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This is sad, I must admit I did look forward to them and they made me smile, but as @dellstra said if it makes it easier for u then we understand. Plus,I’m sure I’m not the only one who wouldn’t want it to ruin the video for u, as it takes a lot of work.
But I’d like to just say that I am one of those people who stayed around after every video for the clip after the outro as it made me smile ( and weirdly it felt sorta personal? )

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Ugh bad vibes. So Im out to my family. And my mother is on the phone with someone she hasnt talked to for a while and they're talking all happy and I'm kinda listening because we are not quiet people and it happens. Plus I'm curious. And I'm listening, making me some cocoa, and she goes "my oldest right now is my daughter, yeah [Deadname] and [lil bro] are a mess." Ouch. I wanna cry so hard. I want to tear off my chest. I know what she said isnt that bad, but it makes me feel like absolute shit.

Ugh I’m sorry. What she said isn’t okay and it’s alright to be upset about it. You’re not her daughter, and the name she called you isn’t your name. In the FAQ we have some dysphoria resources that might help if you’re still feeling bad. Im sorry that happened


Vous n’aurez pas l’Alsace et la Lorraine qu’ils chantaient

J’en suis arrivée au stade du : “te dire je t’aime est devenu bien trop dur, mais je n’ai plus envie de te dire je ne t’aime pas; j’ai envie de te dire que tu me manques, mais je suis pas certaine que ce soit vrai et puis en fait non, j’ai pas envie de te le dire”

Oui bon, j’en suis rendue au stade de “je suis paumée quant à la relation ou plutôt la non-relation que nous entretenons, chère soeur.”

Ça fait plus d’un an que je ne l’ai pas vue. En fait elle m’a pas vraiment manquée. Elle m’a plus manqué en 2013-2014-2015 alors qu’elle était encore en France.

Comme quoi on n’a pas besoin de partir pour être absent. Et même avec la distance on peut être là. Mazette, j’sais pas si c’est la fatigue mais c’est bien étrange et floue et compliqué ce soir.

People have asked in past to do a “About Me” type of post. I never did it bc I mean I don’t think I’m very interesting anyway, plus people who have been following this blog for a while have probably heard me talk about everything already. But… now I’m thinking I should make that post lol. 

I guess if people want to know something about me just send me an ask(s) and I’ll compile them together in a post. 

Fun Fact #1: My name is Paige. :)

Hoseok Fic Recs

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After Months of empty promises and multiple nights, filled with reading hoseok smut i’ve finally finished this shit storm of smut from the best hipped man….JUNG HOSOEK

all bolded fics or writers mentioned are ones that have been recently added.

Also if you ever want to send me your own fic recommendations I”m always up for some more reading…

Last Updated: 10/18/17

💖 = Personal Favorite



Writers Mentioned:

@alienpikachu @avveh @baeseoul @bangtansbitchh @btsfiles@btsexotrash @bts-thestoryvalley @bxebxee@charizard-z @colourfulnoodles @dailydoseofdia @floralseokjin @freehoseoksdick @hobiemin @ibangtanthings @illegirl1@imsarabum @jeonjagiya @jheartseok @jiminwreckedme @jiminniemouse @junghosp00k @kimtrain @kimvtae @minisyubie @minnochu  @nijoonie @rapmonluv@sangsanghaebwa @schmudt @seokvie @seoulscapes @smuttyfairy @sonnenfuchs @sugaminxx @taechubs​  @taeverie @triptaech @war-of-hormoan @workofteaguk @xiuminsm