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Crew member from THE LAST AIRBENDER gives insight as to why the film was so horrible.

“The Last Airbender” Movie Thread

Hello everyone. Please note that this post was only written to clarify that directors are not the only ones with a say in the film. The author of this post has contacted me and does not wish to discuss the film any further. Please respect these wishes. 


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Do you know what really bothers me about The Last Airbender movie?

Besides the whitewashing, the name mispronunciation, the terrible acting, the mockery of multiple cultures, the removal of the essential scenes, the abundant lack of knowledge about the characters, and the abundant lack of knowledge about the overall atmosphere of an amazing show…

It’s Aang’s tattoos.

I don’t pretend to be an expert on ATLA. But I have watched the show since the first episode aired ten and a half years ago and I’ve been extremely fascinated with the airbender culture ever since. And it’s for this reason that I know that the blue tattoos that run along the airbenders’ bodies are not just randomly placed - they run along the airbenders’ chi paths.

That’s why it’s shown to be one continuous tattoo:

It’s a way of symbolizing that the airbenders’ chi is consistently flowing through one open, connected, path. Keep in mind that the airbenders are extremely spiritual and that chi (and the flow of chi) is a very important concept to their culture.

So why the heck did Shyamalamadumbass choose to have the airbenders have tattoos that are all broken up:

 I don’t care if he thinks that it looks cooler. It completely destroys the symbolism and shows a blatant lack of respect for everything that the airbenders stand for. Your chi should go down one open, continuous path. Not a bunch of squiggles and abstract shapes.


You really need to watch this.