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For your Overwatch ask, Mercy

thank you! | Put an Overwatch hero in my ask and I’ll tell you… 

- how often I play them

Mercy is second main, I love playing her and I’ve gotten pretty good stats w/ Mercy. So I don’t mind playing support unless my team is shitty and obnxious or something. (ex: excessive I need healing! pls go d no)
- which maps I like to use them on

I’m pretty flexible with maps when playing Mercy but I’d say Hollywood, Lijang Tower, Hanamura, and Route 66. Others are pretty average for me. Any maps that I have space to fly to heroes.

- which skin I currently have equipped 

I  currently have the Cobalt skin <3

- who I ship them with

Reaper uh-DUH. I’m always finding nice players as Reaper when I play Mercy, every once in a while I find a good partner to play with.

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ayy I run a dnd game and next session I'm gonna let my players buy cute monster pets for their characters and is it ok if I put rollcats in my game? I'd ofc credit you and won't use like literally any art you made for them and it's more "ok you have this cute thing here are its stats" but I just wanted to make sure;;

 yea but make one of them cursed

BGM #03 (Unknown Title)
Super Kenta, T.M.
BGM #03 (Unknown Title)

Disc Station #9 [Imohori 2] (PC-98), 1996
Super Kenta, T.M.

One of the less interesting card games on offer in Disc Station, Imohori is of the shedding variety. There are a few special rule-changing cards to shake it up, but basically you just want to dump your hand before the other players. I’m pretty awful at it, so I can’t tell you much more than that.

This jazzy version of the main theme plays when the special card that inverts the face value of all of the other cards is used. Perhaps it is too much of a stretch to imagine the transition to a shuffle rhythm as symbolic of a change in fortunes. It’s the one time that poor Draco Centauros (the 1 card) can win a hand, essentially during the game’s “opposite day”, which is pretty amusing if you’re up on Madou Monogatari/Puyo Puyo lore. I’m reminded a great deal of Dan Forden’s Bad Cats theme. “T.M.” is almost certainly Tsuyoshi Matsushima, as Masanobu Tsukamoto was not, to my knowledge, a member of LMSMusic, and I have never seen BA.M credited in a game under their real name.


I’m a professional volleyball player from Los Angeles, living and playing in Sardinia, Italy. The locals call me Bella Americana because I’m clearly not from here. 💕

hi my name is sidney p'atrick crosby and i have short black hair that gets curly when it’s long and it used to be bleached orange and big brown eyes like a cow and a lot of people tell me i’m like the great one (AN: if u don’t know who that is get da hell out of here!) i’m not actually related to mario lemieux but i wish i was because he’s a major fucking hockey player. i’m a hockey player but my teeth are straight and white. i’m shaped like a fridge. i’m also a captain, and i play for a team called the penguins in pittsburgh. i’m 29 and in my 11th season. i’m a forward (in case you couldn’t tell) and i have to get all my jeans tailored back home. i was walking outside ppg paints arena. geno was there, which i was very happy about. a lot of flyers stared at me. i put up my middle finger at them.

How Fryda and Tom Learned They Were Playing Siblings in Mass Effect Andromeda

Fryda Wolff and Tom Taylorson already knew each other from their past work together on Octodad. They did not know they had both been hired to be brother and sister in Andromeda until they were trying to schedule a lunch date and realized they both had recording sessions scheduled in the same studio. 

This led Fryda to play Let’s See if We’re In the Same Game:

Fryda: Is your game in space?
Tom: …maybe.
Fryda: Are you being directed from Canada?
Tom: ……Maaaaaybe??
Fryda: Well, I’m sorry to tell you, Tom, I’m real sorry to lay this on you but… I’m the player character.
Tom: No, I’m the player character.
Fryda: Whaaaaaaaaaat??

This was followed by about 15 minutes of devolving into variations of yelling “what?!” at each other. 

They then came up with a code word so they could speak about the game without cluing anyone else in. 

Between the two of them, Mass Effect Andromeda was code named “Burrito.”

(I love them already.)


Context: Unable to play game due to a key player having issues with someone over the phone. I’m a new player, so I was hoping to get to playing once I rolled stats.

DM: Ugh, so we just gonna go home?
Player 1: Heh, roll to see how fucked she is for keeping us.
Me: I’ll do it. *grabs DM’s d20*
(First time rolling a d20, so I’m just enjoying whatever comes up… and I roll a natural 20)
Me: …
Player 1: …
DM: …Well, guess that means she’s überfucked.