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EXO’s Reaction to you getting jealous of a staff member.


Minseok is a “natural born charmer.” As a result, he is a little too nice to everyone he meets. When he is speaking with a female staff member he would keep doing his thing, being a “natural born charmer” while silently watching you boil inside. After the staff member leaves, he will not mention your obvious jealousy. He will turn to you and give you so much love, a little too much, to show how much he really loves you. 

“Ahh, jagiya, you look so especially beautiful today. I want to hug you until my arms fall off. I love you so so so much!” 

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Junmyeon is that annoying significant other that would embarrass you in front of anyone, anywhere. When he is speaking with a female staff member he will be nice, to a limit. Then apologize to her because “you get jealous easily.”

“I am sorry, I should go now. It’s just that my girl right here gets a tiny bit jealous when I talk to other women.”

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In the same scenario, Yixing will probably react similar to Minseok. He will continue being nice and thanking the staff member, but later giggle and tease you on how cute you are when you get jealous. 

“Aw baby, you are just too cute!! Do you love me that much? AW OMG your cheeks are all red!!!!” 

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Baekhyun will do anything he can to get you angry and more jealous. He lives off annoying you and seeing you get jealous because of him. 

“Thank you darling.” *pats staff’s shoulder* “Did I tell you that I really like that new hair cut. *smiles mischievously to self while watching you emotionally breakdown* 

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Jongdae, like Minseok and Yixing, is too lovable and charming. However, Jongdae will annoyingly tease you about how you got jealous until you actually regret your existence. 

“Are you jealous? Oh my g- you’re jealous aren’t you? *signature Jongdae laugh/yell/whine/coo thing* 

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Chanyeol would probably not notice your jealousy on his own. He will slowly understand when you start giving him silent treatments and actually tell him how you feel. But he will automatically do something stupid, but cute to cheer you up.

“You’re jealous of the staff member? Really? You know I only love you baby.”

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Kyungsoo would probably be the only one to approach you seriously, but on the inside he can’t help but find you the cutest human in the entire universe.

Externally: “Jagi, you know that I only love you and you should not get jealous because I will always give you all the love in the world.”

Internally: “Too. Cute. Can’t. Handle. Her. Overflowing. Cuteness.”

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Jongin simply won’t take you being jealous seriously. He would giggle it off and brush the idea off. 

“Jealous? Oh baby, that’s so funny. Don’t let those ideas sink in okay??”

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Sehun would notice the second the jealousy kicks in. He would not mention it because he lowkey loves it when you’re jealous. 

Externally: “Your cheeks are red. Are you okay?”

Internally: “I am enjoying ever second of this.” *evil laugh*

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