m so disappoint

One of the perks of living in Manchester is the fact that coming across M-21 isn’t so rare. I was going to try out a different dessert place and look what I found!

Me : *fangirling*
Little Sister : I can’t believe you’re obsessed with the first half of a postcode
Mum : *confused and disappointed*

(During my childhood I lived in a place where the first half of my post code was M21)

child of the revolution 
who watched comrades fall
you have survived the battle
but you will lose the war

cr: cola

cr: crave for attention

cr: dazed

cr: twinned poison

cr beyami

cr: h20

cr: fruitxfruit

cr: love crazy

cr: mama dafu

The amount of times I have seen “this was well executed” and “her death made sense” and “it was necessary for the plot” is one too many. A black lesbian character was killed in a disturbing way. They painted that cop as innocent and ruled her death an accident. They spent an episode trying to get the audience to sympathize with a white man who just killed a black woman. What was the statement they were trying to make? That cops accidentally kill people every single day? Because this isn’t raising awareness on police brutality or on #BlackLivesMatter, it’s just making excuses for a murderer, justifying her death. The last thing we needed was them presenting police brutality as an accident, when news outlets already justify & humanize white policemen who kill black people. If they wanted to make a statement, then they shouldn’t have pulled the same shit the media does every single time a cop kills someone.  All they did was add to the problem by trying to justify the white murderer instead of actually using their outlet to shine some light into police brutality and the racism that exists in the system. 

It was disgusting, and I really hope the lack of outcry is because people haven’t watched it yet. He killed a peaceful, ray of sunshine, woud never hurt anyone, black woman who was just trying to help her friend. OITNB may claim to have progressive storylines that mimicks reality and her death might not have been because she’s black or lesbian, but that doesn’t mean that her death isn’t just adding to the amount of WLW (or POC) we have seen die on TV. It doesn’t erase the fact that we have seen too many WLW die after they find someone to be happy with. 

Poussey Washington deserved happiness. She deserved love. She deserved better. She deserved not to be murdered.