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hamilton but everyone's wearing actual clothes from the time period instead of the simplified outfits that they use in the show


jesus christ i m a g i n e

h, holy shit,,

hamilton in pink……………….


eliza…… in this….. amazign…..

i mean i know it’s. impractical and they’d probably sweat tonnes on stage and it’d be a pain in the ass AND cost a lot of money/time to make several hundred of these but. fuck me in the face.

u bet ur ass hamilton bought and wore this kind of flashy shit…. let him wear it…. let him prance about like the proud pretty boy he is…

today I had in my hands the document stating the inventory of the furnitures and wardrobe of Louise of Savoy.  

itoucheditwithmybarehands!!!! it felt a m a z i n g. 

the ink of the first page was fading but when you turned some pages it is as if they had just written it down. The ink was gleaming I sweeeeaar. 

a beautiful moment.

yes I felt overwhelmed over a list of spoons, basins, vials & black velvet gowns but I was so neeeaar and I touched it and it is from 1531. I find writing documents so fascinating and moving. like you could hear an echo of the time it was written. like you could almost reach them ( wow im not being clear but it makes totally sense in my mind).

Sneak Peak "Archangel's Deathly Love" A Klaroline Fanfic

HEYYYY Guys so I got A SUPER AMAZING Review on my Archangel fic which not only managed to inspire me BUT it also made me Sorta nervous..lol… I mean i’m in constant fear of messing up the rest of the story for the reviewer… However Still hopped up on the high of that review…

Sooooo here is a sneakpeak from the coming chapter… :)

Hope you’ll enjoy it…

C O M I N G S O O N !!!!

Fog rolled at his feet, and he chased her. Her laughter a melody, her smile a ray of the brightest sun. She giggled again, “Catch me Niklaus.”

“Caroline. Wait.” he laughed and yet he continued to follow her laughter amid the green trees and pink daisies, her favorite flowers. She was flying away but he knew she would always be close, a resident in his soul and his heart.

“If you continue to evade me love, I won’t bestow you the present I brought for you.” he remarked coming to a halt in a clearing among trees.

Another laugh this one sounded from a tree above , “You jest. If you had a gift you would have bargained it for a kiss by now.”

He brought out a bracelet and dangled it. She flew down and reached for it but he flew away. “ You gave me a brilliant idea, love. This bracelet in exchange for …”

“A kiss?” she hovered in front of him.

He flew closer, “No. Two. No. Three.”

“Fine. I shall suffer through three kisses for a bracelet.” she rolled her eyes and he frowned not liking that she equated his kisses with suffering. Then she leaned closer holding his face, her velvety hands caressing his jaw.

He closed his eyes and she stole the bracelet out of his hands and flew away.

“Got you.” her laugh rounded and with a laugh of his own he dashed after her.

He tackled her to the ground. She closed her eyes with a smile, “You win, Nik.”

He pecked her lips lightly and fastened the bracelet around her wrist, “No, you win.”

“Just like that.” her eyes beheld the love shone in his and her heart swelled.

harry is the light of my life