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in your opinion, which ham character is toughest for you to draw/perfect? (plus i'm madly in love with your oc, andrew ?? he's such a hecking cutie)

a-andrew….. im glad u love him … he’s tough to love but he needs it

also hercules, madison, washington and jefferson are the hardest for me!!! im still struggling with how i want their designs to be in the end and at the same time to potray them as accuretaly as possible 


Request: Can you please do 10,21&39 with Robbie please?


  • 10. “Don’t make me regret saving you.”
  • 21. “Do you smell burning?”
  • 39. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.” 

Warnings: none

Your best friend, Robbie, dragged you over to this building. You were hesitant to go, as it was old and abandoned. It was one of the oldest buildings in your town, and one of the creepiest. 

“Ugh, can we go home now? We made it here, now let’s turn back,” You whined, shivering a little. “Plus I’m cold.”

“I told you to bring a sweater,” Robbie bickered.

You rolled your eyes. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.

Robbie led the way, holding your hand. He had a flashlight in the other hand, shining the light on the floor and walls. It still looked so creepy. The walls were worn out, floors completely scraped. Some dusty, broken picture frames still hung on the walls along with other things in various rooms. You felt like you were in some horror video game.

“Robbie, please. Let’s head back. We’re already on the third floor. Isn’t that enough?”

You were scared and cold and tired. It was late, and you didn’t even know why Robbie wanted to roam the building so badly in the first place. Though he stayed silent, stopping in his tracks. His silhouette stiffened as became alert.

“…Robbie, what is it?” You asked, stepping closer to him.

Do you smell burning?

Your body tensed and chills went down your spine. “No?”

You began sniffing, but then the smell hit you. Something did smell like it was burning. Like a house fire. Like a building burning.

Panic set in the both of you. You searched around to see if there was any smoke. Maybe it wasn’t this particular building that was causing the burning smell. But it was. Robbie turned around to go down the stairs with you, but smoke was coming up them slowly.

“What do we do?” You cried out, extremely afraid.

“Follow me, it’s okay. I’ll get us out of here.”

Robbie held your hand tighter. You both ran away from the smoke, trying to find some kind of out. This fire was growing fast, as smoke started to already appear on the floor you were on. The burning smell was becoming stronger, and it was getting really hot. Also, breathing was becoming hard.

“Rob!” You wailed, petrified. 

“It’s okay, keep running!”

Finally an exit appeared. It was a fire escape. By then you were coughing up a storm. Robbie was beginning to cough a lot, too. The smoke was becoming too much for your lungs. Your eyes were watering and throat so dry. 

“Come on.” Robbie picked you up, getting you over the window sill and onto the metal platform. “Be careful, it could be broken.”

You were still coughing, but the taste of somewhat fresh air felt so good. Sirens echoed in all the chaos. You felt like you and Robbie made it, but that wasn’t the case. You were growing weaker from smoke inhalation. 

“Can you walk down the stairs?” Robbie asked.

“I don’t… I don’t know.”

You tried walking down, but you nearly lost balance. You questioned how Robbie wasn’t as weak yet, but didn’t have the energy to ask. Instead, Robbie tried helping you down the stairs as quickly as possible. 

Eventually you both reached the ground. Robbie picked you up once again. He knew you inhaled too much smoke. You were shorter than him, so the smoke got to you first. 

“Come on, Y/N, stay awake. Help right over there,” he winced. “Don’t make me regret saving you.

He attempted to say it in a playful manner, trying to take some ease off his mind. He was worried for you. You weren’t doing well. 

“Help, we were stuck inside,” Robbie ran. Firefighters, police cars, and ambulances were there. Immediately you were removed from Robbie’s grasp and being put on a gurney. An oxygen mask was put over you mouth and nose.

Robbie tried to follow you, but was stopped. He needed to be checked out, too. But also needed to be questioned by the police. What were you and him doing up there? Did you start the fire? Robbie tried his best to answer questions, but was too concerned about you. 

Though you were going to be fine, all thanks to Robbie’s help.

The Originals Finale.


I think the time jump will explain away Klaroline, hope going to the Salvatore school without Caroline and Klaus interacting. Hope will be 16/17. There not way that Caroline after nearly loosing her daughters to the devil would very let Klaus near that school. Plus i’m pretty sure that Damon and Elena and living in Mystic Falls. Isn’t that what happened with their Happy Ending. Bluh. 

Why do they keep taking Klaus away from his daughter. The whole first 2 seasons of The Originals was him trying to be good enough, learning to love his family, his redemption. Proving he can be better than his father, proving he can be a better father to Hope than he was to Marcel and  Now his going to regress to pre TVD/Season 2 Asshat. I hope not, i hope he can still carry the progress with him. Hope is going to be a teenager and a pretty strong witch and what is he going to be envious of it like he was with Marcel. I think Julie just wants to play with teenagers again. Stupid.

Elijah for the most part is my favourite character, with the exception of the the end of season 3 and the beginning of season 4, i just want him to be happy and understand that his happiness is important, i hope he thrives without his family dragging him down. Playing the piano in a small bar in France, i hope he falls in love with someone who will and can put him first. I think that why my favourite Elijah relationship is with Gia

Loved his scene with Marcel. plus Vincent not sure where i love or hate the way he talks. Condescending and like your kind of an idiot. 

I don’t think Kol and Davina will get married, it doesn’t make sense she’s a witch and i think if he wasn’t going to let Freya became of vampire because she’ll loose her magic than he definitely wouldn’t get Davina and with the time jump its going to be like what 10 years, she’ll age. or will they do that thing where they pretend Danielle aged.

I glad that Rebekah is finally happy and with Marcel and THANK GOD HE REALISED HE DOESN’T NEED TO BE IN NEW ORLEANS. 


J'adore avoir mes règles pendant la canicule (spoilers : non)

Déjà il fait chaud, et avec les règles, t'as l'impression que c'est encore plus l'enfer. Et puis tu sues encore plus, t'es perpétuellement moite

Mes ovaires dansent la rumba et la douleur est tellement forte qu'avec la chaleur, je risquerais deux fois plus de m'évanouir, et j'ai la gerbe, et j’ai envie de pleurer.

Le seul truc qui pourrait me faire aller mieux c'est une bouillotte et du thé

Mais il fait 42 à l'ombre


Paye ton utérus

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Are you a girl or a boy? Can't tell, sorry ._.

((…Me, the mun? Girl xD It’s fine that you can’t tell, I get it a lot so I’m used to it. Plus, it gives me a handful of funny stories of people confusing me as the opposite gender~))

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Hello! Thank you for answering my other ask (the one about only having one friendship) I have sensory issues and I'm plus size, so it's a nightmare to find clothes. Do you have any tips or help on shopping please?

Os Here, since I’ve got no idea, I asked my friend Kar and this is what they had to say:

Okeyday friend!

Depending on what sensory issues you have, and if dysphoria ever comes into play, my best advice is go to the “Men’s” section. Seriously. My favourite shirts (which happen to be the softest and Nicest), are men’s shirts. Men’s clothes tend to run a bit longer and larger than women’s. There’s also none of that vanity sizing nonsense that there is with women’s.

Start out by making two lists: things that are Sensory No’s and Sensory Yes’s. If there is a maybe, probably put it in the No category. Decide what you are needing to find, and keep your Sensory Yes’s in mind. I know I have done the thing where I decide “I’ll get used to this small irritation” and then give the item to one of my friends two months later.

Also: resale shops, thrift stores, things like goodwill, are absolutely PERFECT for us. It’s less pricey, and someone has already worn away the uncomfy of the fabrics. I love thrifting things like business attire because it feels disgusting on my skin. Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s are all good places as well.

For shirts: I always feel the fabric. I love soft things, and if it’s not soft, I will probably hate it. I decide if I want buttons. I decide if I want zippers. If there is lace, I see where it is located, how it is attached. I feel at the seams. I look for the tag if there is one. If it passes my basic evaluation, I’ll go ahead and try it on. Unfortunately, there is no way to really know if something is going to be a Yes or No until you get it on. Be sure to like lift your arms, twist, turn, things like that.

  • Recommended Places: Old Navy, GAP, Rue 21

For Trousers: Feel it. See how you feel about the pockets and the pocket texture. If you are going to do skinny jeans, I really recommend men’s. Or boyfriend style. Once again, move around in them.

  • Recommended Places: Target, Old Navy, Rue 21

For Undergarments: Good luck. Just good luck, mate. For binders, I’ve heard @gc2b-apparel is good, as well as @shapeshiftersinc. From experience, Underworks is good as well, but the mesh and way the 997 is designed, it is sometimes a sensory no. AdoreMe.com has cute bra and undies sets, I have a few 40D and 42DD bras because of sizing. Target’s athletic bras are soft, and I wear them when I am so done with bras. Alternatively, going without is something most people don’t notice.

Underwear is a different monster. All I can say is don’t go to Pink or Victoria’s Secret. This is trial and error honestly. I’ve had luck at places like Macy’s. Trust me, it is worth it to get Good Undies if you can.

  • No Recommended Places

Also, go to Walmart or Target or places like that. It can run larger in the women’s sizes. If you need any help, or if I missed your question entirely, please don’t hesitate to message me on @kcomplexes.

- Kar

So I figured I’d intro before I have to hit the stage and rock out. I’m Chrissy Constanza from that pretty awesome band called Against the Current. I’m 21 years young and own this big fluff all dog that I always miss when I’m on tour. I still live at home with my parents till I find the right place to live, plus I’m a mommys girl I refuse to leave her. I love long walks to my fridge and I guess I’m the beach too at sunset. I’m a lovable person and I’d love to friend you all. If you want to talk hmu @ sudsinthebucket919 I promise I don’t bite…hard 😏

Hoseok Fic Recs

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After Months of empty promises and multiple nights, filled with reading hoseok smut i’ve finally finished this shit storm of smut from the best hipped man….JUNG HOSOEK

all bolded fics or writers mentioned are ones that have been recently added.

Also if you ever want to send me your own fic recommendations I”m always up for some more reading…

Last Updated: 6/3/17

💖 = Personal Favorite



Writers Mentioned:

@seokvie @bts-thestoryvalley @colourfulnoodles @minisyubie @sangsanghaebwa @kimvtae @jeonjagiya @war-of-hormoan @avveh @seoulscapes @minnochu @taechubs @floralseokjin @baeseoul @hobiemin @taeverie @triptaech @jiminniemouse @workofteaguk @ninanevip @xiuminsm @sugaminxx @freehoseoksdick @btsfiles @schmudt @charizard-z @floralseokjin @imsarabum @btsxexoxtrash @smuttyfairy @jiminwreckedme @alienpikachu

  • Me picturing myself with a boy: 😙💐☄💝💏😊💋✨💕
  • Me picturing myself with a girl: 😍💗🌈🍦🌻👭🌠💟☺️
  • Me picturing myself with an nb: 💘💫😌🌹⛺🎶😘💞🎉