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The band of men sat together as a unit near the back of the chapel, all of their eyes dancing around from the guests that filled in around them and the individuals moving up the aisle to file in to the front, all dressed in similar gold bridesmaid dresses and sharp black tuxedos.

“She picked gold. You think that’s a sign?” He questioned with a glint of hope. His accompanying guests couldn’t help but chuckle at his idiocy. “She did not pick gold for you! Our colors are yellow!” Kevin responded.

That was close enough for Marco.

“Here he goes overthinking everything,” Erik muttered under his breath.

Marco kept his eyes squarely forward as he awaited her entrance, no matter who else walked into his view and no matter the comments his teammates were making. He had kind of wished he had sat away from them. They were far too distracting when his heart was already beating a mile a minute. Once the guests began to stand and turn to look over their shoulder, he did the same. The first sight of her in her long white designer gown caused him to lose his breath. She looked far more extravagant than he expected and a piece of him couldn’t help but to envision she was walking down the aisle towards him.

But she wasn’t. She was headed to be greeted by some Frank guy who didn’t deserve her in the slightest. Marco had every reason to think it should have been him instead. In fact, he had created a list last night messily sketched onto a scrap piece of wrinkled paper he had found under his dresser. On that paper was approximately 58 reasons she shouldn’t go through with this. The final reason?

He was in love with the way she sang along to a song she’s never heard.

So maybe his reasoning had gone from strong to weak but he kept all 58, currently hidden and stuffed into the pocket of his black dress pants.

“She’s gorgeous,” he let out to no one in particular. His eyes followed her every step, his eyes running up and down her as if she was a trophy he had yet to touch. He continued to do that once she was met at the altar by her soon-to-be husband. The thought alone made him shudder and he quickly sat down.

“You think if I keep staring at her, she’ll just know and stop it all?” He whispered to his teammates seated in the same row as him.

“No, you idiot,” Ciro asserted.

A woman in the row in front of them quickly turned in her seat and gave them a scolding “Shhh” to quiet them, tired of having to listen to the disturbing whispers of the party behind her. All of the guys, except Marco of course, held their hands up in innocence.

Once the woman turned back forward in her seat, the talking persisted. “We’ll never get invited to another wedding again,” Mats mumbled with a disappointed shake of his head.

His remarks were ignored. Marco was in his own world at the moment, trying to figure out the best way to go about this. “I can’t let her do this. I can’t.”

“What the hell are you going to do? Stand up when they ask who objects?”

“Yes,” Marco said confidently.

“Oh hell,” Nuri remarked, throwing his hands up in defeat.

“I knew I should have sat in the other row,” Erik mumbled to himself, beginning to prepare for the embarrassment that would come with the amount of eyes that were going to be facing his direction. All he wanted was to enjoy a nice wedding. Couldn’t he at least get that?

“Are you sure about that, mate? I mean…this is her day. Are you sure you want to ruin it and have her hate you?” Sven tried to reason with his teammate who was far past logic. He was already two feet in.

“I’d hate you after you made me waste thousands of dollars on fine chocolates,” Mats added.

“Is that all you’re thinking about?” Sven jerked his neck in Mats direction.

“What? I like chocolate,” Mats nonchalantly shrugged.

It was now Marco’s turn to speak up. “I don’t care how much she spent on this wedding if that means she has to be stuck with this guy for the rest of her life. Look at her. She looks so unhappy.”

Or at least that was the image of her he had painted over the real one because right now she was smiling uncontrollably and nearly on the verge of happy tears, her hands unable to stop shaking nervously as she listened to the priest speak.

“And besides,” Marco continued trying to reason with his teammates in hopes they wouldn’t hop up and leave the chapel as soon as he stood to protest. He didn’t want to have to face this daunting task alone. He needed their support in any way he could get it. “What if she’s pregnant with my child? Would that change your minds?”

Immediately all of their eyes widened, shocked and surprised as well as hoping no one was listening in to their conversation. “She’s pregnant?! With your kid?!” They all seemed to whisper in unison.

Marco quickly sunk into his chair, realizing that wasn’t the way to go. “Okay…so maybe she isn’t pregnant…but what if she was?”

Their shocked expressions quickly turned into stale ones. “You’re going mad,” Ciro commented for them all. “Look, do what you want and good luck to you. I’ll sit here but I’m not cheering and applauding when this all comes crashing down.”

That was enough for Marco. Not like he had much of a choice because it was now his cue, as the priest asked if there were any objections. Everyone sat forward in their seats expecting things to go on without a hitch. The bride and groom were lost in each other eyes, figuring the same but that didn’t stop Marco from standing from his seat.

“I object,” he spoke proudly, his stoic figure gaining the attention of everyone now as they turned to find who was the source of the disturbance. His teammates watched on slightly proud and slightly embarrassed, debating whether to hide their faces in their hands or clap for him actually going through with it.

Her eyes widened as soon as she realized it was him though it shouldn’t have been so surprising to see him here. She had invited him with the expectation he wouldn’t show, that he would be too hurt to and she didn’t blame him for that. But for him to not only show but to interrupt her wedding? That was unexpected. She struggled to verbalize anything while the groom stood drilling a painful stare in Marco’s direction. He shouldn’t have been surprised to see him either.

Marco needed no further permission or directions. He had watched this plenty of times in romantic movies he had rented, unbeknownst to anyone. He just needed to gather his breath well enough to speak and not trip while he walked over the feet of his teammates and down the aisle closer to her.

Everyone watched in awe, shocked, surprised, anticipating, everything. He was sure there were a few angry glares as well especially coming from Frank’s side of the family but there was one person he had on his side and that was Y/N’s brother who seemed to have a delighted smirk on his face as he sat in the front row watching this all unfold.

It was then that Marco reached into his pocket, only a few steps away from the woman he loved. “I-I…I wrote down every reason I could think of in four and a half hours of why you shouldn’t be marrying him.” He quickly zoned out, his eyes only focusing on her and not on the murmurs of people speaking around him or Frank’s warning glances.

“Number one, I’m in love with you. And I know that is so obvious because why else would I be up here? But I just need you to know that first and foremost. I wish I wasn’t so cowardly and I could have made sure you knew that before you got this far with someone else. It isn’t my intention to ruin your day and have you standing here looking at me crazy while you’re in this gorgeous dress and you’ve spent all this money on your fancy food and chocolates Mats won’t get to steal into his pockets…but I need you. I need you so much more than he wants you. I even made a list…”

He fished the paper out of his pockets quickly, all eyes still on him as everyone was unsure of how to handle this situation. “You can’t seriously be going through this entire list?” Frank snickered, no longer willing to entertain this poor love-struck man.

Marco ignored him and unfolded the paper anyway, struggling to read the now smeared pencil writings but she stopped him, holding out her hand and taking his wrist into her grasp. “Marco…”

“Don’t say anything unless you’re going to step down from this altar and into my arms,” he warned. It was obvious she was unsure of what to do, her eyes searching his for sincerity and searching her own heart for a hard to come by solution. It wasn’t as easy as running into Marco’s arms or shooing him away to continue her union with the man she was supposed to be marrying today.

“It isn’t that easy,” she commented with her eyes looking at him sympathetically.

“I know it isn’t easy but I also know you know what you really want. And if it’s me you’ll let me know before it’s too late. Like that first night you told me you loved me. That was real and though it was years ago, I know you still mean it. I know those feelings are still there. Just put your faith in me for once. Give us the chance you never did before.”

It was then that his hand stretched out, his palm facing upward waiting for her to put her hand on top of his. A dramatic gulp ran down her throat as her eyes drifted from his face and to his awaiting grasp.

And if you know me like I know you, you should love me, you should know…

It seemed everyone waited with bated breath to see what her decision would be. It was a decision that held a lot of weight but would have to be made within a matter of minutes. Marco just watched her expression, waiting for the slightest clue while his cheeks burned red. Frank looked to Y/N as well, waiting to see if he would be the one left at the altar while his dream woman scurried off into the arms of another man.

A shudder ran down her spine as she envisioned both scenarios, her pushing Marco away and turning to Frank and then the other scene of her flying into Marco’s arms, leaving everyone stunned.

Because her parents had never been introduced to Marco. All they knew was the lovely man she was minutes away from marrying for good and his family that they adored. She had never met Marco’s family either, only his extended family of his teammates. There was obviously more unknown on Marco’s side.

But she always found herself attracted to the unknown.

She turned to Frank briefly and her eyes spelled out all that he needed to know, her mouth mouthing words no one else could see but him and that was when she turned to Marco, gladly accepting his hand under hers.

His teammates silently pumped their fists under their seats, still afraid to verbalize their joy while everyone else was stuck silent in their seats, unsure of how to respond. Frank’s parents sat with their mouth hanging agape as the wedding they had spent so much on was being torched and the perfect daughter in law they envisioned at family holidays for years to come was now slipping from a dream to a harsh reality. Her parents sat unsure of how exactly to respond, mixed with the same emotions as his parents and one of being grateful their daughter may have been happier with another man. The only other person that mattered near the front was Justin, her brother, who watched on proudly, his hands grasped tightly waiting to applaud his baby sister and her decision because all along he knew she would find her way to where she belonged.

With Marco Reus.

“I’m sorry for having you make this decision like this,” Marco whispered for only her to hear.

“Don’t apologize. Thank you. Thank you for having the courage to do what I didn’t.”

And as they looked in each other’s eyes, they knew there was no other place, no other person, they’d rather be with no matter how long they had tried to deny it. The hardest part was over.

Thoughts? Send your feedback! This imagine was written to ‘One’ and ‘Friends’ by Ed Sheeran for those who want to listen. I thought it was going to be a mainly emotional one shot (which it still sort of was) but I had to make it slightly comedic with BVB.

gif credit to xagaaga.

new url!

Hey guys! Today I decided it was finally time to change this blog’s URL, which used to be hydrocyanic–acid. Chemistry will always be my first and greatest love and the only thing that got me into science in the first place, but truth be told, I’ve known for more than a year now that I’m not doing chemistry anymore. The last chem class I even took was Orgo I lab, and it was hell. It’s physically too many credit hours to do the chem/stats double major, so I’ve switched to biology instead. (I know, boo.)

I’ve been getting into math and stats more lately, and now that I’m at this biostats REU, it’s starting to look pretty appealing as a career. I’m still a dirty premed for the time being, just more confused.

Blog contents won’t be changing at all lol. Still mostly horse posts interspersed with math, chemistry, the occasional social justice thing, and plenty of shitposts. (@science people: sorry for reblogging so many horses but I hope they look pretty)

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