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dare to show ur beautiful face without makeup and wigs? cuz i would love to see dat

//HEre u have this ugly ass hobo in low quality lm a o 

He clears his throat, gazing at Harry.
“Do you think that we have loved each other before?” he asks, sweetly caressing Harry’s back. “Like… in another life. In alternate universes, or whatever.”
Harry smiles, and his eyes shine. “Of course,” he says immediately, “I have loved you in every single age, from the Ancient Greece to the French Revolution, all the way through the First and Second World War.” He tangles their ankles together, slipping even closer to Louis. “Maybe I was a soldier in Dunkirk, and you were my secret lover back home, who knows?” he continues, his voice dropping low like he’s revealing an important secret. “And I will love you in all the future ages as well, ‘cause there is not a single universe where Harry Styles is not in love with Louis Tomlinson.”
mirsan replied to your post: AU where the thought of Royai doesn’t rip my heart…



*remembers Riza’s despair when she thought Roy was dead*


*images of Riza bleeding out on the floor while Roy is on the brink of tears flash through mind*


*remembers that Arakawa never officially said that they’re “together”*


damn you’re right


———–———–——– BTS ( V ) ~ Wallpapers {SPRING DAY}

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  • 1d: *became the first group to ever get their first four albums to debut at no.1*
  • 1d: *are one of only three artists to have ever gotten their first four albums to debut at no.1*
  • 1d: *made and wrote four which is a certified platinum album*
  • 1d: *released two singles from four which both achieved platinum in the us*
  • 1d: *recorded and released drag me down as a single after zayn left the band and got an instant no.1 on the charts and broke the record on spotify for most streamed track in a day*
  • 1d: *literally do and achieve more than most artists can even imagine*
  • people: yeah 1d didn't really deserve a grammy tbh