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The Newest Ackles

Part 2 of Welcome to the Family

Relationship: Jensen X Daughter!Reader, Danneel X Daughter!Reader

Words: 2,232

Summary: The Reader is having a difficult time adjusting to her new way of life. But a challenge is nothing if not exciting!

Warnings: being the new kid at school, bullying (if you squint), lots and lots of fluff

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A/N: I was going to wait to post this but I’m impatient sometimes lol. Plus I really liked the way this turned out. There will not be another part to this, in case anyone was wondering. Enjoy!

Read part 1 here - Welcome to the Family

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The window was cool against the side of your head, a nice reprieve from the oppressive heat of Texas. Even after spending the entire summer in the Lone Star state, you still hadn’t quite adjusted to the temperature of your new home.

You scowled as the sunlight hit your eyes again; no matter which way you sat in your seat, you could never seem to completely block the harsh rays pouring into the car.

“What are you thinking about, kiddo?”

With a sigh, you turned to face Danneel – no, your mom.

God, you were never going to get used to that, were you?

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The Red Days // request

Request: “Can u pls write an imagine where justin is soo horny and y/n is on her period so he gets a little annoyed and they end up cuddling and watching a movie”

WARNING: Light sexual content which shouldn’t hurt you but be careful still


“Justin, we can’t. I’m not on that mood plus I’m-” I looked him and sighed but got quiet when I felt tip of his nose against my neck. It sent shivers all over my body, and usually that was the moment when I started melt to his ideas but this time it wouldn’t happen.

It was that time of the month again.

“C'mon baby” he rub his nose against my neck and kissed it slowly. “Can’t you feel it how hard I’m for you already? Don’t be a tease” he murmed to my ear and gave a lick to my earlobe. “You don’t want that daddy gets mad, right? Don’t you remember what happened last time.

Memories were clearer than ever but I didn’t still accept his wish. “Justin, no” I said and stood up the couch when I got myself off his grip. He groaned frustrated and looked me.

“Sometimes I don’t understand what you want” he said which made me giggle. “I’m sure that you wouldn’t want wash those sheets anyways so.. trust me, it’s better to wait now” I said and kissed his cheek before I sat back on the couch with an apple on my hand.

“We always wash our sheets after that so what there would be so special this time?” he chuckled and grabbed a piece of apple from my hand which I had just splitted. “Because it’s that time of the month again..” I finally told to him and he got quiet.

“Oh, are you on your per-” he was ready to make sure but I just nodded before he could finish his question. He stood quiet. “I’m sorry” I mumbled and pressed my head against his shoulder. “It’s okay.. I just-” he sighed but then kissed my hair in the end. “It’s okay”

I knew that it wasn’t but I could nothing to that God had given to women as great gift (mark the sarcasm) as period. I pulled his arm around me and closed my eyes. “Let’s cuddle” I said quietly and he looked me a moment.

“Please” I whispered and looked him in the eyes. “Okay” he finally whispered back and pulled me sit on his lap before he wrabbed his arms around me. I followed his act and did same.

“Are you in pain? Do you want me to go buy you some ice cream or something?” Justin asked to me. I shook my head and giggled. “No, I don’t want get more fat anymore. I have eaten too much already” I tapped my full stomach and felt how another cramp hit me. I hid it with a big smile.

Justin chuckled because he knew that I was lying about the fact, I didn’t have pains. “You’re not fat, baby” he mumbled and kissed my cheek. “It’s okay to eat, I do that too” “Yeah, but you don’t get fat, dumbass” I pushed him on chest.

“Lies, don’t you see all that fat” he leaned backward and pulled his shirt up. I shook my head and looked him. “Liar” I smiled back. He just rolled his eyes to me. “But hey, c'mon now. I want just make you feel better, okay? What can I do for you?” he groaned and moved his hand over my thigh.

I would have wanted to move it away but I let it be there still. “Let’s just chill, okay? Let’s have a nice, lazy Saturday and do nothing” I finally answered. “Whatever you want” he kissed my cheek.

He stood up and went to our bedroom. When he came back, he was keeping our blanket on his hand. “Would you like to watch some movie?” he asked after he had handed my blanket to me.

“That would be nice” I mumbled against my pink blanket. “Which movie?” Justin asked and opened the box where we kept out movies. “Titanic” I said quickly. Justin looked me back asking. “You sure?” I just nodded. “Why not?” I decided ask back because he seemed to be unsure about my answer.

“Nothing, I just thought that it might not be a good movie when you’re on your pe-” he started but I cut him off because I knew what he will say. “Because I’m on my period and that automatically means that I’m more emotional than usually, and you don’t want listen my crying on that scene where Jack drowns, right?”

He looked me and tried keep his smile away from his lips which my long explanation had caused. “Something like that” he chuckled. “Or then you’re still jealous because I think that Leonardo is handsome” I added still one more option. “Well, maybe that too” he confessed.

After that conversation about my emotionalism and his jealousy, we finally started watch the movie. He sat next to me and pulled his blanket over himself. “I don’t know what attract you on this movie but to be honest, I can’t probably complain about it” he sighed. “Yeah, I’m not so big fan of your movie choices” I said without taking my gaze off the screen.

“Will you still say that Leonardo is more handsome than me?” Justin asked and it made me turn my head over him. “Not that conversation again, let me enjoy the movie” I groaned. “Just one word: yes or no?” he begged. “No” I answered finally and turned my head back to screen.

He looked me suprised, seemly he wouldn’t have believed that I answer like that after every time when I had joked him about that topic. “Really?” he asked but I answered nothing. “I love you, baby” he hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead.

I giggled. It was fun how one little word make him that happy and tell out things which have more content than anything in the world. “I love you too” I whispered and looked him. He smiled.

“We should spend more days like this” he said. I nodded and pressed my head against his hard chest. “I know” I mumbled. “You should be more often on your period” his comment was disgusting and I slapped him on his leg.

“Okay okay, I will take back that what I just said, chill” he chuckled. I rolled my eyes. “You might forget that I can be also really annoying and piss off when I’m on my period so..” I reminded him. His face went in thinking mood and he realized that it was true.

“You’re right” he said. “But I won’t take back my words about that I’d like enjoy more days like this with you” That was the fact which both of us could agree.

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Mais bordel Fillon ne devrait même pas pouvoir être candidat, le mec est MIS EN EXAMEN et li ose la ramener comme ça ?! Désolé de rager comme ça mais ça m'énerve au plus haut point, c'est honteux !

Le pire, c’est l’impuissance. Il ne devrait pas être candidat, et pourtant… et on peut rien faire contre ça, la droite ne changera pas de candidat, on doit juste attendre l’élection, et espérer qu’il soit dégagé dès le 1er tour..

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have u ever accidentally misgendered somebody? i did once and i felt kinda shitty.

YEA YEA a few times, i haven’t really felt that guilty tho b/c the ppl were super nice abt it plus i’m just naturally a word mixer-upper so 

"A ce compte là, autant prendre le violeur, t'auras autant de plaisir!"

Université - Tarn - Une professeure. Lors d'un exercice d'oral pour savoir quelles personnes (d'une liste donnée) nous sauverions si nous faisions un naufrage, une de mes collègue a dit qu'elle prendrait le surfeur, pour plusieurs raisons, puis a rajouté en rigolant que “Comme il est beau en plus, ça peut pas faire de mal!” Un des personnage était décrit comme sortant de prison après 5 ans pour viol. Voilà ce que notre professeure lui a répondu.

Ce qui m'a rendu le plus mal à l'aise dans tout cela? Le nombre de personnes qui a ri de bon cœur à sa blague parce que, “oh ça va détend toi, c'est qu'une blague, puis c'est drôle!” Heu… Non.

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Where do you usually shop for clothes? I literally have the same exact body type as you and I'm looking for more plus size inclusive shops.

Torrid mostly (but like i never shop without a sale or coupon and i also go to the store and go through their clearance rack bc like fat girl clothes are expensive) and i also love going to thrift shops to find cute cheap clothes. jcpenny has been stepping their game up recently too with the new Ashley Nell Tipton line (i bought a bomber jacket the other day and i cannot wait to get it in the mail) OH! Old Navy too! (their jeans are v good but they don’t sell their plus size line in stores it’s only online. but if you look in clearance in the stores sometimes they have online returns) hope this helps 💞💞💞

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Aw don't worry! I do free art requests and I'm still insecure about my art :/ but your art is cute and I'm sure people would love to commission you! If someone says your drawings aren't worth money they most likely just want to get free art but they're not worth your time if they're nasty to you! ~ fellow artist <3

I mean, if someone tells me my art its not worth money ill tell them to fuck right off. If i want to open commissions is my deal, not theirs.

The problem here is that I don’t think my art is worth money. I’m still a little bit insecure and I think I must get rid of that insecurity first before, you know, giving that step.

Plus, I’m 16. And I KNOW that there’s people around my age or even a little younger than me that make commissions. My problem is that I literally don’t know anything about these kind of things lmao

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We've gotta be like long lost twins or something. I'm sixteen too. Plus you like Overwatch, Supergirl, RWBY, Carmilla, and many other beautiful ladies?? Same here! Anyways. You're blog is a dream to be following and I'm really glad I did awhile ago, consider my formal appreciation lmao.

aweee geee thanks haha. this is super nice! 

but mayne, dont be formal. Formal is for scrubs (aside from formal wear because shits dandy)

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You can post this if you like but I myself enjoy looking healthy and fit. I would not want to look like a blimp. Take care of your body and stop complaining.

Yo I work out basically every day and I bet I’m stronger than you. Plus size does not mean unhealthy, plus size does not mean fat. Get off your high horse.

This guy is, according to the official story of Hidden Springs, the ‘Prince’ of the town with his parents being the Queen and King.

So I’ll just go along with the town’s storyline and make him Prince Charming for Cinderella :)

But first we gotta get rid of that pudding-ness and creeper face about him.

I tried to retain most of his original look plus I’m horrible at making sims but he surprisingly didn’t turn out too bad. He still needs a few fixes though but it’s a start :)

  • Me picturing myself with a boy: 😙💐☄💝💏😊💋✨💕
  • Me picturing myself with a girl: 😍💗🌈🍦🌻👭🌠💟☺️
  • Me picturing myself with an nb: 💘💫😌🌹⛺🎶😘💞🎉