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How many sitting congressman have been elected President? The only ones I can think of off the top of my head is Obama & possibly Kennedy?

While many Presidents had Congressional experience at some point in their careers, only four were elected President directly from Congress – three from the Senate and just one member of the House of Representatives. Oddly enough, of the four sitting members of Congress directly elected to the Presidency, only one – Barack Obama – completed a full term as President. The other three died in office, one (Warren G. Harding) of natural causes and two (James Garfield and John F. Kennedy) who were assassinated: 

U.S. House of Representatives
James Garfield – Nineteen Presidents served in the House of Representatives during their political careers, including James K. Polk, who is the only President to have also served as Speaker of the House. But Garfield, who represented Ohio in Congress from 1863-1880, is still the only sitting member of the House of Representatives to be elected President. As an interesting side note, the Ohio State Legislature had actually elected then-Rep. Garfield to the U.S. Senate in 1880, as well (prior to 1913 there was no direct election of U.S. Senators by the public; they were chosen by their state legislature). Congressman Garfield had been elected to the Senate on January 13, 1880, but the Senate term was scheduled to begin on March 4, 1881. However, at the 1880 Republican National Convention in June, Garfield was surprisingly nominated as President – Garfield was perhaps the most surprised of all at the turn of events because his expected role at the convention was to ensure the Presidential nomination of fellow Ohioan John Sherman – and won the election on November 2, 1880. Garfield resigned his House seat a week after his election as President and also declined to accept his election as Senator. Instead of joining the Senate on March 4, 1881, Garfield spent the day being inaugurated as President.

U.S. Senate
Warren G. Harding – Sixteen Presidents served in the U.S. Senate at some point during their political careers, but Harding was the first sitting Senator to be elected President. Harding represented Ohio in the U.S. Senate from 1915-1921.
John F. Kennedy – Kennedy was the only U.S. Senator nominated for President by a major party in the 40 years between Harding’s 1920 Republican nomination and JFK’s nomination by the Democrats in 1960. However, in 1924 the Progressive Party nominated Senator Robert M. La Follette, Sr. of Wisconsin as their Presidential candidate and actually ended up winning Wisconsin’s 13 electoral votes.
Barack Obama – The 2008 election between Obama and John McCain was the first – and, to this day, only – time in American history that both major party nominees were sitting U.S. Senators. Obama represented Illinois in the Senate from 2005 until his resignation a week-and-a-half after being elected President in November 2008. McCain had been representing Arizona in the U.S. Senate since 1987 after two terms in the House of Representatives.

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I love how republicans constantly pass laws denying your very rights as a human being and yet you still back them up. Almost makes it worth to see traitors like you die and suffer.

And what rights have they denied you? You think I support and defend the party? You haven’t paid attention sweetie. The Republican party is currently led by traitors, sellouts and turncoats, and I certainly don’t defend them when they make self serving laws, but they’re nothing compared to the socialist leaning Democrats, the verminous traitors who have been systematically destroying the country since that fuckwit Carter took office. You call me a traitor when people like you supported Hillary Clinton, an actual and proven criminal and treacherous self serving money grubbing harpy, yet I’m a traitor? Obama turns a blind eye to the clear failures if the left policies and we’re traitors? You lot cheered and praised him while he damaged our economy, our foreign power, our allied relations, race relations, and through either ineptitude or deliberate idiocy allowed a far more powerful terrorist group rise in the east, but no, you cheered him on. It’s rats like you leftist vermin who brought us here, you that are destroying us from within like a plague, you that praises communist dictators and Muslim theocratic fanatics, while you insult the west and all it has done to establish a better world, far more than any other countries. BLM radfem Antifa loving scum, you have no place in this country. None. You’re no better than the Nazis, the real ones, not the people you call Nazis. Your ideology would destroy everything we have, and then, it would destroy you too.