being Mary Eunice’s first kiss

Mary Eunice’s eyes lashes fluttered as she looked deep into your eyes. 

“You’re very beautiful when you do that.” 

Her gaze immediately fell, as her cheeks glew a deep red. 

“I-I’m sorry Y/N…I was just..”

You chuckled lightly as you moved your head lower, looking into Mary’s eyes. 

“It’s alright Mary, I don’t mind.”

Mary looked deep into your eyes, and bit her bottom lip. Before you could let out your snarky remark, Mary crashed her lips onto yours, knocking you back slightly. 

“Ow…” is all you could manage before giggling. 

“Oh goodness, I knew that was a mistake, I’m so so sorr-” you interrupted her as you gently pressed your lips onto hers. She flinched for a second, but soon relaxed into the kiss. Mary’s lips were quite still, but she started to mimic your movements. As she massaged your lips with hers, all you could think about is how soft they are. Almost angelic. 

You moved away, leaving only a small gap in between you and Mary, “I said I don’t mind.”  You whispered 

Mary’s lips curled into a wide grin, before you leaned back into her for another kiss. 

Gone || Prompt: Salty

She reached to touch his arm with trembling fingers, her mind reeling with both anxiety and fear -she doesn’t know how he’ll react, doesn’t know what to say if she were to see broken emotions on his face.

“He’s dead.”

She freezes a inch away from his skin, her mind goes blank in shock. “W-what?”

The blond’s eyes are bloodshot when he turns to face her, his voice is shaky and he looked like he was crying without tears.

“He’s gone, Sak. He’s dead.”

She stared at him with impossibly wide green eyes. What is he saying? Who’s dead?

Sasuke? Genma?



All air left her lungs in one go and she dropped her arm, suddenly unable to support it.

“No,” she whispered, voice, hands and knees trembling.

“Sakura-chan I’m so sorr-”

“No!” She shouted pushing Naruto away from her, “you’re lying!”

Dead? Kakashi? …dead? No way. Sakura’s mind was having a melt down and her stomach was twisting harshly.

Naruto looks at her with impossibly sad cerulean eyes. “I wish I was.”

No this was too much for Sakura, she doubled over and puked in the nearest bush.

Naruto’s hand found her shoulders and he rubbed her back with the comfort he needed himself.

“Breathe Sakura,” he murmured again and again.

But how could she? How could she breathe knowing the love of her life is gone?

How could she breathe, when the child growing inside her will never know his father?

How would her lungs function knowing Kakashi never knew he was going to be a father?

Her knees buckled beneath her and if it wasn’t for Naruto’s strong arms holding her up she would’ve hit the concrete ground.

“Sakura-chan!” He gasped, surprised and fearful.

Naruto won’t understand, he didn’t know about her and Kakashi.

No one did.

And now he was gone.

Tears pooled in her eyes and she wailed loudly, so brokenly it shocked even Naruto.

People walking by the hospital stopped to see what happened but Sakura couldn’t stop screaming for the life of her.

She held onto Naruto with a death-grip and sobbed until her throat was horas and her tears soaked Naruto’s shirt all the way through.

He cried with her, his tears fell down her temple and mixed with hers.

And she mumbled incoherently into his chest, unsure of what she was even saying. Her tears blinded her and her sobs deafened her.

Sakura never knew real mind-boggling pain until that second.

She’s knocked death’s door before, took kunais to the heart, broke bones and drowned, but nothing, nothing came close to the pain she felt now.

It was as if a fire was eating up her heart ad trying to burn it’s way out. Flames licked at her throat and scorched her eyes and she couldn’t, for the life of her, breath.

She was already seeing him in her mind’s eye, her brain having a fast recollection of every memory she had of him, savouring them because now she knew she’s never going to see him again.

He’s never going to give her one of his unmasked warm smiles again, she’s never going to feel his loving touch on her skin after today or hear his voice whispering in her ear that it’ll be okay.

He was gone.

How is he gone? She just saw him this morning. He smiled at her, wished her a good day, gave her a goodbye kiss and promised to see her after his mission.

He promised! How could he break his promise? She was faintly aware of screaming that at Naruto, that Kakashi promised her, that Kakashi broke his promise. Kakashi never broke promises so why this one?

She wished she held him longer, wished she kissed him deeper, wished she hugged him closer.

But it’s too late now.

The pain was insane, slamming into her like a truck again and again, each time a little harder, knocking the breath out of her until she felt like she might pass out.

And pass out she did but the darkness didn’t comfort her, it didn’t ease her pain, it only swallowed her alive.

andrés seeing a baby anywhere in the wasteland: on the verge of tears* can…can I have permission to hold your baby please ?? I want to hold your baby I’m so sorr,y


maybe it was the fact that she was walking backwards without glancing over her shoulder or maybe it was the music blasting from her headphones that obscured any other sound around her but within seconds, maya had collided with a solid wall. no, not a wall. a person. “oh shit.” she yanked the headphones from her ears and spun around on her toes. “i’m so sorr–” her gaze lands on logan and the apology quickly dies on her tongue.