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So… The Get Down didn’t get renewed. I’m honestly so disappointed. This was a television program that was fresh and original. It was a story that deserved to be told. It visualized an American era that changed history, yet many people probably weren’t aware of. It put forth a diverse and complex cast of people of color and gave these characters so much potential for growth.

It had an amazing soundtrack; The Get Down managed to be a musical program that didn’t awkwardly break story flow or force its audience to suspend their belief in order for its musical features to shine, but incorporated them so perfectly into the story line that you didn’t even realize you’re watching a musical.

It just sucks. The Get Down and Pitch getting cancelled are two huge let downs for television in 2017. When programs featuring black people in historically significant roles keep getting cancelled, what message does that send to its audience?

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Yeah I guess haha I'd be getting really upset about the situation if we knew for sure they were coming back but they obviously are so I'm fine but I'm also so disappointed we have to wait for the next season haha Also though - another thought... what do you think they will do with the promo's and such because they can't exactly spoil and surely they can't just have all footage of Oliver trying to figure out what happened??

It’s the Season Premier. They’ll spoil what they have to to convince people to come back. It might just be all of Oliver except that we know they can’t all have died. Most of the team returns for next year. The question is who survived. Did Oliver spend 5 months not knowing if they were alive? The ramifications about what happen that’s what they won’t spoil.

But SDCC they will have a promo and it will be lit.!!     

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but listen i'm so disappointed that there were no white walkers in this trailer. like yeah ok we like the boeing 777 dragons and jon doing his king in the north thing and choking baelish, but where's my beloved night's king and his army doing their thing???? also no 80's song cover version for this one????

boeing 777 dragons kdfjalkjdfjsfklsa

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What is your opinion on the death of Myrcella in the show? x

my opinion is MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love myrcella a Lot okay. and what’s especially sad is i actually loved s5 myrcella a lot, she was pretty true to her book character (intelligent, brave, kind, etc.) but then they went and KILLED HER OFF just to fulfill their “shocking death quota” for the season and to further emotionally damage jaime and cersei. 

myrcella’s storyline in the asoiaf books is one of my favorites, ALL of dorne is and i’m just so disappointed with how badly d&d ruined them on the show. like of all the things they fucked up, i’m most upset about that (other than That s5 Sansa plot), like ugh. i’m mad lol sorry

your opinion on…

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Whys Erik durm not playing the Pokalfinale ???

According to Sky, Erik can’t play on Saturday due to the knock he has picked up in the last match. That was probably the reason for his depressed mood after the last match ☹️☹️☹️

I’m honestly so disappointed and sad for Erik 😥

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I know I haven’t been here in a while, and I’ve seemed to have lost focus on what this blog is about (did I ever have a focus?) but I’m so disappointed with the way they’re going about this new Star Wars trilogy. I was so excited about it when we first got the trailer and now I’m just ‘ehhh’ about it all over again with the more news we get. Like, they have no direction, no plan, and it just sounds like an unnecessary mess. 

I’m so disappointed when elves in fiction are merely immortal humans with pointy ears, and dwarves are just short humans with beards. Perhaps others enjoy it, but I am bored of banal human conflicts and vices projected ad nauseam onto supposedly inhuman races. 

I want to see things that really make me believe elves and dwarves and other fantasy races aren’t just disguised humans. Show me strange biology, incomprehensible minds, impossible virtues and unthinkable sins, oddities and curiosities of all kinds. 

I think that’s what drew me to Tolkien’s races, who have exactly those kinds of quirks that set them apart from ordinary humans - like dwarves having only 1/3 of their race female, or elves being capable of telepathy. I love fic that explores the consequences of these strange characteristics most of all.

Shiro/Lance interactions I’d like to see in future seasons:
  • Shiro laughing at one of Lance’s bad jokes/pick-up lines before he can catch himself (preferably while Keith is present, so he can shoot him a “I’m so disappointed in you” look ;p).
  • Shiro telling Lance a corny joke of his own, completely deadpan. Lance just stares at him for a moment before going, “Did you just make a joke?” and positively beaming.
  • Lance calling Shiro out on his tendency to internalize his pain and isolate himself rather than talking about it – “Just because you’re our leader doesn’t mean you don’t need help sometimes.”
  • Shiro realizing that Lance recognized this tendency bc he deals with his negative emotions in a similar fashion (seriously, this is one of the biggest things they have in common imo – we see it with Lance when he runs off to cry alone after getting homesick, and with Shiro when he waits for everyone to leave before letting out his frustration at Sendak).
  • Shiro and Lance bonding over the fact they were both international (or first-gen?) members of the Galaxy Garrison.
  • A scene where Lance tells Shiro he’s his hero.
  • Shiro getting to see more of Lance’s serious side.
  • Shiro accidentally revealing his dorky/less serious side one day and Lance being absolutely delighted (totes inspired by Josh Keaton saying Shiro likes memes but would never tell Lance).
  • Like just imagine Shiro delivering a very poignant speech before a battle one day, and when it cuts to everyone else’s faces they’re all smiling softly, looking inspired….except for Lance, who’s grinning like his birthday just came early. “Dude did you just quote [Generic Cheesy Sci-Fi Action Film]?! My favorite movie of all time?!”
  • More of these fond looks from Shiro when Lance is goofing around:

Okay so I wanna say a few things cause I’m annoyed lol.. Miss DOC is a very pretty girl. She is beautiful, smart and talented.. but I’m so disappointed. Health care is a privilege to those with jobs? So all of those people who can’t work do to illness who in turn can’t pay for health care.. should just go without?.. Okay moving on. I’m not even so much upset that she doesn’t consider herself a feminist but more so her reason for not. The jist of her answer was “I’m a beautiful girl who could afford a good education and a successful job so who needs feminism.” When the whole point of feminism is that there are women and girls in these world who need building up and support because they aren’t as lucky as Miss DC. Sorry but I don’t know how she won and I’m super disappointed.

dramatic kpop fans be like: “i’m so disappointed in Vernon, but i knew something like this would happen. I just knew the rapper in seventeen would listen and dance to rap music. smh. so disappointed”

some of yall need to learn what racism is before you try to be fakeass social justice warriors

DR2 Boys As Crap That’s Been Said In My Household Recently

Hajime Hinata: “I feel like a protagonist in one of those TV shows that can’t decide what it is so it pretends it’s a whole new genre and calls itself edgy, but we all know it’s just an asshole.”

Nagito Komaeda: “Look, I know I’m not the easiest person to live with. Believe me, I know. I’m annoying and obsessive and unstable and useless and terrible and I forgot where I was going with this, but I’m glad we’ve established something here.”

Kazuichi Soda: “I’m so disappointed in myself. I lost a dance-off tonight because I accidentally did the macarena. Accidentally!”

Fuyhiko Kuzuryuu: “Please don’t tell him I said that. He’ll get really offended and it’ll lose it’s effect for when I say it to his face.”

Gundham Tanaka: “I’d love to help you but I can’t. The dog has decided I’m her bed, and it’d be really rude of me to abandon her now.”

Nekomaru Nidai: “You need to get into the sun more! You’re so pale, I need sunglasses just to look at you. Ex-er-cise!”

Twogami (SHSL Imposter): “People think I’m cool for some reason. I’m not cool, I’m just a good actor.”

Teruteru Hanamura: “I’d let her kick me in the face or do literally anything to me, and I’m not even into – don’t give me that look.”

Your best friend suddenly bails out on a project she has invested almost two years of her life into - she gives no proper explanations. Your first reaction should be to see what’s wrong and what the problem is and how you can help, not attack the person and almost condescendingly interrogate them. I might be reading too much into this, but the way the girl squad confronted Sana showed that they really don’t care about her, they’re not concerned for her. In fact, they sound almost angry with her. 

“Now that we’ve got a bus and people and everything is alright, now you resign?”

They’re not asking her why she resigned? They’re asking her why she resigned now. They’re worried that things won’t go as smoothly with the bus and the pepsi-max girls now that Sana is out of the equation. I’m so disappointed.