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I'm getting cursed-shamed and my inbox is overflowing with unwanted opinions. Your blog gives me solace, thank you so much.

I’m so sorry you are dealing with that. Just delete them and they will be gone. Easy peasy. I know it is easier said than done, but knowing where you stand and that you have reasons for your belief makes it easier to ignore the haters. Especially on something like curse shaming.



gif request meme » Borderlands + favorite minor character

what which voltron character you stan for says about you:

lance: living shitpost

pidge: nerd with issues

keith: you’re emo or gay, or both. you’re either nothing like keith or you ARE him…or you’re lance.

hunk: you wanna be nice like he is/you are nice and pure

shiro: you have a daddy kink and i’m shaming

allura: you’re gay and strong and wanna fight the sun

coran: you are a good human and you say “quiznak” often

fucking sendak??: furry

shay: you’re hunk

I am so tired of being ashamed of my weight.

I’m fat, but I’m also compassionate, intelligent, kind, and so many other things that are a million times more important than how I look. And yeah, I’m beautiful, too.

This picture was taken at my senior formal and I used to be ashamed to even look at this- now I love it, because I finally realise that what the world has told me is wrong.

I am beautiful and I am worthy of feeling that way.

You Voted

You voted,

You are so proud,

You wanted to make America great again,

Was it great when there was nothing but oppression?

Was it great when we had slaves?

Was it great when people could go out and kill black people for no reason,

Was it great when women couldn’t even vote?

I hope you said yes,

If you voted for Trump then I hope you said yes,

You voted to take away the right to marriage for gay people,

The right to live peacefully for minorities,

You VOTED to ruin peoples lives,

If my right to marriage is taken away,

You’ll laugh,

If the girl I love gets killed,

You’ll laugh because she’s just some mixed girl to you,

A stain to you,

If you are pro choice and you voted for Trump,

You just voted to end abortions that save lives,

You just voted to end abortions on rape victims,

You just voted to ruin so many lives,

My mother says as women we can’t live under Trump,

If you have a daughter or sister or mother,

Then explain to them why you don’t care if they get raped,

After all you just put a rapist in the Oval Office,

If you voted,

If you voted for all of these things,

Shame on you,

You voted to end Freedom in America,

You VOTED to oppress others,

You VOTED for a liar and a con man,

A man who never once told the truth,

A man who is for and against everything,

A man who wants to kill people like me.

A man who wants to sleep with his daughter,

But you are so proud,

After all,

You voted for him.

Meshmesh has just helped herself to a huge piece of my sister’s birthday cake, and she’s not even sorry, because birthdays might come once a year, but Cat Day is every day, and she’s the queen of the house. Submitting this here even though she clearly thinks its a flattering picture, because I’m trying to Cat Shame her. (It’s not working.)


I wanted to do something for Tae’s birthday, but unfortunately I’m a day late, shame on me (๑•́ㅿ•̀๑)

So, as a New Year’s Eve present, here’s a Red Haired Tae :)

Hope you’ll like it as much as I do !

~ Please, do not repost or edit my art ~